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Discover St Jude in Multi-Cultural Way with Julie Cheyney

Enjoy life through cheese! There are always wonderful, fascinating stories behind good cheeses. Julie Cheyney, the front runner of British modern raw milk cheese, is going to share her life story of producing St Jude cheese and explore the ultimate joy of cheese through fine Italian/Japanese food and drink.

1 day event
Table @ Vallebona, Unit 14, 55-59 Weir Road, Wimbledon, London, SW19 8UG
15 Jun 2018

About Discover St Jude in Multi-Cultural Way with Julie Cheyney

At this event you will enjoy:

Julie’s story of St Jude making, her passion about raw milk cheese

Vertical tasting of St Jude with different degrees of ripeness. Have you ever thought that cheese is a living thing? Age and maturity do matter!

Horizontal tasting of St Jude and Vallebona’s similar style Italian goat / sheep’s milk cheese, to discover the difference between animals through cheese!

Pairing St Jude with fine Italian and Japanese condiments and Japanese Sake. Get inspired to assemble a unique creative cheese board for your own summer party! Have you ever thought about Japanese condiments to pair with cheese? Surprisingly, there’s a lot in common between cheese and Japanese Sake, hence they tend to be really good friends, but why? Kanako from Culture & Culture is going to navigate you

Get ready for the tri-cultural food journey to discover the ultimate joy of cheese! You are going to have unique fun time over a good TABLE @ Vallebona.

Ticket Cost: £40.00

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