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Affineur of the Year

What is “Affineur of the Year”?

“Affineur of the Year” is a unique opportunity for cheesemongers and cheesemakers to showcase, across the world, the skill and artistry involved in guiding a cheese to its full potential.

Quicke’s and the Academy of Cheese are delighted to launch this brand new competition for the Cheese Industry. It is a unique experiment in cheese maturation, grading and tasting.

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How “Affineur of the Year” works

Who is taking part?

Important dates

Entry deadline Monday 12 April 2021

Cheese sent to entrants Monday 10 May 2021

Competition launch Tuesday 18 May 2021

Event Thursday 24 February 2022

Judging Criteria

AttributeCommentsScore available
Sensory characteristics.The most important element of the judging, with the highest points rating.Flavour including length
and differential nose to rind

Flavours …./10
Aroma …./5
Body/texture …./5
Appearance/rind …./5
Grading sheets / recordsDetailed grading sheets / records are crucial to understanding how the result has been achieved.…./ 5
The condition and structural integrity of the cheese (blueing and damage, cheese mite).The most critical part of maturing a whole cheddar, this is where competitors’ affinage skills will be put to the test.…./10
Innovation / interesting additions to the original.This is a chance for competitors to express creativity and trial new ideas.…./10

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