Guide to Academy of Cheese Patronage

Academy Of Cheese Patrons collectively make a significant difference to the success of our work around the globe. And we are eternally grateful to each and every one of them.


Why Patronage is so important.

Established to elevate the role of all those working in the cheese supply chain, the Academy of Cheese sets the standard for developing and assessing professional skills and understanding.

Our Aims: Our long term objective is to promote cheese quality, provenance and range to a wide audience of enthusiasts, cheesemongers, producers and chefs around the world. By acknowledging those who have undertaken the courses – from Level One through to Level Four’s Master of Cheese – we aim to ensure greater respect and recognition for the valuable contribution that cheese makes to our lives – culturally, socially and economically.

Not for profit: As a not for profit organisation, the Academy requires financial support to further develop the course structure. Ultimately, the aim is to become self-funding but investment is currently needed for the Academy’s committee to progress our ambitious programme. Patrons have a crucial role to play in making standardised industry accreditation a reality, and this is where we hope that you can help.

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How the Academy uses Patron contributions.

As a Patron, you will be positively contributing to the value of cheese in a much wider context. Your financial help will contribute towards the implementation of the Academy of Cheese programme for 2023 and beyond, including:

Finalising and launching the Academy’s level three (Fellow) & Master of Cheese certifications

2023 is an exciting year for the Academy, with the development and launch of the Level 3 programme. In consultation with training partners, industry leaders and associated professionals content is being created for the delivery of this programme. But, with 100 hours worth of study material to create (including x 200 cheeses in the library) we need all the support we can get at this time.

How patron funds will be used:

  • Creating and publishing 200 cheeses in the library
  • Development of Level 3 online learning material
  • Development of the learning platform to deliver Level 3
  • Marketing and promotion to launch the Level 3 programme

Supporting and growing our Training Partner network.

Training Partners are vital to delivering knowledge and education to cheese lovers and industry professionals alike. Our aim would be to have at least one Training Partner in every country. This is a big ask, but with a network of 16 Training Partners across the UK and interest from Scandinavia, Canada, Australia, Hong Kong and Mexico 2020 will see us become truly international – Your patronage will help us support the current Training Partners and provide the tools and resources to recruit and onboard new Training Partners across the globe.

How patron funds will be used:

  • Supporting our network of UK Training Partners
  • Supporting our International Training Partners
  • Recruiting new UK Training Partners
  • Recruiting new International Training Partners
  • Upgrading the Training Partner online portal

Developing our online Knowledge Base and Academic Cheese Library

Our aim is to provide the definitive Knowledge Base of all things cheese. An easy to use, searchable reference tool covering all aspects of cheese production, promotion, presentation, sale and consumption creating a valuable research tool for the industry. To accompany this, our Academic Cheese Library provides qualified, unbiased and comprehensive details about key cheeses – And, in preparation for the launch of level three, we are expanding the number of cheeses covered from 100 to 300.

How patron funds will be used:

  • Contacting cheesemakers globally
  • Collating details about each cheesemaker
  • Collating information about each cheese
  • Writing and maintaining knowledge posts

Campaigns & Special Interest Sponsorship

In addition to Patron Packages, there are a number of Special Interest Groups that support specific areas of the Cheese industry. Special Interest Group members are invited to a number of tailored events throughout the year and have close contact with curators working in their area of interest.

If you’re interested in joining a Special Interest Group and would like to contribute towards expanding and sustaining a particular area of the Academy’s work, we’d be delighted to hear from you.

Recent Campaigns include

This is an ambitious programme and requires the support of businesses from the sectors (from all countries) associated with the industry – cheesemakers, retailers, wholesalers, distributors and foodservice. We’d love you be involved and help us achieve our goals.

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What can Patronage do for your business?

We could not continue without our Patrons and we’re immensely grateful for their valuable support. But, it’s not all about us! To reciprocate support Patron packages include a range of tangible business benefits grouped into the seven categories as described below.


