Goats Cheese: Tuesday Night is Cheese Night Episode 3

21st April 2020 #TNCN

First Broadcast On: 21st April 2020

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Goats Cheese Video Transcript

We should be live, okay I really need some feedback people hello it is Tuesday Night is Cheese Night I’ve gone live a little bit early because we’ve had some technical issues so if there’s anybody out there who can hear me please for God’s sake write the chat box so I know if we’re receiving any seeds so Tracy are you with me yet?

I’m with you Charlie I’m here cool, Thank You Jill, Okay so we go anybody else out there apparently people waiting got James nice to meet James welcome to team welcome to choose tonight it’s cheese night um I think we got Bridget // Right I don’t all happen there okay it wouldn’t be amateur video night if it wasn’t a little bit amateurish so it’s an o’clock it is Tuesday thank you for joining us it’s Tuesday night is cheese night and I’m really pleased to see so many people of you lovely people joining us tonight as you know if you’ve been listening to our excellent messages commander will make goat cheese goat cheese is used to be ubiquitous one of those popular cheese in the world and has become a little bit rarer and it’s some people’s absolutely favorite cheese’s other people it just turns them right off but you joined Charlie Turnbull you joined the Academy of cheese and you join Tracy let’s see if we can get Tracy up here Tracy are you there hi good

Evening everybody welcome to Tuesday night is cheese night I am here whoo yeah we tried some new software we’re being powered by a duck tonight I don’t know if any of you guys out there and as a dear folks I know it’s a sort of family talk to my family and then that’s Debbie somebody who thinks that a duck is watching them and on this a case we’re watching the duck we’re using we using stream yard it works next week when I pay some money and make it a little bit better but me so as always feedback is is really welcome so Tracy what have you been doing me I’ve been working on something to help the after Jean trees many because the small cheese makers who are struggling at the moment with all the restaurants closed and everything else so we’ve been putting together the British cheese weekend dough which is happening on the 8th 8th of May till the 10th of May and very exciting times we’ve got an amazing lineup coming with loads of notes of virtual master Clarence races they moved the bank holiday this year to coincide with VE Day so it’s on a Friday the 1st made no comment today sorry say that my husband’s trying to get in on the act here back over they Monday the first thing I believe is now actually been color they on the Friday – could be 75 years of the VE Day so it’s the 8th which should be quite exciting we’re going to be celebrating there and we’re going to do choose not let’s choose my team or come in and we’re going to do a sort of version of God this question

So I’m going to get some cheese specialists on here at 8 o’clock on a Saturday that’s the 9th and where you could bring it with questions we’re going to get exclusively Jamie Montgomery the Mick Jagger of cheese making is going to be joining us and promoting here we’re going to go Ruth brew frost came from the fine Cheese Company who know it’s just baby cheese maker in the country and she’s been working there and those her cheese’s my cheese mongers point of view so it’s gonna be me ruth and jamie and we want to take your calls here your chat so if you’re available at cook 9th of May come and join us right tour cheese will join tell me more announcements Tracy now let’s talk cheese let’s talk and eat cheese ok it’s talking eat cheese I pick up my knife I just so you know tonight we’re going to be having a little muscadine historically and I’ve been coming on to this in a second the great cheese’s of goats nurse have come out of our area and that as you possibly know pop you don’t know is a big white wine region so a lot of a lot of really good goats cheese’s come from a go well with the white wine there’s one brother mr. Dave can you see that oh yeah I think you can marvelous I’m going to call myself my second glass surely hopefully I can get this one without my wife stealing it

So goats cheese let’s talk about them now said the law which is the law which is a river that runs roughly from the middle of France directly west towards the to the towards the Atlantic down may have all those beautiful chateaus like she know so and all that kind of thing and there are fine great goats trees big PDO goat cheeses from that area we have sales to share Vance a Bellini Simone de terrain and the cotton – apnea which is a bit bit over on outside but they are awesome Jesus they are beautiful they’re light and they have been making them there and I think reasonably so that’s the center of goats cheese Epsons in the world but the last day forty years has seen people trying it everywhere and we’ve got different go to go different cheeses so the first cheese we’re going to look at tonight is the sin Lord – Tareq here he comes five six five nine six inches of pure ghost gorgeousness can you see that that’s got a light mottling on top that is not mold that is ash they use actually start to use data to repress some moles and increase the activities of others and they used to cover snot with a mold people often think is the mold ripened cheese it’s not a yeast it’s a yeast makes a very fragile so let’s have a look in here now this cheese music it’s got a little sticky in it it’ll stick this is a little bit of strong this cheese it’s very fragile when young so they particularly shake so they put their straw through it to hold it together we just mention we’re quits before it sort of sets you might say

