The Role of Recognized Educational Hours in CCP® Certification Pursuit

In the pursuit of becoming a Certified Cheese Professional® (CCP), individuals navigate a path that demands not only passion but also a comprehensive understanding of cheese. A key component in this journey lies in accumulating 2,000 hours of cheese-related education and work experience—a requirement set by the American Cheese Society (ACS) for CCP® certification. Enter the Academy of Cheese, a beacon of education and a pivotal ally for aspiring CCP® candidates seeking to fulfill these educational hour prerequisites. Let’s explore how students can leverage the Academy’s educational hours towards meeting the stringent CCP® certification requirements.

Understanding the Cheese Educational Hour Requirement

The American Cheese Society outlines a detailed criterion for individuals aspiring for CCP® certification, mandating 2,000 hours of cheese-related education and work experience. While this might seem like a substantial undertaking, the Academy of Cheese emerges as a vital catalyst in fulfilling this criterion. The Academy’s educational programs contribute significantly to these recognized hours, easing the pathway for students striving for CCP® eligibility.

Alignment of Academy Programs with CCP® Standards

One of the Academy’s core strengths lies in the alignment of its educational programs with the requirements specified by the ACS for CCP® certification. Each hour spent studying with the Academy directly corresponds to recognized educational hours essential for CCP® eligibility. From Level 1, with its foundational cheese knowledge, to Level 3, which encapsulates expert-level understanding, each tier of the Academy’s programs contributes towards the accumulation of these crucial educational hours.

Utilizing Academy Education for CCP® Aspirants

Students enrolled in the Academy of Cheese’s educational programs gain not only comprehensive cheese knowledge but also the assurance that their educational hours are recognized towards the 2,000-hour requirement for CCP® certification. Whether exploring cheese varieties, delving into sensory analysis, or gaining practical insights into cheese production, each learning experience at the Academy directly contributes to fulfilling the educational prerequisites set by the ACS.

Embracing the Pathway to CCP® Certification

The Academy of Cheese stands as an invaluable partner for individuals aiming for CCP® certification. Its educational programs act as a structured and recognized pathway towards fulfilling the educational hour criterion. By choosing the Academy, students not only deepen their cheese expertise but also move closer to their aspirations of becoming Certified Cheese Professionals, equipped with the knowledge and educational hours required by the ACS.


Educational hours play a pivotal role in the journey towards CCP® certification. With the Academy of Cheese’s aligned educational programs and their recognition by the American Cheese Society, students find a clear pathway to fulfilling the educational hour requirements. Embrace the educational journey at the Academy of Cheese—a pathway that not only enriches cheese knowledge but also propels aspiring cheese professionals towards the coveted CCP certification.

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