Belton Farm | Red Fox: A Modern British Classic

Stretching back over three generations, the Beckett family have championed farming and cheesemaking traditions in the heart of Shropshire. They continue to specialise in handcrafted cheese with real character and subtle complexity. The team of master cheesemakers combine their considerable experience and expertise with modern technology to achieve consistently good results without having to sacrifice the artisanal, traditional methods of their ancestors.

Ian Coggin, cheese expert from Belton Farm, will take you on a discovery of their Fox family of cheeses and illustrate, through a guided tasting, how their Fox family of cheeses have become one of the best-loved cheese brands on the market. The Cheeses to Taste Matured for over 16 months, Red Fox is an aged Red Leicester created from a unique recipe which was developed over many years. This along with carefully selected cultures and the skill of our cheese-makers has produced a cheese with intensity and complexity.

Smoked Red Fox is made in the same way but with the addition of being naturally smoked for 10 hours over Oak chips, offering a subtle smokiness and an unexpected crunch, from the naturally occurring calcium lactate crystals which form as the cheese matures. Slowly matured, White Fox is a White Leicester that has been aged to perfection. , leading to a wonderfully creamy, yet subtle crunch and depth of flavour.

A modern version of a British classic that offers a new experience to cheese lovers looking for something a little bit different.

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