Writing about Cheese? Let us take you to the next level.

You already know your gruyere from your gorgonzola, but the wonderful world of cheese is complex. Study with Academy of Cheese and be sure to hold your own in amongst the cheese elite. 

Discuss cheese with confidence

Studying cheese equips you with a refined and professional vocabulary to allow you to discuss cheese more confidently, whether you are communicating with consumers, retailers, cheesemongers or makers. Be aware of the key descriptors of cheese, its age, texture, provenance, species of milking animal and flavour profile. Discover the Academy’s Make Post-Make model of categorising cheese, a unique tool that associates attributes of a cheese to the methods by which it was made. Feel empowered by your new cheese knowledge to communicate with authority and engage your target audience.

  • Empower your writing
  • Reach a wider audience
  • Be the authority

Grow your Network of the “Cheese Elite”

Join the fastest growing network of Cheese industry professionals who share a standardised language in taste, and most importantly a passion to lift cheese up beyond a food, to a way of life.

Academy of Cheese certifications are industry recognised, boosting career opportunities and networking possibilities within our international community. Academy of Cheese offers a full calendar of events and masterclasses every year, offering many opportunities to meet fellow cheese enthusiasts, further your knowledge and engage in lively cheese chat!

  • Join our International cheese network
  • Meet fellow cheese lovers
  • Industry recognised certification

Taste cheese professionally

Ok there’s not necessarily a wrong way to eat cheese, but there is a better way, a way that will increase your enjoyment and appreciation for that lovely piece of clothbound cheddar you have in your fridge. A way that professionals use to effectively judge and describe the flavours in a piece of cheese. If your writing about cheese, then taste and texture descriptors are key.

Learn the correct way to taste cheese using the Academy’s Structured Approach to Tasting Cheese. This method, used by cheese judges the world over, gives you a broader appreciation of the complexities of a cheese, its quality and flavour profile. Tasting in this way educates your palate and increases your enjoyment of cheese, allowing you to offer insightful opinions on the cheeses you taste. You’ll also be introduced to the principles of pairing cheese with drinks and we’ll give you a clue, there’s far more to it than just red wine! 

  • Offer insightful commentary on cheese
  • Discover new cheese descriptors
  • Educate your palate
  • Pair cheese with drinks
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Study the Iconic cheeses

Some cheeses are so well known you’ll find them on almost all cheese counters. During our course you can study 25 of these iconic cheeses, understand their origins, provenance and flavour profile. What’s more, studying with Academy of Cheese gives you access to our cheese library with over 150+ cheeses! As well as providing key facts about a cheese, the library offers a description of its flavour profile, pairing suggestions and tales from its history and anecdotes from the cheesemaker.

  • Study 25 iconic cheeses
  • Quick access to cheese knowledge with the cheese library

Know your industry

Uncover the history of cheesemaking and its fascinating journey to the industry we know today. With modules on milk production and cheesemaking, buying and distribution, plus maturing affinage and grading you’ll take away a new perspective on cheese, and understand the differences between large scale and artisanal production.

An Academy of Cheese courses introduces the practical skills to cut, store and serve cheese correctly, using tools appropriate for the variety of a cheese. You will also understand protected food names, how they are displayed on packaging and what they mean for the quality of cheese you’re buying.

  • Understand the production chain from field to fork (or perhaps fingers) 
  • Know the nuances of artisan and large scale cheesemaking 
  • Present and serve cheese professionally

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