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Partout Fromage was founded by cheese specialist Galina Danard.

Galina has learned cheese science at the Tours University of François Rabelais (France) and CIFCA cheesemonger school (Paris, France), which prepares the cheesemongers with a deeper knowledge of cheesemaking, history and geography of European cheeses, selling methods, principles of pairings and other cheese-related subjects. During these years of learning, she worked with the best French cheesemongers and affineurs.

After this, Galina participated in creating and developing a brand-new cheese shop and cheese bar in Paris. The location of the shop (in the very centre of the city) gave her lots of opportunity to work with international clients and organise multiple cheese tasting events and workshops. Along with managing the shop, she started to teach future French cheesemongers in CIFCA school and became a teacher at the Academy of Cheese.

She judges at numerous professional competitions: the World Cheese Awards, French National Cheese Competition (CGA), Mondial du Fromage, and other national and international events. She is also a member of the Guilde Internationale des Fromagers.

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