Cheese Tasting part 1 | British Cheese Weekender 2020

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Naturally some of the most popular videos from the British Cheese Weekender, this is part one of the cheese tasting highlights from the weekend. Learn more about some of your favourite British cheeses, the correct way to taste farmhouse cheddar and how to select wines to elevate the flavours of your cheese. The videos are the perfect accompaniment to anyone who’s interested in tasting cheese, allowing you to compare notes with some of the country’s expert cheese tasters!


Learn about the four stages of tasting cheese and how to take tasting notes with this definitive guide to tasting cheese.

Read our Guide to tasting cheese.

Quicke’s: Underneath the cloth

Learn the secrets behind Quicke’s award winning cheddars, from the recipes which date back generations, the heritage starter cultures used and the all important role of the cloth in defining a world class cheese. Join Export Manager Poppy as she explains the best way to taste their cheeses and offers a fabulous selection of pairing suggestions – the perfect video to taste along too.

Taste along with: Quickes 12 month Mature Clothbound Cheddar, Quickes 24 month Vintage Cheddar, Quickes Goats milk Clothbound, Quickes Devonshire Red or Quickes Oak Smoked Clothbound Cheddar

Jenny Linford: Endangered cheeses

Food writer and author of Great British Cheeses Jenny Linford tastes her way through a stunning cheese board of some of Britain’s finest cheeses. Jenny recounts her time spent with cheesemakers researching her book and what she learnt about a life spent making cheese. With detailed tasting notes on flavour, texture and cooking ideas plus a little background on the cheesemakers themselves, this is a perfect way to learn more about British cheese and what makes it so special.

Taste along with: Colston Basset Blue Stilton, Montgomery’s Cheddar, Appleby’s Cheshire, Berkswell, St James

Cheese Flavour Wheel

Download the Academy of Cheese Structured Approach to Flavour Wheel, helping you effectively describe the cheese you are tasting.

Download our Cheese Flavour Wheel

Patrick McGuigan: Cheese and Wine 101

Cheese writer and founder of British Cheese Weekender Patrick McGuigan once again joins forces with Lydia Harrison MW for tutored tasting of 4 fantastic cheese and wine pairings. Discover what it means to balance the body of a wine with the texture of a cheese, some tips and tricks to ensure winning combinations and what they mean by the elusive ‘3rd flavour’. This is informative, educational and a glimpse of what you can learn whilst studying with the Academy of Cheese. Be sure to taste along.

Taste along with:

  • Driftwood & The Grange British Sparkling wine NV
  • Elmhurst & Sharpham barrel fermented white 2016
  • Pitchfork Cheddar & Chateau Pressac St Emillion Grand Cru 2008
  • Bath Blue & Les Carmes de Rieussec 2017 Sauternes

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