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Lighthouse has been developing the technology for the Academy of Cheese since its very early days. The online examinations and eLearning tools were brought to life by their specialist team of developers & designers. Lighthouse team members are so enthusiastic about this project several of them are studying with the Academy of Cheese.

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We are here to turn your business ideas, goals and aspirations into reality. But how?

Building Brands // Building a memorable brand is more than just a great looking logo or packaging. It’s about the experience.

Generating Demand // Targeted marketing programmes to drive awareness and interest in a company, product or service, ending in tangible results.

Creating Loyal Customers // If you don’t have (or need) repeat customers, you can get away with offers and incentives (and good customer service – if you want people to recommend you) – The rest of us need to build loyalty.

Solving Problems // Every business has them and often they impede progress. Our job is to develop or implement systems and software solutions so that you can get back to achieving goals.

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