Cheese Tasting – How to Bring Cheese to Room Temperature


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Cold cheese can be tasteless. Why?

If you regularly eat good cheese you will be well aware that eating cheese straight out of the fridge is a bad idea, it can be dull & flavourless, dry & crumbly or have a rubbery texture. If you’ve ever wondered why then read on.

What temperature should cheese be served at?

Cheese needs to be brought up to room temperature which is approximately 20–22 °C (68–72 °F)

How long before I can serve this cheese?

You may be having guests over at the weekend and plan to serve a cheese course, you’ve decided what cheeses to have on your cheese board, and made the purchase from a local cheesemonger. Don’t leave the cheese in the fridge till the last moment, read on

Why eat cheese at room temperature?

We can taste flavours in cheese better when it’s near our own body temperature. And, whilst every cheese is different, they all contain fat which holds a lot of the unique flavour. When Cheese is cold its much harder to determine flavour. When brought up to room temperature approximately 20–22 °C (68–72 °F) the fats warm up and release strong, and flavourful aromas that cannot be released when the cheese is cold.

Simultaneously, the texture of the cheese begins to change, becoming softer and and more creamy. The warm aromas allow the mouth and nose to do their job, whilst the softer texture means the tastebuds in the mouth have access to the full range of flavour.


Learn about the four stages of tasting cheese and how to take tasting notes with this definitive guide to tasting cheese.

Read our Guide to tasting cheese.

How to bring cheese to room temperature

Cut the right amount of cheese

Only take the amount you need out of the fridge. Taking a cheese in and out of the fridge will spoil it quickly.

Place your cheese on a plate or platter

Place the cheese on a clean plate or platter away from moisture. You can cover the cheese (it doesn’t need to be air tight).

Leave cheese for at least 1 hour

Probably the hardest part is doing nothing, because the temptation to nibble a bit can be too much!

How long can I leave cheese at room temperature?

All cheeses are different. Some Cheeses can be left at room temperature much longer than others. Read our cheese tasting guide to find out more

Editors note – This post was originally published in March 2019 but has been updated to improve the information

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