So we’re gonna go in there with it there we go hold it and you can see the straw runs all the way through now this is a PDA cheese which means that it’s made under a set of rules now one of the rules now is that they do a little stenciling on the straw can you see that people use O’Connor if you see that already it says 700 brand that’s because it’s original and if we manage to get the other one out it would give the name of the cheese maker on there as well very good didn’t look very health conscious oh here we got here code mmm my eyes right well on here is the cheese maker I will get my beautiful assistant my wife too so she can read their activity noise so sorry are you able to I think the guys through YouTube are seeing the Tuesday night is cheese night logo really okay your stream please cool oh why didn’t I think of that thank you for bringing it to my attention okay we’re back in the house though can you see this this is a cut open right now if you can see that mmm there we go that’s better can you see it’s just a little bit gooey under the skin there this kind of all this was used only penetrates when we talked last week about having a camembert has a penetration about centimeter two centimeter ha this chat only goes through a few mil which means it gets his gooey line under there so let’s start with that so it’s where these cheese’s in this shape make fantastic shapes and you can use them for recipes you can use them for your cheese board you can even put them on your eyes either twice as beautiful in the morning and all your lines will disappear

so and this has this I don’t know if you can see that I can see it just slips off the edge the coat slips up the edge because got a real gooey nurse just under there now you get this right and the way I like it this undercoat goes very liquid very creamy but a lot of French think of that so floor and they call it slip coat and the reason they used to not like it is because it makes it very very fragile when transporting it you get these like blocks of cheese sliding around and their coats and their break and the Cougars everywhere and they’re difficult to serve and the guy at the end is appointed so they really like a strong attachment but in taste terms and visual appearance that slip coat is to the delicious it’s like cheese in a cheese sauce that’s really nice so I’m going to taste this and then we’re going to move on to Charlie West head at Neal’s Yard creamy firm got a light initial acidity then you have a smooth velvety notes that comes off goat’s milk goat’s milk has got a real sweet but it’s a it’s a smooth sweetness it’s not um it’s not at all sugary it’s like it’s like tasting cream it’s like tasting velvet and now does it taste of the goat I’m gonna come back to that because tasting the goat is a thing right some people but one in 20 people think is just Oh goats farmyard it’s like you’re being humped by a billy goat it’s just no fun for anyone the other side of it is that you get their pure the cream that was the right phrase here it’s just as if you distill a beautiful French field and turned it into milk and it comes out like that no hint of that messiness the manure fires just as painful anyway right moving on this is the original now that fragile coat has been replaced by many cheese makers by using the penicillin camembert T which we looked at last week now this is a mixed mold one and this has come from Golden Cross down in Sussex very similar design again that wonderfully white now this is one of the things about goat’s milk is that it is white and it stays white it doesn’t matter how old your cheese is it retains that whiteness you go with count we’ll start off by fish but as it gets older and Oliver’s yellow we’re in yellow her more that classic cheese flavor cheese color and but goats doesn’t do that sheep’s milk is somewhere in between even there’s old hard Cheddar’s you get even those old hard shell hard-coded we make a ghost she’s there white like like like marble now so now we’re beginning to get different molds to him he’s got a little bit of a sash on here I see what Sussex Tesla but we’re not using that classic frame style of having that straw through the middle what are the typical flavors then Charlie that you’d expect at least model this one is getting it almost got a fish so that’s getting ride across the time and we’re getting much more it’s almost got a sourness to it but it’s not a sours the edges towards shirt which was not why expecting actually it’s really delicious but that’s highly unusual um I get oh the sides of the mouth and I really need a bit of wine that’s how about one maybe some citrus tones to it well that’s funny into the things.

