Cheese Tasting Flavour Wheel

Used with the Academy of Cheese’s Structured Approach to Tasting model (SATC), the flavour wheel introduces the five simple flavours spanning out to numerous other complex flavours to help you to effectively describe the cheese you are tasting.

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This tool will help you to take a structured approach to tasting cheese and train your pallet.

  • Easy to use Cheese flavour wheel
  • Train your palate
  • Simple flavour breakdown
  • Comprehensive tasting tool
  • Boost your cheese vocabulary

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Topic: Tasting Cheese

Frequently Asked Questions

The Academy of Cheese has been set-up to promote cheese knowledge and provide career development, both within the industry and amongst the wider public. It culminates in the highly qualified and industry accredited role of Master of Cheese.

The Structured Approach to Tasting Cheese (SATC) is part of the content in our Level One Associate Cheese accreditation course

Yes, the Academy of Cheese is open to everyone! If you aspire to become more knowledgeable and develop a great understanding about all aspects of cheese then welcome aboard.