A Jolly Good Cheese Read, Chapter 2

Our Favourite Cheese Books

Whether you’re a cheese enthusiast or work in the industry it’s always a good time to get the word on the curd.

If you’re looking for recipe inspiration, study resources or an entertaining read, we’ve got our pick of the best cheese books on the market right now.

We’ll be choosing our three favourite books each month, so check back here regularly.

What We’re Reading This Month

Cheese, by Michel Roux

The Essential Guide To Cooking With Cheese

An inspiring guide for professional chefs and home cooks alike, Michel Roux’s “Cheese” is a wonderful collection of classic recipes and techniques, with cheese at its heart. Presenting over 100 inventive dishes from around the world, with stunning photography and Michel’s unique touch, this book is authoritative, accessible and filled with simple, honest and delicious dishes.

A Cheesemonger’s History of the British Isles, by Ned Palmer

Every cheese tells a story. Whether it’s a fresh young goat’s cheese or a big, beefy eighteen-month-old Cheddar, each variety holds the history of the people who first made it, from the builders of Stonehenge to medieval monks, from the Stilton-makers of the eighteenth-century to the factory cheesemakers of the Second World War. Ned Palmer takes us on an entertaining journey through time, uncovering the histories of our beloved cheeses.

A delightful and informative romp‘ Bee Wilson, Guardian

Reinventing the Wheel, by Bronwen & Francis Percival

Milk, Microbes and the Fight for Real Cheese

This smart, engaging book sheds light on the surprising truths and science behind the dairy industry. Exploring what has been lost, as raw-milk, single-farm cheeses have given way to the juggernaut of factory production, Bronwen and Francis Percival find reason for optimism. Revealing how the resilience of enterprising cheesemakers, coupled with studies into the microbial benefits of cheese, these dynamic researchers, cheesemakers, and dairy farmers are, one experiment at a time, reinventing the wheel.

A cheese love story that’s so well told you won’t be able to put it down” Ari Weinzweig

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Rachel Holding Cheese Author

Rachel loves a good cheese and wine session. Her love of all cheeses, artisanal or otherwise, has grown from her early years of working on the cheese counter at Fortnum & Mason.  She has a personal mission to taste as many cheeses as possible and to encourage this passion in others.

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