Cheesemaking 2 : Recipes, Techniques, and Underlying Principles

Gain an in-depth knowledge of the cheesemaking process, including quantities of starter, rennet and other ingredients, the effects of bacteriophage on cheesemaking and learn to make and mature a ripened cheese. 



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Time to level up your Cheesemaking knowledge.

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Instant access to your learning road, created by world-class cheese industry professionals, including digestible chapters and progress checks, all taken at your own pace.

Who is it for?

Cheesemakers – both established, seeking to reinforce their knowledge, and new entrants looking for a firm base of applicable knowledge. Technologists and consultants. Affineurs and graders. Senior retail and wholesale staff.


There are no prerequisites to taking this course. While some prior cheese experience covered in our level one and level two courses would be helpful, it is also not required.

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Passing the 30 question, multiple choice and short written answer, assessment in this core module counts towards your Level Three and Master of Cheese certification.

What you’ll learn

This module covers, in depth, the core knowledge underpinning all cheesemaking.

Cheesemaking knowledge

The cheesemaking process is followed step-by-step, describing how acidification, coagulation and drainage are managed. Delegates will learn how to select and dose starter cultures and rennet according to the style of cheese, as well as studying recipes for cheeses from 6 different Make Post-Make categories.


The controversial topic of salt reduction in cheese is introduced with a study on how this impacts starter and non-starter lactic bacteria, and ultimately the profile of a finished cheese.

Processed cheese

Broaden your knowledge of the industry  to include the manufacture of processed cheese.

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Delegates can access our ever-growing Cheese Library which clearly and accurately catalogues cheese in a user-friendly way.

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