Lincolnshire Poacher | Affineur of the Year 2023 | Competitor

Who are we?

We are dairy farmers and cheesemakers from Lincolnshire making a cheddar/alpine style cheese that we typically mature for 16-24 months.

Which cheeses have you chosen to mature?

Quicke’s Cheddar 

Why did you enter the competition?

Wee entered last year’s competition and found it both interesting and uplifting.  It epitomises the collaborative nature of artisan cheese making in the UK and is therefore something that should be celebrated and encouraged.

Tim opening his Quicke’s Cheddar at the Finals event in 2022.

What is your relationship with affinage to date?

Very little other than last year’s competition and maturing our own cheese for the last 30 years!

How are you approaching the maturation and why have you chosen this approach?

After removing the cloth bandages, we have covered one of the two cheeses with the coating we use for our Poacher. The other has been completely stripped and is being left with no rind so that it can form its own natural rind.

What are your expectations for the matured cheeses?

We would obviously expect the ‘naked’ cheese to lose more weight and have a drier texture.  We are unsure of the direction the flavour will go in but it is going to fascinating to find out.  The cheese we have coated will act as a control because we did the same last time round.

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