I’m prompting me Tracy with really young goat’s milk cheeses you often get um the acidity that leads one where a little active or citric so usually we’re talking about the lemon citric they’re really bright lemon flavor and some of those cheese’s even quite some of the sort of mass-produced cheese’s you get in supermarkets of those fresh goat cheese can have a really pungent fresh yogurt e / go in flavor which is really really nice and even some of the big producers can retain that right through the pipe over some some months they’ve got quite long shelf-life and they’re often sort of seen as kind of produced mass-produced and some of them are to be fair quite heavily processed but many of them I mean I personal favorite I think I like the swanee on it should know so and that I find that we do tasting them around its really really good so some of those pots are quite quite good but then you have some of this one this is a brush this is all this from the Neal’s Yard Creamery which is processed as he goes you know this one Tracy that’s one that is one of my favorites it’s that it’s that beautiful fresh cheese which is just got to be in turn straightaway and I think is the is that a tarragon one now this we really for if this as far as all the cheese as it’s possible to imagine maybe making this great nineteen thousand years and if I just do the roof thing I’m going to choose with management um can you see that there is there’s the you’re looking for you can’t even get a bit more moosie than that so really soft it’s almost like it’s got no texture at all this one’s got a sort of slight thermistor which you get after it’s been over made about a week but that’s sort of little fresh cheese is is often underestimated because it’s not commonly used by cheese board by the time you get to the end of the meal and you hand your starter and your main course and your two bottles of red wine or whatever it is the fresh cheese’s aren’t up there they can’t hold your attention in the same way you’ve got that punch which is why they’re so often used in the starters in the canapes but front of the meal because the lightness is still available the likeness is still there and it’s relevant it’s why you often [Music]

