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Level One: Associate

For all lovers of cheese, increase your knowledge to share with family & friends or to enhance your career. This course is an introduction to all types of cheese and learning to taste cheese. Level One sees you taste 25 classic cheeses the Academy of Cheese way.

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About this Certification.

Want to know your Le Gruyère from your Gorgonzola? Then Level One is for you! Becoming an Associate of the Academy of Cheese is the first step to developing a greater understanding and appreciation of cheese.

During the fun and engaging tutoring, you’ll discover a structured approach to tasting and be introduced to a range of tools to help you communicate more effectively about cheese. You’ll learn how cheese is made, how to assess quality, develop an understanding of the provenance and range of cheese available. This will be backed up with home study (and even more cheese tasting!) before completing our online certification.

What will I learn?
You will learn across nine distinct areas:

The cheesemaking process

The ingredients, their function and production steps. An introduction to the Academy’s Make/Post Make Model applied to 25 specific cheeses.

Maturing, affinage and grading

Looking at ripeness and how temperature can be used to control the process. Understand affinage and the relevance of grading.

Buying and distribution

Discover the supply chains from production to consumer. Learn how to select a cheeseboard range for various situations.


Choosing the best tools for the job. Looking at correct techniques for cutting, packing and caring for cheese.


Understand the key descriptors of 25 cheeses and the principles of pairing cheese and drinks.

Cheese industry knowledge

Discover the history of cheesemaking and understand the differences between large scale and artisan production today.

Regulation and good practice

How to handle cheese safely.


Tasting cheese using the Academy of Cheese’s tasting model. Expand your vocabulary for expert communication.


Taste, explore and identify 25 cheeses.

Are there any entry requirements?

Level One is open to everyone! Delegates that undertake Academy of Cheese accredited courses aspire to becoming more knowledgeable and develop a great understanding about all aspects of cheese. If that sounds like you then welcome aboard.

Assessment criteria

Accreditation is awarded to delegates that achieve 24 marks and above (from a possible 30 questions) in our Multiple Choice Exam Paper.  The online examination will be undertaken after you have completed 6-8 hours classroom study and 12-24 hours of home study.

The multiple choice questions are taken from the nine elements of learning outlined above.  The current pass rate is 91%.

Why do it?

  • You’ll gain confidence and explore cheese more widely
  • It’s a fun experience for any food lover

  • Accreditation has worthwhile outcomes for cheese professionals looking to enhance their career

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