Serving Cheese? Study with us to upsell your Cheese specialities.

Get a reputation for good cheese and you’ll be turning customers away. Delight your clientele with your cheese prowess and display our highly prized certification with pride. 


Are you looking for new ways to describe cheese to your customers? Or struggling to explain exactly what cheese you need for your menu? You may already wax lyrical about your favourite cheeses but why not take it up a gear. 

Studying with Academy of Cheese will consolidate your understanding and broaden your appreciation for cheese. With modules on all aspects of the cheese world, from milk production and cheesemaking, maturing, affinage and grading plus buying and distribution, you will soon be equipped with the professional vocabulary to confidently discuss cheese.

  • Engage your customers with authentic cheese stories
  • Upsell more cheese with delicious descriptions
  • Broaden your vocabulary of cheese 
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Have you ever wondered what it takes to become a cheese judge? How do cheese judges assess a cheese, what do they look for and how do they taste? You can enrich your customer experience with knowledgeable cheese tasting.

Discover the correct way to taste cheese with the Academy’s own Structured Approach to Tasting Cheese. Tasting in this way educates your palette, giving you a deeper appreciation of the cheese and helps identify its key descriptors. During your studies you will be introduced to the Make Post-Make model of categorising cheese, used by cheese judges and professionals across the globe. Designed by the Academy’s founders, the MPM model groups cheeses according to similarities in its production, becoming a tool to relate attributes of a cheese to the method by which it was produced.

  • Taste like a cheese professional
  • Educate your palate
  • Show your customers how to taste


Not all cheese is created equal. There is a big, wide cheese world out there just waiting to be explored! Your customers look to you to guide them through the wonderful world of cheese.

By learning more about milk production and cheesemaking you will better understand the role of the main ingredients in cheese – milk, starter cultures, rennet and salt – be able to recognize the production processes used and their impact on the final cheese. The course explores how cheese is matured and distributed and further explains the role and opportunity of affinage in adding value to cheese, arming you a wealth of cheese industry knowledge.

  • Change the way you shop for cheese
  • Understand artisan v large scale production
  • Discover how affinage adds value to cheese
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Give your cheese selection the care and attention it deserves to delight your customers, and keep them coming back for more.

With content on maturing and grading cheese you will better understand what cheese buyers consider when selecting their cheese, providing you with the know-how to expertly curate your own selection. You’ll also learn some practical and essential skills such as:

  • Cut and serve cheese using the correct tool for the variety
  • Wrap and re-wrap cheese with the appropriate packaging
  • How to care for cheese 


No matter how adventurous a cheese selection, there are some classics you can’t be without. Your customers expect great classic cheeses and will judge your grasp of the fundamentals before exploring further.

At Level 1 you will study 25 iconic cheeses, learn to discuss them with confidence and identify the key descriptors; the species of milking animal, age, provenance and of course the Make Post-Make category.

As a student you also receive access to the Cheese Library which currently contains over 150 cheese, with more added all the time.

  • Access our cheese library of 150+ cheeses
  • An in depth study of 25 cheeses
  • Discover our taste and pairing notes
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Some titles just command respect and Master of Cheese is certainly one of them! If you’ve got the dedication we can help you join the “cheese elite” at whichever level you feel comfortable with, maybe you will will become the next Master of Cheese.

The Academy of Cheese is the leading authority on cheese education in the UK and internationally. It offers progression from Level 1 Associate to Level 4, the esteemed Master of Cheese! As an industry recognised certification, studying with the Academy can enhance your career opportunities and ensure you stay ahead of the competition. Joining the Academy’s alumni provides networking opportunities within our international community of cheese lovers, specialists, makers and mongers alike.

  • An industry recognised certification
  • Join the international cheese community
  • Stay ahead of the competition