Partout Fromage Associate Certification – 2 session course | English

Galina Danard is the cheesemonger and owner of Partout Fromage cheesemongers in Paris. She teaches Academy of Cheese Level One virtually in French, English and Russian.




The Level One course is an introduction to the universe of cheese. You’ll learn the basics of cheese making, cheese aging, and cheese pairing. We’ll discuss the principles of cheese service and cheese tasting. You’ll get acquainted with the MPM classification model created by the Academy of Cheese.
The course will consist of interactive live webinars spanning a total of 6 hours, with one session exclusively dedicated to cheese tasting.

Who’s it for?
Anybody who loves cheese and wants to learn more about it. Whether you want to pursue a personal interest or launch a career as a cheesemonger – you are welcome!

What’s included in the price?
For Level One, you get :

  • Two x three-hour-long (Sat-Sun) evening online webinars over the course of one week; sessions begin at 7pm (Paris time)
  • One of the webinars is dedicated to a tutored tasting of cheeses (the cheese set is not included in the basic price)
  • The Academy of Cheese Delegate’s pack, including the Level One 25 Cheeses book, the Make Post-Make Model and Standard Approach to Tasting Cheese
  • 12 months access to the Academy of Cheese Level One online Learning Road (in English), study materials and Cheese Library
  • The Level One exam

Please note that once the course is booked, it is non-refundable. All bookings are final, however, if you are unable to attend you can reassign your booking to a new available date or to another person. We require 14 days’ notice prior to original booking date.
We reserve the right to cancel a course at short notice should events beyond our control make this unavoidable. Should this occur, delegates will be offered a place on our next available scheduled course or a full refund.

Le cours de niveau 1 est une introduction au monde fromager. Vous apprendrez les bases de la fabrication, de l’affinage et de l’association des fromages. Nous aborderons les principes du service et de la dégustation des fromages. Vous apprendrez à connaître le modèle de classification du MPM créé par l’Academy of Cheese.
Ce cours sera dispensé par 3 sessions en ligne interactives (dont un entièrement consacré à la dégustation de fromages).

À qui s’adresse-t-il ?
Toute personne qui aime le fromage et souhaite en apprendre davantage à son sujet. Que vous souhaitiez poursuivre un intérêt personnel ou lancer une carrière de fromager, vous êtes le bienvenu !

Qu’est-ce qui est inclus dans le prix ?
Pour le niveau 1, vous bénéficiez de :

  • Deux ou trois webinaires en ligne d’une durée totale de 6 heures (trois jours de suite dans la semaine, ou deux jours de suite d’un weekend); les cours commencent à 19h (temps de Paris).
  • Un des webinaires est consacré à la dégustation tutorée de fromages (le set de fromages n’est pas inclus dans le prix de base)
  • Le pack délégué de l’Academy of Cheese, comprenant le livre 25 fromages du niveau 1, le modèle Make-Postmake et l’approche standard de la dégustation de fromages.
  • 12 mois d’accès au parcours d’apprentissage en ligne (en anglais) du niveau 1 de l’Academy of Cheese, au matériel d’étude et à la Cheese Library
  • L’examen de niveau 1

Une fois le cours réservé, veuillez noter qu’il n’est pas remboursable. Toutes les réservations sont finales, cependant, si vous ne pouvez pas assister, vous pouvez réattribuer votre réservation à une nouvelle date disponible ou à une autre personne. Nous demandons un préavis de 14 jours avant la date de réservation initial.

Includes instant access to the Associate learning road and certification

  • How to describe the key ingredients used in cheesemaking and their purpose
  • Have an overview of the steps involved in cheesemaking and maturation
  • Understand the Academy of Cheese Make/Post-Make (MPM) Model
  • Understand how milk is produced
  • Recognise the condition of a soft mould-ripened cheese in terms of degree of ripeness
  • Understands cheese grading and its relevance
  • Understands the role of maturation and affinage in adding value to the product
  • Knows the different techniques to accelerate and decelerate ripening in soft mould-ripened cheese
  • Understand of how cheese is bought and transported including the term “chill chain”
  • Understand the importance of offering an appropriate range of cheeses for a cheese board
  • Select and use appropriate packaging, to wrap and re-wrap cheese
  • Be able to cut cheese using appropriate tools
  • Understand the importance of caring for, cutting and serving cheeses appropriate to the variety
  • Understands the key descriptors of cheese i.e. country of origin, species of milking animal, vegetarian/animal rennet, raw/pasteurised milk, MPM Model, protected status, age
  • Understands the principles of pairing cheese and drinks
  • An overview of the history of cheesemaking
  • Understand the differences between large scale and artisan production
  • Understand an overview of the nutritional value of cheese
  • Demonstrates good hand-washing techniques
  • Understand how to handle cheese safely
  • Understand the difference between “use by” and “best before”
  • Understands how to use the Academy of Cheese Level 1 Structured Approach to Tasting Model
  • Practical assessment of cheese using the model

At Level One you are required to study and taste 25 iconic cheeses. You will find details on each cheese in your delegates pack and in the online Cheese Library. Whether you attend an online or classroom course you will be expected to have tasted the 25 cheeses on the Level One list by the time of your assessment.

Use the Structured Approach to Tasting Cheese (SATC) sheet to record your tasting notes.

Whichever way you chose to study, you’ll need to take the online exam to become a certified Academy of Cheese Associate. It’s 30 questions in 30 minutes, you’ve got this! 


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