it’s actually stunning I haven’t got that to join with me I’ve got a different one from Rosie actually are you up for a question the question please yeah so we have fun Alison on from know I’d actually think it is Austin from Waukee hall but there’s a question is how popular are hards goats cheeses Alison has a cave aged one from wookie hole when the Whitney whole team are down in North Somerset and they’re using the the caves in the country to take their cheese’s sometimes then any mature the last month or so in there sometimes they’re much using the whole way through and the character of the of the cave in fits the character of the cheese now one of the problems with goat’s milk is that it’s about five times as expensive as cow’s milk so as cow’s milk you’re sitting there at around 25 28 something a litre for the buyers but you’re buying goat’s milk at about a pound litre you can imagine all those goats they’ve got a couple of teeth moving to you and they’ve got fiddly little business and they are a pain in the butt to train because they are really quite intelligent and so getting the milk out of those small odors you’re getting 2 to 3 litres a day big black-and-white Hostin frisian out on the fields that the ships the ships out there on the meadows they’re doing 30 sometimes 40 litres a day the efficiency of a carriage need to go to dust which means that the Chico cheesemakers for the cows but for the goats with man Jesus are really up against him past at a ten to one ratio when you’ve got ten liters meant one kilo you need an awful lot of bleeding goats to make a small amount of cheese particularly those older harder cheese’s when the moisture levels are down there at 30% whereas this chap is going to have fifty to sixty percent moisture you’re getting more cheese for young literate so the young cheese is really favored goats making and also go expecting whether the goat was the cheapest an alone they was the peasant animal he could be could be ate anything he’d never died you could just leave him he just chill out and you could milk him and make that she said the old days every Tom Dick and Harry was making cheese out of girls no but as soon as these cows became affordable to the average farmer they just pushed the goats and the sheep aside and now they’re in Renaissance land now the artisan boys are coming back and they’re making really fascinating cheeses with goat’s milk and that’s why they’re beginning to age ahmad but they’re always going to be maybe as much as 50% more expensive than your average cow’s milk so are they good yes they are they are awesome those working old ones can be very good that cheddar recipe responds well stickers goat’s milk are they going to be more expensive sorry the upside they mature quicker so a six-month cheddar is like a 12 in goats milk is like 12 months cheddar in cow’s milk so that’s a small benefit it’s been just cheaper to mature did I do that thing Tracy when I just answered too much and today actually answer a question I think you know you answered the question you answer the question I’m trying to remember what the question actually 20 bonier right from from for the Netherlands the goat Scouter a fantastic oh geez you know that one tricky yeah it’s got that sweetness and not enos of the guider style with the purity of the goat’s milk its instead of enguarde bread I think it is but it’s a it’s it’s the most elegant expression of goat’s milk not a hint of farmer there it so there’s another rest of the gallery response to coast north do you remember Tracy when we went on a tour of the Canary Islands how could I ever forget there was what Nala Bruce Bruce it was a very successful understanding Canary Island cheese’s there are cheese’s being made the Canary Islands with goat’s milk there are fantastic but what is really interesting is they’re fresh they’re going back designing fresh goat cheese they get going to use to the Canary Islands like a Frenchman gets his baguette they get a new pot every morning remember this we would have it two or three times there the recipe is absolutely fantastic and it’s fascinating to see that kind of cultural expression that’s very niche very local and as consequently they can really deliver flavors that are just awesome awesome and they haven’t wines to go over there those big lands rocks and wines great we didn’t have the wines at breakfast though we just had them in the evening whether we ever went to bed if you remember we also got people are tasting kitten ash from Butler’s they’re also tasting the rosary ash so rosary do a couple of they do straight the plane the original and then they do the ashen than they do with the garlic and parsley when I ran my shop in shafts be in Dorset hello she lost forever listening and Rose buried goat cheese was are going to because there were fifteen eighty miles away just south of Salisbury er and so they were they were my absolute go to for the fresh goat cheeses and I already love them I’m really looking them right let’s let’s move on out we wanted to one of the reasons we picked up goats cheese this week is because Charlie West head at Neal’s Yard dairy and sorry Neil’s got Creamery years ago Creamery needs yard area friends but they’re not the same company easy to get Butte Neal’s Yard Creamery had a real problem beginning of a lockdown of a lot of goats cheese and so I spoke to him and tried to persuade him to do a bit of an interview with us Tracy but he’s a little shy and needs us to get more under our belt and after our technical issues tonight kind of going with that nobody can see me they can only hear me apparently we could have caught him on so so but he was such a good news Juna the support everyone has given him and maybe you all as peoples given him support he is now making again so that’s really good news he’s got rid of it of these people have taken his stock fair enjoyed his goat cheese and he is now make sure he’s beginning to make again so it’s great to see the support for the small cheese makers beginning to to come through so what he sent me apart from his awesome Purusha really love that a three different versions of his three different ages so so so I don’t see white right very white very low mould penetration you can see the cheese coming through yeah mould really hasn’t got in there and if we open him up don’t if you can see again can you see there’s hardly a rind at all there’s barely nothing to speak of okay so this is what he would he describe to me as not yet ready to go so it’s obviously good to eat it’s good to eat from the moment he comes out the camp I come without a goat but that’s not the expression that he wants Charlie like a chef because it’s easy it’s easy to cut and Grill like that so you know to cook with or as a grilling cheese or to wrap in her pastry and bake it straighten baking when it comes to grilling I have to say I prefer this version I might even be the next one and which kind of it’s going to cut that open so let me first make sure you’ve really cleared can you see you’ve got fully develop mold there to the point where that grayness that you’re seeing on the outside is actually