National Cheese Lovers’ Day: Win A Cheese Course!

National Cheese Lovers Day

The best Cheese day of the year

This year, as with every year, National Cheese Lover’s Day is celebrated on January 20th and, whilst we love to celebrate cheese and everyone involved in the making, selling and eating of it EVERY day of the year, we can’t help but support any reason that gives us an extra reason to indulge. Could this actually beat Christmas Day into the top spot of Best Day of the Year?

25 Classic Varieties of Cheese

Wanting to play our part and help cheese lovers around the world celebrate National Cheese Lovers’ Day, we are giving away one of our Level One self-study cheese courses. The winner will not only be on a path to developing a greater understanding and appreciation of cheese, they will explore and learn 25 iconic cheeses from around the world, as well as discovering a range of tools to help communicate more effectively about cheese.

More on that in a bit. First, let us tell you about National Cheese Lovers’ Day and share some ideas on how you can get involved.

What is National Cheese Lovers’ Day?

National Cheese Lovers’ Day is a day dedicated to the celebration of all the different varieties of cheese in the world. From punchy, crunchy Aged Goudas to soft, oozing, mushroomy Camemberts, there is a cheese for every palate, whatever the occasion.

Cheese Tastings, Cheese Offers and Cheese Events

But where do you start? If you find yourself reaching for the same cheddar, brie or Stilton, today is your perfect opportunity to go out there and try at least one new cheese.

Cheesemongers and makers around the world acknowledge National Cheese Lovers’ Day with tastings, competitions and events, so there has never been a better time to discover a new cheese, learn how to make your own or even create a tantalising recipe using your favourite cheese.

Cheese Tastings

Everyone is welcome to take part in National Cheese Lovers Day, no matter what type of cheese you enjoy, or how you like to eat it. Whether that’s on its own as part of a cheese board; melted in a toastie; or whipped into a dessert, there are plenty of opportunities to join in and discover new cheese. Here’s a few tips to get you started.

Cheese Events

How to celebrate National Cheese Lovers’ Day

We’ve put together a few suggestions for you to join in with the celebrations:

1. Try one new cheese variety

Whether you prefer soft or hard, red, white or blue, make it your mission to discover and taste one new cheese today. If you’re in need of inspiration, check out this list that we compiled in collaboration with BBC Good Food. Once you’ve digested those, you can find another 400 cheese varieties in our Cheese Library.

Tasting Toolkit

Three useful tools from the Academy Of Cheese to help you taste cheese like a pro.

2. Throw your own National Cheese Lovers’ Day party

Invite your friends, buy in some delicious cheeses and throw your own National Cheese Lovers’ Day Party. We’ve got some tips to help you curate a cheeseboard that’s worthy of a celebration, offering intrigue and excitement through the addition of unusual pairings.

3. Become a Cheese Nerd

Take a journey of cheese enlightenment with one of our cheese study courses: If you’re new to cheese study, our Level One course if the perfect starting point: within just a few hours your cheese knowledge will have exploded and your status as a cheese nerd will be firmly established amongst friends and family. Not only that, you will have learnt about 25 iconic cheeses and have developed a much greater appreciation of cheese.

win a Self-Study Cheese Course

Enter here to win a Level One Self-Study Cheese Course!

Cheese and Beetroot on a slice of toast with a wedge of Mrs Kirkhams Lancashire and British Cheese On Toast Book By Steve Parker

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4. Learn how to make cheese

The cheese-making process is fascinating, with many different methods and techniques used to create a wide variety of cheeses. However, did you know that it’s actually quite simple to learn the basics? With our delegate offers, you can get 20% off Cheesemaking kits with Cheese & Yogurt Making.

5. Cooking with Cheese

Today is a great day to learn how to cook more with cheese! There’s so many easy ways to incorporate more cheese into your daily dishes. Whether that’s crumbling Blue Stilton onto a pizza or whisking in some Mascarpone to make a simple, yet rich and creamy sauce. Find delicious inspiration with this delightful new book, The Cheese Life, written by cheese industry experts and friends, Patrick McGuigan and Mathew Carver. Packed full of recipes, including how to make the ultimate fondue to the perfect grilled cheese toastie.

Cheese life book

Or if you’ve left it too late to buy some cheese and have a few leftover bits languishing in your fridge, then all is not lost – read our guide on how to use up those Cheese rinds and nobbles.

Cheese Competition – Win a Level One Course

Cheese Competition

To celebrate National Cheese Lovers’ Day, we are giving away a Level One Self Study course: your hands-on introduction to the world of cheese. As well as getting to know the provenance of 25 iconic cheeses from around the World, the course will enable you to you communicate more effectively about cheese and perfectly match it with accompaniments and drinks. You will also learn how cheese is made and how to assess its quality.

What you win:  

  • 12 months subscription to the Academy’s online knowledge base & Cheese Library 
  • Printed Study Pack, including the Book of 25 Cheeses 
  • Guided Study Sessions with an Academy of Cheese Expert 
  • Associate Certification and Pin Badge upon successful completion 

How to Enter: 

  • Complete the form below, before midnight 31st January 2024.
  • Click “Enter Now”
  • The winner will be notified by 7th February 2024.