Brillat-Savarin PGI

Brillat-Savarin a French food writer and gourmand

Brillat-Savarin was a famous 18th century French food writer and gourmand, but the cheese named in his honour was launched in the 1930s by cheesemaker and affineur Henri Androuët. Today the cheese is made mainly in Normandy and Burgundy. A ‘triple cream’ cheese, made by adding cream to the milk to increase the fat content, Brillat-Savarin is rich and buttery. Initially made as a lactic cheese with a long coagulation period, the curd is cut and moulded while still very moist, after which it acidifies as the whey drains off. The cheeses are salted before maturation.

Brillat-Savarin PGI

Eating Brillat-Savarin PGI

Serve this rich triple cream cheese with Peter’s Yard Charcoal crispbreads and a dollop of sharp cranberry sauce or brandy-soaked cherries. To create a truly decadent cheese course, serve with champagne.


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This Cheese is part of the Master of Cheese Level One associate certificate