Brand Association & Awareness

The Academy is positioning to be the quality standard of cheese and cheese knowledge both in the UK and overseas. As a Patron, you will be linked with an authoritative and respected consumer and trade associated organisation.

In supporting the Academy you will also be helping to secure the future of the sector, making a significant CSR contribution. Your brand will benefit from the halo effect of this ongoing association.

Academy of Cheese Literature

As Patron of Academy of Cheese your branding will appear alongside other Patrons in each of our Level One and Level Two delegate packs. The delegate packs are a key educational resource, distributed to everyone who studies with us, giving your brand exposure to those who are really invested in cheese or it’s industry. The pack contains the 25 Cheeses Book (L1) or 75 Cheeses Book (L2), the MPM model, Structured Approach to Tasting documents and flavour wheels.

Academy of Cheese Website

Patrons feature strongly across the whole of our website with their own page showcasing who they are, what the business does, why they have chosen to support the Academy of Cheese together with links to your business, social media and key people. There is also a direct enquiry mechanism. We direct traffic to this page through logos everywhere.

Website visitor sessions Jan-Nov 2020



UP 300.12%



UP 15.78%



UP 10.59%


Want to assess the value of Academy Patronage Brand Association & Awareness opportunities for your organisation? Get the latest statistics and data-sheet for up to date visitor stats, demographics, readership and more.

Academy of Cheese Email Publications

Consumer Newsletter.
The Academy shares a monthly newsletter with its world wide community of cheese enthusiasts. As a Patron of the Academy your branding will be included in each and every newsletter we send, maintaining a presence in front of our readership and associating you with the leading providers of cheese educational programs.

Trade Newsletter
Every month we update our trade database with news from the Academy and our progress on the journey to bring cheese education to the masses. Your inclusion in this email publication spotlights you amongst your peers, highlighting your business as part of the group whose support helps secure the future of their sector. This creates opportunities to engage with like minded businesses and showcase your part in the cheese industry. 

Trade Event Branding

Each year the Academy of Cheese exhibits at a number of trade events around the country promoting cheese education opportunities to the wider food industry. It’s a chance to promote the work we do and highlight the extraordinary group of Patrons that make it all possible. At each event our Patrons’ branding is displayed on banners and exhibition signage adorning the Academy of Cheese stand. We’ve exhibited at Harrogate Fine Food Show, World Cheese Awards, Speciality & Fine Food Fair, British Cheese Awards, Young Cheesemonger of the Year and at the International Cheese Awards where we additionally sponsored the judges pack offering further brand awareness opportunities. 

Consumer Event Branding

As with our trade events, we take our Patrons along to consumer facing events too. There is always an opportunity to display your branding on banners, signage and pamphlets distributed to attendees. Association with the Academy of Cheese enables us to put you front and centre with the cheese consumer. If you choose to co-host an event with us, whether in person or virtually, all promotion of the event will be co branded with you and the Academy of Cheese. 

Zoom Meetings & Webinars

Now more than ever the Academy hosts a wide range of meetings and webinars to both trade and consumer audiences. They range from educational cheese masterclasses to entice consumers to study cheese with us, to on-trade webinars to discuss industry input for the development of the Level 3 and 4 programme. Patron branding will always appear on intro and closing slides of such events, offering your business face to face time with an engaged audience.

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Press & Media Coverage

Industry Media

As a neutral player in the cheese industry, here for the cheese and those who make this industry happen, we have built up close working relationships across the media industry. As such, we contribute regular columns to a whole host of publications such as BBC Good Food Magazine, Countryside Magazine, Good Cheese Magazine, Fine Food Digest.

As a Patron, we will champion your business in our features wherever possible, giving your brand the huge reach these publications allow us. In Good Cheese Magazine, published annually, we have a full page advertisement where we take the opportunity to publicly thank our Patrons for their support.

