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Gain detailed knowledge of the global history of cheese, knowledge of the production volumes and patterns of consumption in the global cheese industry. Understand the environmental impact of cheese production and distribution and the probable ramifications of climate change on food production and the likely implications for the food industry. 



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This course is aimed at professionals working in the cheese industry and cheese enthusiasts. In particular, senior staff in cheese retail, food service or wholesale; cheesemakers; judges for cheese competitions; food writers and journalists; and associated professions.


There are no prerequisites to taking this course. While some prior cheese experience covered in our level one and level two courses would be helpful, it is also not required.

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Passing the 30 question, multiple choice and short written answer, assessment in this core module counts towards your Level Three and Master of Cheese certification.

What you’ll learn

This module aims to broaden the knowledge of the learner, taking a wider perspective of cheesemaking as an industry and its place in society. The first two sections consider the environment, and how dairying impacts and is impacted by climate change. The second two sections explore the history of cheesemaking – how specific events influenced the global development of cheesemaking, and how some territories developed their own, unique cheeses.

Environmental impact of cheesemaking

How cheesemaking and dairy farming has been a contributing factor to environmental damage, and how it can also be part of a strategy to mitigate further damage. Learn how environmental impacts are calculated and evaluate the usefulness of this when considering different cheesemaking businesses. Look at the entire chain from grassland management to packaging and transport.

Impact of climate change on cheesemaking

The effects of climate change on cheese business, including the impact of heat stress on milk production; increases in disease and antibiotic resistance; and loss of grazing land. This section also considers strategies that dairy farmers and cheesemakers can deploy to mitigate these impacts. Learners are presented with case studies on how climate change has impacted the production of specific PDO cheeses, and the different responses by producers.

Timeline of cheese history

In the first of two sections on global cheese history, key events in the history of cheesemaking are described. The timeline runs from the Neolithic to the 21st century, with significant events that occurred to shape the cheese industry into what it is today described in detail. The story of cheese moves from the prehistoric Middle East to Ancient Rome, Medieval France, 19th Century America, and modern-day Britain as learners are asked to consider the impact of wider historical events on the development of the cheeses on counters today.

Cheesemaking history in different territories

Using a map and dividing the content by territory, this section focusses on specific details in the story of cheeses in individual locations. These events may not have impacted global cheese history but are significant to the unique cheeses of specific regions. Learners are encouraged to think about the geographical importance of how cheeses develop and use the knowledge from the first half of the module to consider the future of cheesemaking.

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