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Cheese Tasting Model

Discover the Academy of Cheeseā€™s Structured Approach to Tasting model. The wheel will introduce the five simple flavours spanning out to numerous other complex flavours. This will help you to effectively describe the cheese you are tasting.

Download the Academy Approach to Tasting

  • Easy to use Cheese flavour wheel
  • Train your palate
  • Simple flavour breakdown
  • Comprehensive tasting tool
  • Structured cheese tasting approach
  • Associate level one learning
  • Boost your cheese vocabulary

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Discover more complex flavours with our Associate level one course

Our full Structured Approach to Tasting Cheese (SATC)

Enjoy a range of tools to help you communicate more effectively about cheese.  

Learn how cheese is made, how to assess quality, and develop an understanding of the provenance.

How our Tasting model works



Before you start any tasting session – 
Prepare the cheese, your equipment and cleanse your palette, so you’re ready to judge



Make your pre-taste observations and inspections.
Taste correctly and record the flavours registering on your palette 



Draw your conclusions on quality based on complexity and length of flavour.
Then place the cheese on our make / post-make model.

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