National Media

We will look for opportunities for your company to be featured in the national press in articles relating to the Academy. The annual Big Cheese Weekender, a 3 day virtual, & going live in 2023, cheese festival held in October and organised by Academy of Cheese, offers huge national and international exposure for us and our Patrons and is a example of type of coverage your association with the Academy can achieve.

Academy News & Blogs

You’ll be included in our regular newsletters and there will also be opportunities to submit relevant news and editorial content. Our blog is a hub of information about cheese, the industry and those within it with content written by ourselves or contributed by our partners. You too could collaborate with us to champion a cheese related topic important to you!

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Sales & Promotion

Retail Directory – Sponsored listing

Our Where to Buy Cheese Directory was originally launched to support cheesemongers and makers when the Covid-19 pandemic hit and shoppers were mostly confined to their homes. We needed a way to ensure consumers could continue to buy artisan cheese and our cheesemakers and mongers were supported. The success has made it a permanent fixture on our site and one we continue to build on, adding new entries all the time. We have a captive and engaged audience of global cheese enthusiasts looking to enjoy more cheese, a listing in our Where to Buy Cheese Directory is an invaluable advert for cheesemakers and mongers alike. 

Average ‘Where To Buy Cheese’ email statistics








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Sponsored Masterclass

The Academy of Cheese has built an extensive network of cheese loving consumers who continue to engage with the Academy long after taking a course. This captive audience is a testimony to the work we do and one that cheesemakers we work with are promoted to. 

We host events, both in classrooms and virtually, to keep our audience engaged with the cheese world. These include masterclasses in cheese and drinks pairings, an in-depth look into a particular style of cheese or a conversation with a key industry figure – As a Patron, this could be you.

Masterclasses are always recorded and available to re-watch on our YouTube channel. We then continue to promote them to our community, as additional study materials for our delegates or cheese enthusiasts, plus those in other time zones who weren’t able to tune in live.

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Knowledge & Education

Complimentary Examinations

To encourage our Patrons and their wider team to become Academy of Cheese certified, we offer a number of discounted course fees for the eLearning courses. Studying the materials yourself is the best way to appreciate the work the Academy does, see first hand what your support has helped to create and learn a little along the way! 

Level One Exam Credits3610
Level Two Exam Credits125
Level 1124
Level 212
Having completed the level 1 course and learnt how to use their Simple Flavour Tree, I now feel able to objectively judge any cheese in any situation.



Free Training Partner Accreditation

In addition to the invaluable financial support our Patrons provide, becoming a Training Partner and delivering cheese education first hand is another way to support the Academy of Cheese. To encourage our Patrons to do this, we have waived the Training Partner start up fees which in 2020 equated to £250 for UK Small Training Partners and £500 for UK Standard Training Partners. 

Complimentary corporate access the Academy’s Knowledge Base

Patrons receive a number of complimentary Academy of Cheese website subscriptions (depending upon the level of patronage) providing team access to the Academy’s Knowledge base.

Complimentary corporate access the Academy’s Cheese Library

Our Cheese Library showcases cheese from a whole host of cheesemakers – we’re hoping to include them all eventually! It clearly and accurately catalogues cheese in a user friendly way, making it a valuable research tool for studying at home, for inspiration ahead of a trip to the cheesemonger, or for retailers swotting up on their range or looking to add something new.

As part of the complimentary Academy of Cheese website subscriptions (depending upon the level of patronage) members of your team can be given access to the full Academic cheese library (including Level three cheeses)

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Networking & Events

Free Tickets to Academy Events

To thank our Patrons for their continued, valuable support we offer a number of free tickets to our cheese related events throughout the year.  Our events can be trade or consumer facing, or a mix of both, offering a unique opportunity to network with an extraordinary group who all share in a passion for cheese. 

  • 12 tickets per year for higher contributors
  • 8 tickets per year for standard contributors
  • 4 tickets per year for entry level

Quicke’s Guided Tour – Understanding cheesemaking

Mary Quicke, master cheesemaker and founding director of Academy of Cheese invites our Patrons to visit her Devon farm for a private tour of the dairy and maturing rooms. Allow Mary to show you where her family have been making award winning cheddar for decades, hear about her motivation for starting the Academy and her vision for its future firsthand.

