Level 2 - Member - Academy Of Cheese Level 2 - Member - Academy Of Cheese
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Advanced learning for lactic lovers

Level Two: Member of the Academy of Cheese

For those that have completed Level One, there will be a significant progression in the teaching and application of the Academy’s Make and Post Make Model and our Structured Approach to Tasting.
Level Two has been designed for cheese industry professionals throughout the supply chain who wish to advance their learning and expertise.  It will also appeal to consumers with a profound interest in expanding their understanding of cheese production and varieties. 

About this Certification.

Currently, Level Two’s programme content is being finalised and courses are scheduled from September 2019. Becoming a Member, through the successful completion of the associated study modules and coursework will be of significant benefit to anyone working in the industry, wanting to continue their professional development.

For those that have completed Level One, there will be a significant progression in the teaching and application of the Academy’s Make and Post Make Model and our Structured Approach to Tasting.

Additionally, the online Level 2 learning road and Cheese Library can be accessed to help support ongoing learning. 

What will I learn?
You will undertake advanced training across nine distinct areas:

The cheesemaking process

An in-depth look at ingredients, the scientific role of each ingredient and various cheesemaking production techniques. Learn how to make a basic cheese.

Maturing, Affinage and Grading

Study the techniques of an affineur and the resulting cheeses, the maturation processes including safe storage, potential defects and degree of maturity.

Buying and Distribution

Recognise an appropriate range of cheeses for particular situations, review the types of supply chain and demonstrate an understanding of profit and costs.

Presenting and Serving

Determine safe storage solutions, deal with common quality defects, learn to cut, re-pack and present various cheeses. Recognise stock management systems. Discover cheese for classic cheese dishes.


Explore tools and methods to communicate verbally & non-verbally about cheese. Learn the health benefits of eating cheese (and hazards to some). Discover suitable food and cheese pairings.

Cheese industry knowledge

Develop an understanding of cheese’s evolution through time and current market trends in the UK and the World.

Regulation and good practice

A close look at HACCP, the role of food enforcement officers, the role of food labelling and the main pathogens


Tasting and assessing cheese using the Academy of Cheese’s Level 2 tasting model. Delve deep into complex flavours and the vocabulary to communicate with.

Cheese Library - 100 iconic cheeses

Identify, taste and recall background information, cheese make, maturation process and key characteristics for the 100 cheeses specified on the Level 2 list.

Are there any entry requirements?

Delegates must have completed and passed Level One in order to progress to the next stage. 

Assessment criteria

Undertaking Level Two requires 18-24 hours of classroom study and 54-72 hours of additional home study. This will include the time to visit a cheesemaker and see or take part in the cheese making process. 

Why do it?

  • Consolidate your professional understanding and enhance your career opportunities
  • Be more informed and equipped to share and implement your new-found knowledge in a range of settings
  • Be at the forefront of developments as one of the first delegates to undertake this internationally recognised accreditation

Raring to go?

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