the wrapping drop back in the mold and it’s beginning together the moist on the other surfaces there and that moistness is just just knocking back and all that makes that kind of almost polished look on the edges on this on the tops here now if we have a look at oh this is looking awesome so love the example can you see now you see now PBS yeah it’s now in breast as beginning to break down a full I know it’s a centimeter into the cheese have got a very clear two-tone right so we’re seeing I give a bit squeeze if it’s like you might might can you see that so we’ve got the solid bit there and then the grademon now we need to taste this this is the one he thinks is bang-on surely you’re not wrong this is absolutely right you can almost eat it in three parts and some of the French judges when they do formal judging will either cheese like this to box that with the right then it’s Center and then they leave the cream and then they more together to see if the balance is right so at centre we’ve got a slightly lactic slightly crumbly very clean flavor but because it’s dry as you chew you are bringing the flavors out slow to release that dryness holds the flavour back initially which means almost got him to bay connection and then we’re going for the earth and for the gooeyness much more savoury much more saving more creamy where him give me hints of butter hints of that kind of rancid butter which is not too negative a lot of stress that but that kind of the way that it lifts off the time gives you some some really punched into that flavor and then well you will taste in that Charlie we’ve got a mission from Bridget and she’s asking um with the roast a girl she garage do they add lemon to the goats feed or is it just heavily citric cheese just heavily centric you don’t want to be bringing an acid doesn’t survive through the lot of flavors do if you feed an animal wild garlic or something like that the flavors dude pile you carry through to the milk and into cheese but as it doesn’t so they’re not bringing in that I mean I don’t know if you had an ol lot of a sort of lemon verbena or or lemongrass or something like that you could maybe bring the favorite because that that flavor that volatile isn’t a citric acid it’s a different type of flavor so maybe those could come through but no they’re bringing it out through the cheese-making technique thank you another question from Bridget as well is does the rind help keep the shape when you bake or grill the cheese I’m I just I just interrupt you there’s no second Traci um okay well yes he does what I rather like is if you grill this the two cheeses that we’ve got there in our circle will melt at different rates so the gooeyness will give and just just almost collapse and the firmness the center that crumbly element will retain its texture so what you get is these little islands of cheese with them with the rind which is which it was previously held the cheese by the gorilla the GU lettuce missed the Rhine Falls like that’s kind of built it’s a really pretty style and on your salad or even on it on a on a pizzeria or something like that and as you’ve sealed it so the breakdown of cheese breaks down and wins this but from a transport point of view talking about the rind this wine is so much more robust than this is a full mole which means you’ve got a multicellular a multi cellular structure this is a yeast single cellular structure this route this this Ryan doesn’t do anything to preserve the cheese this one holds it in a little little pouch I don’t touch of malt or cultured month let’s do another I received cheese that we’ve got Averill’s in house tonight hi Avril over there in Dublin and avals her most favorite desert island cheese is the Saint Ola a sh which is a very fresh goat cheese over there in Ireland that’s Averill’s favourite and she’s tasting that today oh good I don’t know you can get that in the UK the st. Toller ash cool that from care to Claire I’m seeing oh man in a hand dessert well obviously cheese goes into every course that goes without saying right the Lord were up Charlie West heard right this is the one he says is over the top now I don’t know if you can see that but it’s beginning to really be a bit gooey and I think that we’re going to find that this is matured from from an eternal point of view the rind is beginning to to tie down it’s getting more and more gray and and we’re getting that ammonia rise although it’s got full mushroom almost like a wet carpet and a little bit it’s not it’s not it’s not nasty at all mr. still good now said his question was is this still good so let’s find out oh it just got straight in there okay now that’s interesting so for you cheese notes point of view can you see that right yes this is really interesting from a pure techies point of view the rind is beginning to break away from the cheese you can see that gap at the top the gooeyness inside the cheese is no longer holding that scent to the right and this as a structure is beginning to begin to fail does not mean it’s not going to taste nice it might not taste not to my taste guys but it’s a point where we’re losing our ability to hold the cheese together in any significant way you’re cutting and tasting it’s the white mold on the goat’s cheese camembert teeth yes and I think I mentioned last week camembert teas people call it coma Betty or sometimes Candida Penicillium camembert tea or Penicillium Candida and it’s slightly beyond my paygrade to know if there’s a difference I believe they’re the same I know that there are minor variations in these mold structures that as my other brother would say they’re splitters these techies they’d like to really sort of make us something of the small differences and I think effectively the Pentium Kennedy Hammond birthday and the candida are the same world and they perform the same way I’ve just been sent picture charlie from one of our guests Susie and her her friends are all tasting remotely and they’ve got a new shit I think that’s a blue shirt with beautiful little dried flowers on well like a year fresh and they’ve got goats which very well and I can’t quite see what the other two are I think there’s a kind of a hardstyle goat but lovely picture thank you very much just sending them did you say Capricorn goes yes Capricorn goes to Emily’s to sell it as little a square this one looks like it’s the square you used to be quite still has made by the lovelorn Creamery in south sunset it’s owned by that chalice the very big cheese cheese company where’s your base huge and and they also in Somerset brief and it’s a lovely reliable doing very nicely that look at cool doesn’t it Tracy it does it’s fantastic I’m sorry just to show out to those the people who were tasting that it was lane and Bromley we’ve also got Hyde to Cheryl and she’s from the cheese-making worship workshop and deli on the mid-north coast of Australia we’ve got mid-north coast of Australia what time is it with you guys I’m guessing it’s really quite late well welcome so shout out across the world you are that way all the way nice to meet you right so so we’ve got here the classic representation