Paxton & Whitfield Guided Tour – Understanding cheese retailing

Founding Patron Paxton & Whitfield invite you to join them at the Jermyn Street store, one of the UK’s oldest cheesemongers, for a guided tasting of the cheese counter and to see cheesemongering in action. (Higher level Patrons only).

Bespoke Presentation

As an Academy of Cheese Patron you have the chance to host a bespoke presentation to our cheese community at one of the many events we hold each year. This gives you face to face time in front of an engaged audience of cheese enthusiasts, both peers and consumers, to promote your businesses and shout out why you chose to support Academy of Cheese.  You may choose to do this in person or to co- host a virtual event via the Academy’s Zoom account. Whichever you choose the presentation will be promoted to our entire network. 

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Research & Insights

Cheese Shopper (Consumer) Surveys

We have introduced a Cheese Shopper survey to help retailers and brands to develop the right products and to create the best shopping experience they can, for their customers. Our Platinum Patrons can benefit from this programme with an opportunity to survey our global network of cheese lovers.

Cheese Business (Trade) Surveys

We have introduced a Cheese Business survey sent to cheesemakers, cheesemongers and industry and professionals to gauge their views and opinions on key topics, processes and issues within the industry. Our Platinum Patrons can benefit from this programme with an opportunity to survey our global network of cheese industry professionals.


Want to assess the value of Academy Patronage Sales & Promotional opportunities for business? Download the data-sheet for the latest readership statistics, open and click rates, reach and more.

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Awareness & Engagement

Guest Blogging

Association with Academy of Cheese makes our community YOUR community! We have an ever growing network of cheese enthusiasts around the globe who remain engaged with the Academy long after they finish studying with us. Through our platform, Patrons have the opportunity to provide ‘guest blog’ content which we market (via newsletter and social media) to this network. Whether you share cheese recipes, tips for the perfect cheeseboard, or spotlight a cheese related issue that’s important to you, we share our platform with patrons to boost their visibility and engagement. 


Want to assess the value of Academy Patronage Awareness & Engagement opportunities for your business? Download the data-sheet for the latest readership statistics, open and click rates, reach and more.

Social Exposure and Engagement

We continually champion and engage Academy of Cheese Patrons on our social channels; Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. As a minimum we will always promote:

  • You joining as an Academy Patron
  • When your cheeses are added to our cheese library
  • When you host a course or event 
  • When you share any content for our website, such as guest blogs 

It’s important to us that our audience know that Patrons play a vital role in ensuring we can continue to develop this ambitious program, as such we aim to share as much content as possible and will always encourage your input.

Company Profiles

Each of our Patrons has their own page on our website devoted to them and their business. It’s your platform to tell our audience who you are, what you do and why your support Academy of Cheese and is linked to them from the foot of every page on our site. Company profiles include details about the company and it’s products together with various contact mechanisms, links to websites, social media channels providing real-world enquiries and referrals.

People Profiles

We offer each Patron the opportunity for someone within their business to be profiled for various editorial features on our site such as Q&As, ‘behind the scenes’ tours, interviews for example. This offers further exposure for your business and an opportunity to connect on a more personal level with our cheese community and your consumers.

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Who should consider Academy patronage?

At Academy of Cheese we are proud of our ever growing cheese community and the global network of cheesemakers, retailers, wholesalers, writers and consumers whom we have connected. The Cheese Industry is vast and involves many wonderful associated industries that we work closely alongside. The Academy of Cheese welcomes all to join in our mission to bring cheese education to the masses.


Academy of Cheese was set up to support cheesemakers, with the aim of securing a thriving industry to operate in, with a captive audience of engaged consumers. A large part of the initial vision for the Academy was to create a world where cheesemaking can remain an aspirational way of life for many.


