Cheesemakers – What are we doing for you?

Academy of Cheese was set up to support Cheesemakers, with the aim of securing a thriving industry to operate in, with a captive audience of engaged consumers. A large part of the initial vision for the Academy was to create a world where cheesemaking can remain an aspirational way of life for many.

The value of cheese and its people

Academy courses educate both consumers and professionals on the foundations of cheesemaking, the role of affinage, its history, tradition and the differences between large scale and artisanal production. This knowledge in turn breeds a greater appreciation for cheese and importantly, its value.

With 4 levels of study, culminating in the esteemed title of Master of Cheese, the Academy offers the industry and employers operating within it, a formal method of training and upskilling your staff. Studying cheese can even inspire those already working in the industry, connecting them with other methods, techniques and ideas from cheesemakers around the world.

The Cheese Library – A powerful resource

Our Cheese Library showcases cheese from a whole host of cheesemakers – we’re hoping to include them all eventually! It clearly and accurately catalogues cheese in a user friendly way, making it a valuable research tool for studying at home, for inspiration ahead of a trip to the cheesemonger, or for retailers swotting up on their range or looking to add something new.

Written by one of the UK’s leading cheese writers, cheese library entries are analysis and formal categorisation of cheese, along with its history, tasting notes and perfect pairing suggestions. Naturally, this is a useful tool for you, the cheesemaker, to help promote and sell your products leaving you to do what you do best – making cheese!

Keeping the Cheese Community Engaged 

The Academy of Cheese has built an extensive network of cheese loving consumers who continue to engage with the Academy long after taking a course. This captive audience is a testimony to the work we do and one that cheesemakers we work with are promoted to. 

We host events, both in classrooms and now virtually, to keep our alumni engaged with the cheese world. These could be masterclasses in cheese and drinks pairings, an indepth look into a particular style of cheese or a conversation with a key industry figure. In short, there are many ways the Academy can bring cheesemakers to their consumers.  

A new addition for us, which proved to be an overnight success, is our online Where to Buy Cheese Directory. Its a list of cheesemongers, delicatessens, websites and cheesemakers that offer direct to consumer delivery. Now that we have a captive audience, naturally we encourage them to buy more cheese!

–       Promotion to an engaged audience of cheese enthusiasts

–       Creating appreciation for the value of cheese

–       Your cheese in our Cheese Library