The Best Podcasts About Cheese

The Best Cheese Podcasts

Working from home has its advantages – a reduced petrol bill for one and keeping on top of the sports-heavy family wash basket for another. But my favourite aspect of WFH is the opportunity to keep up my fitness, which I generally do by way of a lunchtime run.

However, as a habitually busy person, I find it hard to spend that hour indulging purely in “me-time”, which, coupled with a mantra of “never a wasted moment”, means I have adapted this hour to become doubly efficient and use it for self-improvement and research for my work at the Academy of Cheese, through the media of podcasts.    

Cheese Chat

When searching for “Cheese Podcasts”, one is rewarded with a plethora of titles (mostly involving a certain NFA team) so it is difficult to know where to start.

Which is why, over the course of many miles, I’ve been listening to cheese and have selected a handful of my favourites.  So get your buds in, your trainers on and get poised to hit play with these corking cheese chats.

Cutting The Curd

Heritage Radio Network Thumbnail image for Cutting The Curd Podcast

Broadcast weekly from the studios of food-focussed Heritage Radio Network (hence its slick production), this grandaddy of cheese podcasts is possibly the longest running and certainly the most prolific cheese podcast out there.  

Currently hosted by Cara Warren, Joe Salonia and Jessica Kesselman, all of whom have long and varied experiences of working in the cheese industry, there is a massive catalogue of 543 episodes (at date of publishing), dating back to Jun 2009. The tone and content of this podcast is pitched more towards those working within the cheese industry, whilst the format sees each episode filled with guest interviews with industry stalwarts.  

Interview with Anne Saxelby

There is, quite frankly, too many episodes to mention. As well as covering broader topics, such as climate change, cheese care, cheese competitions and industry support, more focused episodes include How to Judge Cheese (Ep 243), Cheese in the Professional Kitchen (Ep 365) and Volunteering in Cheese (Ep 477) as well as more specific calls into cheesemakers (David Gremmels Ep 436), cheesemongers (Murrays Ep 368) and equipment suppliers (BOSKA Ep532). Their reputational clout has garnered special relationships and regular slots with industry legends, such as Janet Fletcher, Tenaya Darlington and Amy Sherman and includes many precious recordings with the late, great Anne Saxelby, who was, incidentally, the original host and totted up nearly 200 shows under her belt.

DTZE Grant

So esteemed within the American cheese industry this podcast has become, Greg eloquently explains in this interview with Anne, that “guests have become hosts and hosts have become guests”. Most episodes are around 45 minutes, but special episodes can extend over the hour and the latest one at time of posting (Ep 543), aired on 4th March, entitled “Everything you need to know about … DZTE Grants” will be of massive help to anyone interested in applying. 

Food FM’s “A Slice of Cheese”, with Jenny Linford, sponsored by Peter’s Yard 

Jenny Linford sitting in front of a board of a selection of cheeses

Jenny Linford is a freelance food writer, cheese lover and passionate supporter of the British cheese industry.

In April 2020, she wrote a heartfelt article on the plight of the industry: “British Cheese Crisis” highlighting the disastrous situation facing British cheesemakers during the pandemic, which resonated with a lot of people. Twelve months later, she was commissioned by Food FM to host A Slice of Cheese and since then has presented 62 episodes.

Holistic Treatment

Sponsored by Peter’s Yard and commissioned one series at a time, each episode of A Slice of Cheese is received by her listeners with eager anticipation. With well-defined topics, such as “Exploring British Territorials”, “Milk” and “Mad About Mozzarella”, Jenny addresses these burning issues by having conversations with well-respected cheesemakers, cheese maturers, cheesemongers, food writers and chefs from around the world. Usually inviting at least three guests onto each episodes, each offering their different experiences and perspectives, Jenny gives a holistic view of the matter in hand.  Her congenial manner and unscripted chat makes it feel like you’re listening to a couple of friends chatting over a cup of tea.

