Recommended training and/ Or qualifications, and experience

Candidates must study for all 4 core modules (Cheesemaking Module 1, Cheese Industry Knowledge, Tasting and Cheese Library) and 4 out of the 9 supplementary modules. The choice of which supplementary modules they wish to study is up to the individual. Modules may be studied separately over a period of time. Modules (other than the Cheese Library module) will take approximately 3 hours of training time plus approximately the same amount of time as home study.

It is anticipated that the Cheese Library module will take approximately 50 hours of self study plus as much time as candidates wish to commit to training and tasting. The candidate is expected to have learnt about all of the 300 cheeses on the Level 3 list (which includes 100 from Levels 1 & 2) by the time of their assessment. They should have tasted as many as is practically possible within their country or region, or where this is not possible, a range of similar cheeses in the same MPM class.

It is anticipated that it will take approximately 100 hours to study for Level 3. It is recommended that candidates have passed the Academy of Cheese Level 1 & 2 Programmes as these cover the foundations for the learning at Level 3 & 4.

Standards Document & Learning Outcomes

The Level 3 & 4 Standards & Learning Outcomes document sets out all the skills and knowledge we would expect an individual at Level 3 and 4 to have. It comprises 13 modules; 4 core modules and 9 supplementary modules. For an individual to gain Academy of Cheese Accreditation at Level 3 they will have to complete and pass the assessment in each of the 4 core modules plus 4 (out of 9) of the supplementary modules. The choice of which supplementary modules they wish to study is up to the individual. Candidates will previously have gained Level 2 Membership of the Academy of Cheese. The Learning Outcomes can be gained in a number of ways such as attending accredited Academy of Cheese Level 3 courses, relevant work experience, employer training or via the Academy e-Learning.

Who should get certified

Level 3 is aimed at cheese enthusiasts and cheese industry professionals including the following.

Fanatical foodies


Chef’s & Restaurateurs

Retail professionals


Food Writers



Cheese Judges