Pecorino Sardo PDO

Pecorino Sardo PDO

Shepherds have wandered the sun-drenched pastures of Sardinia for thousands of years and sheep’s milk cheeses are a speciality of the Italian island. The milk would traditionally have been heated over open fires in cauldrons with hot stones placed inside during the cheesemaking process. Not to be confused with Fiore Sardo, Pecorino Sardo is a hard cheese made in two styles:  dolce (sweet/mild) and maturo (mature), and is an essential part of the island’s rural economy. The curd is set with animal rennet and broken up to the size of hazelnuts for the younger cheese  or grains of rice for the mature version, and then heated. The curds are then pressed in the moulds and can be dry-salted or brined. The rind is typically plasticoated or rubbed in olive oil.

Pecorino Sardo PDO

Eating Pecorino Sardo PDO

When you need a break from the traditional Christmas foods, it’s good to have a few ingredients on hand to whip up something simple and delicious. A Pecorino Sardo adds real flavour to any pasta dish, or strip it all back and serve rustically with bread, olive oil and pine nuts.


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This Cheese is part of the Master of Cheese Level One associate certificate