Frequently Asked Questions

All you need to know about Academy of Cheese.

Absolutely not! There is no initial cost for signing up and taking the first few steps in your cheese education journey. Then, after the initial taster, you can choose to purchase a course or unlock our perks by becoming a Friend of the Academy.

The Academy is open to everyone! If you aspire to become more knowledgeable and develop a greater understanding about all aspects of cheese, then welcome aboard.

Yes, Academy of Cheese website can be accessed anywhere in the world. If you wish to progress to studying with us, our Training Partners offer virtual classes or you could choose the self guided eLearning platform allowing you to study in your own time, from wherever you are.

There are a few quick hings to check. Are you using the same email address with which you registered for the course? Has it been over 12 months since you signed up for the course? You can extend your access to the Learning Road exam for another 6 months for a fee £50 (reduced to £30 if you are a Friend of the Academy.

General Certification Questions

The Level One course is the place to start your cheese education, whether you work in the industry or simply love cheese. We start with the basics and expand your knowledge, giving you a new appreciation for cheese and its industry.

The Level One is open to all and its the place to start your cheese education. You need to complete each level and pass the exam before progressing to the next.

Absolutely. You can study online with the self guided eLearning platform, anytime that suits you. You could also study live with a Training Partner in their virtual classrooms, just check the time zones work for you!

If you are studying in a classroom, yes it will include a cheese tasting. If you are studying in a virtual classroom, you can choose to either have a cheese delivery or shop for your own, simply select the best option for you at checkout. If you are studying via the eLearning platform then you will need to source your own cheese, the perfect excuse for a trip to the cheesemonger!

Training Partners are not able to ship cheese internationally as part of the virtual classroom course. However we can provide you with a list of the cheeses you still study so that you can source the cheese yourself.

To achieve both the Level One and Level Two certifications the exam is online, there are no practical assessments involved until Level Three.

Once you sign up to a course, you have 12 months access to the Online Learning Road, Cheese Library and Exam. If you don’t get around to completing the course in this time, you can purchase another 6 months access for a fee of £50. This is reduce to £30 for Friends of the Academy.

Yes you can, but for the best user experience we recommend studying on a desktop or laptop.

The virtual classroom courses are taught live by a Training Partner across Zoom or a similar alternative platform. You will still receive access to the online Learning Road (think of this as your digital course book) to swot up on your knowledge and take the exam.

The self study eLearning option uses only the online Learning Road to take you through the course materials, supported with a series of optional, online guided sessions: live group sessions to assist you with your study.

Regardless of which teaching method you choose, you are studying the same certification and will take the same online exam.

We don’t currently sell the 25 cheeses as a pack but visit our Where to Buy Cheese Directory to find a great list of cheesemongers and retailers to source your cheese from.

Exam Questions

Absolutely. There is a re-take fee of £15 for the Level One exam and £50 for Level Two.

Following standard education industry practice, unfortunately we don’t share copies of the exam questions or answers.

Once you begin you have 30 minutes to complete the Level One exam and 40 minutes to complete the Level Two exam. You cannot pause part way through the exam and return to it later.

Upon completing the exam you should have receive a confirmation email containing your score. If you haven’t receive this please contact

Becoming a Training Partner

We boast a highly skilled group of cheesemakers, cheesemongers, cheese writers, wholesalers and restaurateurs as Training Partners. If you are passionate about cheese and professional training we’re keen to hear from you.

Yes, we require all Training Partners study the course they plan to teach and the level above.

Anyone interested in cheese! Our courses are suitable for those working in the cheese, food or hospitality sector, anyone wanting to start a career in cheese or for cheese loving consumers.

Absolutely! We currently have 6 Training Partners based outside of the UK and with the launch of virtual classes you can teach delegates from anywhere in the world.

Training Partner Application Process

Head to the Become a Training Partner page and click the Get Started link to begin the process.

We’ve worked hard to ensure Training Partner fees don’t become a barrier to joining us, as such we’ve created two categories of fees based on how many delegates you plan to teach in a year. Inquire for more details on how this works.

Once you inquire about becoming a Training Partner, we’ll arrange an initial call to get to more about you and your relationship with cheese. There is then an application form to complete and a link agreement to sign. These will need to be approved by an Academy director before you can become a certified Training Partner.

We provide course fee guidelines which we advise you aim for you ensure you’re rates are competitive but you are fee to charge fees appropriate for your target market.

Training Partners pay an annual fee to enable you to officially teach Academy of Cheese courses. This fee is based on whether you apply to become a Small or Standard Training Partner and this is determined by how many delegates you plan to teach per year.

Training Partner Portal & Resources

For Training Partners teaching Level One, the Academy provide training resources including a cheesemaking video. You are free to adapt these to suit your lesson plan or target market but any amends you make will need to signed off by the Academy.

When you complete the application process and you are approved as an Academy Training Partner we will create your very own profile page on the Academy of Cheese website. This is your opportunity to sell yourself and your course to potential delegates.

The Training Partner portal is used to purchase your delegate exam credits, register the delegates studying with you, check their results and access digital copies of the learning resources.

Training Partners can choose to sell places on their course via the Academy of Cheese website, via their own website, in person, or through a combination of methods. If you choose not to sell your course through Academy of Cheese website, your course can still be listed on site and we simply direct traffic elsewhere for bookings and payments.  

Still stuck? Never fear.

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