A Celebration of Goat’s Milk Cheese, with the Milking Goats Association (MGA)

Join us for this special tasting to celebrate the wonderful world of British goats’ cheeses. We want to show you how delicious they are and how different they can be in terms of flavour, texture and appearance. The cheesemakers will talk to you about the cheeses, as well as introduce you to their dairies and their goats!

This tasting is brought to you by the Academy of Cheese and the Milking Goat Association (MGA). The MGA aims to increase awareness and promote the benefits of drinking and using goats’ milk products to consumers to encourage more awareness and consumption. It also aims to challenge consumers’ perceptions around the flavour of goats’ milk products as well as highlight its nutritional values. 

Panelists include Rachel Yarrow from Norton and Yarrow, Roger Longman from White Lake Cheese, Gary Yeoman from the MGA and Gary Johnson from St Helen’s Farm, all bringing along their wisdom and their cheeses. Also representing Abergavenny Fine Foods is Toby Hampton.

Tasting Toolkit

Three useful tools from the Academy Of Cheese to help you taste cheese like a pro.

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