The Academy’s Tiered Educational Programs: Aligning with CCP® Education Requirements

In the vibrant world of cheese, the pursuit of expertise and accreditation is a journey marked by dedication and comprehensive knowledge. The Academy of Cheese stands at the forefront, offering a tiered educational approach that not only caters to cheese enthusiasts but also aligns seamlessly with the educational requirements of the esteemed Certified Cheese Professional® (CCP) certification. Let’s delve into the detailed landscape of the Academy’s three-tiered programs and how they intricately support individuals aspiring for CCP® certification.

Level 1: Foundational Cheese Knowledge

At Level 1, the Academy of Cheese lays the cornerstone for a solid understanding of cheese. This foundational program delves into essential aspects of cheese varieties, their characteristics, origins, and production methods. Participants are immersed in sensory analysis sessions, gaining insights into tasting and evaluating cheeses. These fundamental teachings not only build a strong base of cheese knowledge but also contribute significantly to the educational hours required for CCP® eligibility.

Level 2: Intermediate Expertise and Practical Insights

Level 2 elevates the cheese education journey by offering a deeper exploration into the diverse world of cheese. Participants delve into advanced cheese varieties, regional nuances, and gain exposure to practical aspects through visits to cheesemakers. The program’s emphasis on advanced sensory analysis, understanding the retail environment, and potential involvement in the cheese-making process aligns perfectly with the detailed requirements for CCP® certification education hours.

Level 3: Mastery and Expert-level Understanding

The pinnacle of cheese education at the Academy begins with Level 3. Here, participants ascend to mastery, gaining unparalleled expertise in cheese. This advanced program of courses immerses individuals in an in-depth study of specific cheese categories, global variations, and an expert-level sensory analysis. The Academy’s Level 3 program acts as a catalyst for individuals seeking not just CCP® certification but a profound mastery of cheese knowledge and expertise.

Alignment with CCP® Education Requirements

The Academy’s tiered educational programs has been recognised as complementary and aligned with the educational prerequisites set forth by the American Cheese Society (ACS) for CCP® certification. Each level’s curriculum, from foundational learning to Master of Cheese level exploration, directly contributes to the recognized educational hours necessary for CCP® eligibility. The comprehensive coverage of cheese varieties, sensory analysis, production methods, and hands-on experiences ensures that individuals studying at the Academy fulfill the educational criteria while gaining invaluable cheese expertise.


The Academy of Cheese’s tiered educational programs stand as a testament to their commitment to providing a comprehensive and aligned pathway for individuals aspiring for CCP® certification. Through Levels 1, 2, and 3, participants not only deepen their cheese knowledge but also pave their way towards CCP® eligibility, setting a solid foundation for a successful journey in the world of cheese expertise. Embrace the educational tiers at the Academy of Cheese and propel your aspirations towards CCP® certification and mastery in the art and science of cheese.

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