Not One, but FOUR Ways to Study Cheese!

Why should I study Level Two?

If you’ve passed your Academy of Cheese Level One Certification and are considering whether you should embark on Level Two, read on to see what this intermediate course can do for you and the variety of flexible study options available, designed to fit around your life.

Level Two is for individuals seeking to delve deeper into the topics covered at Level One, whether that’s as a requirement for your professional life, or for your own personal interest.

Want to know more? 

How can Level Two help me and my business?

Essentially, the key to sales (and repeat sales) is a counter full of wonderful cheeses in perfect condition, whilst the secret to overall success is the supporting knowledge that gives you the ability to run that very counter profitably.

counter of a variety of cheeses from around the world

Building on the foundations you laid with your Level One course, the Level Two Certification goes deeper to help you achieve your commercial goals. On completion of the course, you will:

Have the confidence to work directly with cheesemakers for better communication, prices and exclusives.

Level Two takes a closer look at the individual components of cheesemaking and how they all contribute to the style, flavour, quality and price of any variety of cheese.

As well as studying the different milking breeds, you will consider milk composition and how the species, seasons and lactation stages can impact the cheesemaking process and influence the finished cheeses. 

Moving onto the process of cheesemaking, delegates will delve deeper into the pros and cons of pasteurisation and other milk treatments, as well as the different types of starter cultures, rennets, bacterias and moulds and the role they play in cheesemaking and the finished product.

Increase sales with confident communication and upselling techniques.

Upon completion of Level Two, you will be able to communicate professionally about cheese, through a variety of verbal and non-verbal methods in both a retail and food-service environment.   You will delve deeper into the health benefits of cheese and how these can be communicated effectively, whilst acknowledging the varying needs of high-risk groups. As well as being able to choose the most suitable cheeses for culinary purposes, you will also be able to recommend appropriate food accompaniments and drinks to pair with cheese.

Protect your business and customers with Regulations and Legal Requirements specific to cheese.

Cheese safety checks

Level Two takes an in-depth look at cheese-related pathogens; the regulations and legal requirements in place to protect the consumer from foodborne illnesses and a detailed breakdown of the Seven Principles of HACCP.

Increase profitability by apply pricing strategies relevant to your position in the industry supply chain and reducing wastage.

Looking at a cheese business from a financial perspective and delving deeper into the cost structure of the supply chain, you will learn the various methods of calculating costs and setting pricing strategies, whilst considering the impact of wastage on profitability.

Empower your team to spread the joy of cheese through aromas, flavours and textures!

By Level Two, it is expected that your palate will have developed and you will have learnt how to recognise baskets of complex flavours that match to certain Make Post-Make classes and cheese types.  You will be able to comment on the complexity, length and identify the age and/or ripeness of a cheese, using “Mouthfeel” and “Balance” as part of the overall assessment of a cheese.

Take pride in your counter, safe in the knowledge that it is compliant with industry regulations.

Level Two reinforces the principles of cutting and presenting cheese that were covered in Level One, but also takes a deeper dive into pre-sale safety and quality procedures. This includes a more scientific look at the role of temperature and the effect it has on maturing and affinage. You will review stock management systems to help with safe storage and rotation, whilst identifying and troubleshooting common cheese defects that may arise in a retail or food service environment.

Methods of Study

We have multiple study options available for the Level Two course:


Academy of Cheese e-Learning    £399

  • Our cheapest and most flexible option
  • Study at own pace, wherever, whenever
  • Online eLearning platform, accessible via computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet
  • Structured learning pathway, with in-unit progress checks
  • For those that need a flexible study option or are not able to access a virtual or in-person classroom
  • Includes online guided study sessions with Academy of Cheese experts

Turnbull’s Self-study with on-demand video tutorials £499

  • Flexible: pre-recorded videos to watch on-demand
  • For those that need a flexible study option or are not able to access a virtual or in-person classroom
  • Study at own pace, wherever, whenever
  • Option to order cheese for tastings

In-person classroom with Academy of Cheese Training Partners (prices vary)

  • Learn alongside like-minded cheese enthusiasts and professionals
  • Delivered by an accredited Academy of Cheese Training Partner
  • Learn in inspiring surroundings – often iconic cheese mongers’, restaurants or educational establishments
  • All cheese for tasting is included
  • Opportunity to meet industry professionals, employers and fellow cheese connoisseurs

Virtual classroom with Academy of Cheese Training Partners (prices vary)

  • Live, online sessions
  • Great for students who cannot travel to an in-person classroom
  • Combined flexibility of online learning with access to knowledge and expertise of an accredited Academy of Cheese Training Partner
  • Learn alongside like-minded enthusiasts and professionals from around the World
  • Option for ordering cheese for tasting

It’s Time to Set Yourself Apart from the Competition

However you choose to study, whether that’s independently with one of our Self-study options, in a physical classroom with an accredited Training Partner or online in a virtual classroom, Level Two will deepen your understanding of cheese and the industry and set yourself apart from the competition.

If you already work in the industry, you will gain a detailed understanding of cheese making and retail, the cheese industry as a whole, and the regulations that govern it.

Upon completion you and your team will communicate more effectively with your clientele, having gained the knowledge to talk confidently about the cheeses you sell, as well as suggesting complementary products to up-sell.