How the Academy of Cheese Supports Your CCP® Aspirations

Embarking on the journey to become a Certified Cheese Professional® (CCP) is a thrilling endeavour that demands dedication, expertise, and comprehensive cheese knowledge. At the heart of this pursuit lies the Academy of Cheese, a beacon of educational excellence providing crucial support to aspiring cheese professionals seeking the prestigious CCP® certification. Let’s explore how the Academy’s educational programs seamlessly align with and contribute to the stringent requirements set by the American Cheese Society (ACS) for CCP® certification.

Comprehensive Cheese Educational Pathways

The Academy of Cheese stands tall as a leading institution offering structured educational pathways tailored to the diverse needs of cheese enthusiasts and professionals. Spanning across Levels 1, 2, and 3, these programs are meticulously designed to cover the vast expanse of cheese knowledge. From fundamental cheese understanding and sensory analysis in Level 1 to in-depth exploration of cheese varieties, expert-level evaluation skills, and potential involvement in cheese-making processes in Level 3, each level contributes significantly to CCP® certification requirements.

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Aligned with ACS Cheese Standards

One of the Academy’s strengths lies in its alignment with the rigorous standards and criteria outlined by the ACS for CCP® certification. Each hour spent studying at the Academy of Cheese directly correlates with the educational hours required for CCP® eligibility. The comprehensive curriculum, expert-led sessions, hands-on experiences, and practical insights garnered through the Academy’s programs act as invaluable building blocks for CCP® aspirants, solidifying their foundation in cheese knowledge and expertise.

Hands-On Cheese Experience and Expert Guidance

Central to the Academy’s approach is its emphasis on practical learning and expert guidance. Aspiring CCP® holders benefit immensely from immersive experiences, such as visits to cheesemakers, sensory analysis sessions, and exposure to the retail environment. These hands-on opportunities, coupled with guidance from industry professionals and cheese experts, enrich the educational journey, nurturing a deeper understanding of cheese that goes beyond theoretical knowledge.

Cheese Career Advancement and Professional Growth

Beyond the pursuit of CCP® certification, the Academy of Cheese’s programs serve as catalysts for career advancement and professional growth within the cheese industry. The knowledge, skills, and industry-relevant insights acquired through the Academy’s courses not only contribute to CCP® eligibility but also open doors to diverse career pathways in cheese retail, distribution, production, education, and more.


The Academy of Cheese stands as a pivotal pillar of support for individuals passionate about pursuing the esteemed CCP® certification. With its comprehensive educational programs, alignment with ACS standards, focus on hands-on learning, and potential for career advancement, the Academy stands tall as the perfect launchpad for CCP aspirants. Embrace the journey towards CCP certification with the Academy of Cheese, where every educational hour counts towards your cheese expertise and career aspirations.

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Are you ready to embark on a cheese odyssey towards becoming a Certified Cheese Professional® (CCP)? Begin your journey today with the Academy of Cheese and set the stage for a fulfilling career in the vibrant world of cheese.

Certified Cheese Professional® Academy Toolkit

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