International Podcast

Incidentally, Jenny’s childhood years were spent living in Singapore and Italy, which has given her not only an international wisdom, but also valuable insight to the importance and respect food is given within the community. Consequently, her podcasts have a far-reaching pan-global appeal; “Meet The Cheesemongers Around The Globe”, “Stars, Stripes & Cheese”, “Celebrating the Scandi Cheese Scene” are good examples of this. And the topics covered do not only have an international slant, they will resonate with all walks of the cheese life: Cheesemakers might like “Getting Started”, which approaches the subject of starter cultures with expert Bronwen Percival, whilst “Restaurant Cheese” will resonate with Chefs and Fromeliers, and the more recent “Cheese Pairing” will appeal to just about anyone who sells, serves or simply loves eating cheese.    

“Jenny’s congenial manner and unscripted chat makes it feel like you’re listening to a couple of friends chatting over a cup of tea.” 

Curd is the Word

Brittany Bassett broadcasting her Curd Is The Word Podcast, in front of several boards filled with cheese and accompaniments

Independently produced and solo presented by Brittany (Brit) Bassett of The B’s Cheese, “Curd Is The Word” is a new kid on the podcast block. A self-proclaimed cheese aficionado, Brittany has a successful cheesemongering business and runs tasting events in the US; she is also a fully-fledged alumna from the Academy of Cheese and The University of Vermont.

Brush up on your cheese knowledge

Brit’s enthusiasm is contagious, her unadulterated love for cheese obvious and her jocular b-rolls perfectly timed. The thirty-minute or so episodes are aimed primarily at the consumer, but Brit’s easy-listening tones and short-formats make for great bedtime-genning up on your cheese counter knowledge.  

Brittany’s podcast celebrates the cheese community and champions smaller artisan cheesemakers of the US. Uncovering hidden cheese shop gems, and bringing to light some cracking farmstead cheeses, each episode typically reviews two artisanal cheeses.

Cheese Events

Kicking off each episode with a useful round-up of cheese events taking place not just regionally in the US, but also on the international stage, Brittany then takes a deep dive into the provenance of each featured cheese, including the backstory of the cheesemaker, the appearance and tasting notes, ways to cook with and pairing suggestions.  

What I love is Brittany’s colourful, whilst honest, critique of each cheese – so vivid you can almost taste them. And her pairings, whilst not necessarily obvious, are practical and non-pretentious.  

Paxton & Whitfield Podcast 

Paxton and Whitfield Thumbnail Image with logo on top of a heritage photo of the original cheese counter

Whilst aimed predominantly at the cheese-buying consumer, anyone working in cheese would benefit from listening to the eloquent tones and wisdom of two champions of the British cheese industry, Hero Hirsh and Dan Bliss, from their senior positions within this reputable and historically important establishment.    


First broadcast in March 2018, each episode, conveniently short in format (lasting between just 20-30 minutes), shines a spotlight on one defined topic, such as the unambiguously entitled “Fondue”, “Seasonality” and “Beer and Cheese”. Dan and Hero provide an in-depth, authoritative starter to kick off each episode, which is then embellished with their guest interviews – their reputation attracting leading industry experts such as Joe Schneider in “Stichelton”, Ned Palmer in “British Cheese History” and Kevin Sheridan in “Irish Cheeses”.  

Sadly, the series came to a halt after Episode 28 – which was aptly titled “History of Paxton & Whitfield” – on the eve of their 250th Anniversary.    

And it is on this note, that I ponder: what would Mr Stephen Cullen, the forefather of this centuries-old institution, (interestingly, it wasn’t a Mr Paxton or Mr Whitfield, as we learn in the final episode), have thought in 1742, of refrigerated chiller cabinets, HACCP regulations and, god forbid, podcasts. 

Rachel Holding | Academy of Cheese Writer

Rachel loves a good cheese and wine session. Her love of all cheeses, artisanal or otherwise, has grown from her early years of working on the cheese counter at Fortnum & Mason.  She has a personal mission to taste as many cheeses as possible and to encourage this passion in others.