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Learn to recognise 300 cheeses by name, producer, Academy of Cheese Make Post-Make (MPM) class, species of milking animal, protected status, heat treatment, rennet type and Country/region of origin. Dig deeper into the background information, cheesemake and maturation process and key characteristics of the 300 cheeses on our Level 3 list. 


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About this course

Discover another 200 cheeses from around the world, gain detailed knowledge of both iconic and modern cheeses with traditional or cultural significance. Learn about their makers, how they are made, what they taste like and what to pair with them.

How it works

Instant access to our Cheese Library, created by world-class cheese industry professionals, with detailed information, images and pairing, to study at your own pace.

Who is it for?

This course aimed at cheese enthusiasts and individuals in the following professions: senior staff in cheese retail, food service or wholesale; cheesemakers; judges for cheese competitions; technologists; or associated professions. 


There are no prerequisites to taking this course. While some prior cheese experience covered in our Level One and Level Two courses would be helpful, it is also not required.

Get certified

Passing the 76 question, multiple choice and short written answer, assessment in this core module counts towards your Level Three and Master of Cheese certification.

What you’ll learn

Given that there are thousands of different cheeses available across the world, it was a challenge to produce a short list of just 200 cheeses about which all Level Three & Four candidates should be knowledgeable. The list was refined in consultation with cheese experts from around the world who were asked to recommend the cheeses that they felt best represented their territory or country, its history, climate, terroir and culture.

300 Cheeses

The Cheese Library categorises Level One, Two & Three cheeses to enable recognition of the 300 cheeses by name, producer, Academy of Cheese Make Post-Make (MPM) class, species of milking animal, protected status, heat treatment, rennet type and country/region of origin

Story, Character and Images

The library includes background information, cheese make and maturation process and key characteristics.

What you get

Enrol now and get instant access to the online Level Three Cheese Library module

Cheese Library Access

Delegates can access our ever-growing Cheese Library which clearly and accurately catalogues cheese in a user-friendly way.

Exclusive Resources

Delegates can access useful study aids as digital downloads or order printed versions.

Study Group

Join fellow students in your personal portal to discuss, debate and ask questions.

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Academy of Cheese courses and certifications are an excellent way to prove your knowledge. Gain access to jobs in the cheese trade or improve your general cheese knowledge.


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Certifications focus on understanding rather than memorising. Knowledge is retained for longer.

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