Single Gloucester PDO

Single Gloucester PDO

Single Gloucester was widely made on Gloucestershire farms more than 200 years ago, but the cheese had completely died out until it was revived in the 1990s. Under the terms of its PDO, it can only be made in Gloucestershire with milk from farms with at least some Old Gloucester cows.

It is believed that the cheese was traditionally made with skimmed milk or during the winter when the cows were fed hay and their milk was thinner. Double Gloucester was richer and had a higher fat content, hence ‘single’ and ‘double’ (as in single and double cream).

The curds are scalded up to 32-35°C, before salting, moulding and pressing.

Single Gloucester PDO

Eating Single Gloucester

Following the ‘what grows together goes together’ mantra try your Single Gloucester with a glass of Perry or a delicious cider brandy, sat by a roaring fire to complete the look.


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This Cheese is part of the Master of Cheese Level One associate certificate