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Who are we?

At Quicke’s, we understand that great cheesemaking is an art. We’ve have been nurturing the family’s land at Home Farm for 14 generations, crafting the very finest flavours from this idyllic corner of Devon. Each truckle is handmade, clothbound and slowly matured in the cool quiet of our stores and then shipped all over the world. From our classic 2-year old Vintage Cheddar to our delightfully different Goat’s Cheese, our range is a balance of heritage and innovation.

Why have you decided to be a part of this competition?

Patrick Spinazza our UK accounts manager came up with the concept of the competition and the idea to expand it out to other producers for this year’s competition. 

We decided to send the cheese out this year even younger at only a few days old so the competitors had to really work hard to get that microflora growing from a blank canvas and it would show a clear and more distinct character of the competitor’s maturation environment through the cheeses.  

What would you expect to see happen to your cheeses?

The environmental impact on the rind and the different microflora from each of the cheesemongers stores.  

Are there any maturation techniques that you would be interested in seeing used?  

Plasticote and no cloth, washing, variation in temperatures and humidity.  

Are there any tips you can share with our competitors?

Enjoy and be as experimental as you can.

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