When Academy of Cheese first launched its 4 levels of certifications in cheese, employers in the cheese world were finally given a formal method of upskilling and training staff. The team at Academy of Cheese believe that anyone who works in cheese whether they are selling it, delivering it or writing about it, should study the subject to improve their knowledge and enhance their appreciation for the product and the wider industry.

Associated Drink Brands

Cheese is a wonderful food on its own but when paired with equally wonderful drinks pairings can elevate each other to the next level. We host a huge number of collaborations with cheese and drinks pairings each year, and within our most treasured asset, our Cheese Library, we have an entire section of perfect pairings where we discuss what to taste alongside each cheese. As a drinks brand, Academy of Cheese Patronage opens up our network of consumers to you and your business.

Associated Food Brands

Cheese is not always eaten on its own but enjoyed with any number of delicious accompaniments. How to pair cheese is a question we’re often asked, in fact we have modules on our courses dedicated to just this. Partnering with the Academy of Cheese puts your brand front and centre with our cheese community, offering the benefit of association with the leading authority on cheese education.

Associated Suppliers

At Academy of Cheese we know how many incredible people are involved in this industry, from milking to making to selling and distributing cheese straight to its consumers. For those who keep the wheels turning, rely on the success of the cheese industry but may not be individually customer facing, patronage gives your business the platform to promote your place in the cheese world and show your support for its future.


A key driver behind the Academy’s work is to educate people on the value of cheese, so they really understand what it is they are paying for. Modules on cheesemaking, affinage, the chill chain and the difference between artisan and large scale cheesemaking are the foundations of how we do this. This knowledge gives consumers the power to make educated choices and could ultimately change their shopping habits for the better.

A Massive Thanks to all of our current Patrons

Patron Packages

We have created a tiered structure for Patron contributions. Each package provides a different way to support and get closer to the Academy, meaning you can pick the option most suited to you:

Diamond Patron


Compare benefits

Platinum Patron


Compare benefits

Brand Awareness
Logo on literatureYesYesYes (top row)
Logo & link on websiteYesYesYes (top row)
Logo in trade emailsYesYesYes (top row)
Logo in consumer emailsYesYesYes (top row)
Trade event brandingYesYesYes (top row)
Consumer event brandingYesYesYes (top row)
Zoom brandingYesYesYes (top row)
Press & Media
Good Cheese Magazinex1 Issue (per year)x1 Issue (per year)x2 Issues (per year)
Academy Blog Inclusionx1 post (per year)x2 post (per year)x4 posts (per year)
Academy Newslettersx1 issue (per year)x2 issue (per year)x4 issue (per year)
Academy Press releasesx1 (per year)x2 (per year)x4 (per year)
Sales & Promotion
Retail Directory Featured EntryFeatured EntryFeatured Entry
Cheese Directory Featured EntryFeatured EntryFeatured Entry
Sponsored MasterclassNox 1 (per year)x 2 (per year)
Where to buy cheesex 1 email issuex 2 email issuex 4 email issue
Knowledge & Education
Level One Credits3610
Level Two Credits125
eLearning Credits124
Training Partner FeesFreeFreeFree
Knowledgebase Accessx3 Usersx6 Usersx10 Users
Cheese Library Accessx3 Usersx6 Usersx10 Users
Networking & Events
Academy event Tickets4 Free8 Free12 Free
Quicke’s Guided Tour4 Guests8 Guests12 Guests
Paxtons Guided Tour4 Guests8 Guests12 Guests
Hosted EventNox1x2
Research & Insights
Patron eNewsletterQuarterlyQuarterlyQuarterly
Cheese Shopper Survey1 Question2 Questions4 Questions
Cheese Business Survey1 Question2 Questions4 Questions
Guest blog postsx1 per yearx3 per yearx6 per year
Social mentions/postsx10 Minimumx20 Minimumx50 Minimum
Company Profile PageYesYesYes
People Profilesx3x5x10