of goats cheese but as I pointed out by one of our guests and goat’s milk is now being used in so many different ways if you go towards South France towards the north Pyrenees there’s a big structure down there over there mixing their goat’s milk with cow’s milk or sheep’s milk or sometimes all three into these tones these these hard cheeses of about so big so tall three three-inch kilos and that comes out of this this this this history of them just making cheese with whatever they had they would have had mixed herds they wouldn’t necessarily have had enough milk to make with cheese with one one lot and that starts off being necessity and they go on and become specialists and I have to say if you’re down in that part of the world sort of so the north Pyrenees up into Gascony I highly recommend you checking out those cheese’s down there and the wines pretty good as well really nice so ghost cheese is there and it’s coming back and we’re seeing some really nice cheese examples really nice cheese examples we’ve got another question from Alex Courtland is asking why some goats chances are running at than others it’s a really interesting it’s really a point that when you get a Penicillium camembert tea as in the camembert mole onto a goat cheese it frequently goes more gooey the van cow’s milk a lot will retain a certain booze whereas you get big break down in goat’s milk and cheese milk and it just it’s slide to like actual cream there’s a lovely little cheese called rocamadour Starling place in about a hundred kilometers until it comes I think south of Paris it’s a it’s an Abbey on the sides of cliff and little rocamadour is a little disc about so big it’s really thin which means the molds and yeasts they’re using to break it down really get in there and allow all the cheese to break down so they go very good and they put apart most like cheese from pizza absolutely delicious and the same thing with some sheep’s milk cheese now there’s a there’s a cheese that I like it’s actually a swanny on cheese against a big producer and that’s you spend upon it so music don’t if your honor it’s a camembert with goat’s milk now you might think you have a can values go to the best the classic go to the cows mo but those goat’s milk camembert are delicious every now and again try going you’ll get as this this this question says sometimes are really gooey really really gooey outcomes and I don’t know probably anybody’s asked it but some people just don’t like those juice they think it’s absolutely pence disgusting we do any of those people on because I used to be a little bit unsympathetic and I’ve since learned that it could even be genetic some people just can’t they can smell it for 30 yards off and I think very sad because the truth is I don’t think there’s anything to do about it I’ve tried to convert them I’ve given them cheese’s of goat cheeses and refried sorry Charlie I think those people I’m probably decided not to join tonight you say yes I’ll get them back next week when I we’re tasting guiders doubters we don’t have this oh that’s what you that’s what you I love garrus garrus is the biggest brother Gavin is either the biggest selling cheese in the world and as the finger other big honor and the height near that’s been mentioned today some of those awesome goats go out and cows cows and goats goes I’ll definitely amongst some of the very best in the world thank you serious so calories calories on bring on the counter and hopefully we all have people tasting because it one of the few cheeses where you really can get it wherever you are with it Russia Australia got a Caribbean there are good guys out there so [Music] so yeah a quick question few more minutes quick question from Avril can you recommend any pure milk pure goat’s milk blue cheeses goat’s milk doesn’t make very good blue cheese the two that I like in the UK shepherd’s purse do a good one I’m sorry about coming off the top of my head one of these and then there’s the totnes team sharpen do what Harborne blue which is good but you do not see many goats milk blue cheeses at all and I I think it’s a bit like buffalo cheese it really struggles to maintain structure and get good flavor you can get it up since mixed milk blues that can work for instance the queso de ver they are because blue in northern Spain that is a mixed milk blue cheese it’s usually goats and cows it has this really weird thing as it begins to age the curd goes gray and that’s slightly off-putting it’s not a sign of failure or excessive age of the ring of that kind of thing it just has gone great so if you know that because blue which is usually wrapped in I think it’s chestnut leaves some crunchy cheese big flavors going on there and that’s that’s quite nice but tempering it with cows milk difficult to make good goat’s milk cheeses otherwise we would see more and we’ve got let me just see of the Boyne valley blue which Averill’s suggesting and I’m not I’m not familiar with that one sorry I don’t know what new to learn I saw some picked up on pH I can that’s the one at a lovely mid-sized company now making making really good blue cheeses and still working very closely we a lot of very small producers against South Paris I recommend a lot of their stuff they make really good stuff and they are as I say they were not only making your own cheese they’re picking up cheeses from very small producers and maturing them after luring them on so a very old fashion firm making really good cheese like that and so Charlie can I just do a quick plug please for if anybody is right there and haven’t done anything she studies lots of good training partners for the Academy jeez anybody who’s done it with me and is on the line it’d be a nice time for you to say Charlie what excellent course you did they can be cheese that would be nice but if not I’ve got one starting tomorrow it’s too late to get you the cheese on time but maybe abroad and get your own cheese and we’re doing it on webinar first-ever webinar for the academy of cheese we’re going to try to hope the other training partners will take it on and we’ll be able to do training online we’ve got enough space to to have a go so I’m hoping to see some people there we start at 5:30 6:30 so that will be fun and what else no Tracey so and learning the ELA oh yes you learning no matter where you are you can learn from your computer remember that yeah we’re gonna get one I’m gonna tasting it that’s going to be very cool so you can say what you’re tasting and it will automatically compare to what other people are tasting you want to invest in the Academy and cheese and we’re open for that sponsorship patronage that’s really good okay anything else trizzie no I think that’s perfect we’re 40 minutes in you’ve been eyeing that go to the bottom of their bottles and take their heart and soul into the land of cheese I really hope you’ve enjoyed tonight I’m sorry if you encounter technical issues we have been trying something new or hope you improve that by next week par from that love you love your cheese and we will see you next week for two nice cheese night caramel cheese go with bowler hat