Mastering the “Art of Cheese”

Master the “Art of Cheese” with professional cheese knowledge and industry recognised certifications, it’s never been easier to boost your career. Read on to find out why studying will perfect your cheese dishes.


Food professionals are the rising stars in the modern world. With great knowledge and experience comes great rewards. Our cheese certificates are made for boosting your cheese knowledge so you can join the cheese elite and gain recognition and reputation as a Master of Cheese.

  • Master the Art of Cheese
  • Get a recognised certificate
  • Gain industry recognition


Did you know that as with wine, there is a correct way to taste when it comes to cheese, one which will have you producing beautiful cheese dishes with the finer nuances of a clothbound cheddar and subtleties of a mould ripened brie.

With the Academy’s Structured Approach to Tasting Cheese you will learn how to taste cheese in a way that allows for a greater appreciation for its flavour and quality, educating and awakening your palate in the process. Discover the Academy’s Make Post-Make model, a unique way of categorising cheese and one used by cheese judges and professionals the world over.

  • Understand the nuances of cheese flavours
  • Taste cheese professionally
  • Educate your palate


A cheeseboard should be as finely tuned as all the dishes that come before it. The end of a meal is just as important as the beginning and a bad cheeseboard can leave your customers with a disappointing taste in the mouth.

Use your newfound cheese knowledge to master the art of creating the perfect cheeseboard, one sure to impress family, friends or paying customers alike. Now that you can select cheese at peak ripeness, serve a tantalising variety of cheese from the MPM categories and offer the perfect drinks pairings, you will be sure to impress your guests every time. Let’s not overlook the practical skills you’ll take away, including how to cut, wrap and store cheese and which tools to use for each variety.

  • Master the art of the cheeseboard
  • Perfect the principles drinks pairings
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The world of cheese is complex, warranting far more than the use of classic descriptors like mild, creamy, sharp or mature. How about mineral, hedgerow, brothy or … human?

Understanding the professional vocabulary of cheese enables you to discuss cheese more confidently, whether you are describing a cheese to a customer, creating a cheese board for a menu or ordering cheese from your cheesemonger. Studying cheese makes its second nature to refer to a cheese by its key descriptors like age, provenance, species of milking animal and of course it’s MPM category.  Discover the history of protected food names, what they mean for the quality of a cheese and how to identify them on labels.

  • Use your cheese knowledge to creating enticing menus
  • Engage and delight your guests
  • Broaden your cheese vocabulary


Cheese knowledge is power!

By studying modules on cheesemaking, milk production and buying and distribution you gain a greater understanding of the industry and the differences between large scale and artisan cheese production. Your knowledge can influence and inspire the decisions you make when selecting cheese and broaden the opportunities to showcase excellent produce.

  • Change the way your shop for cheese
  • Understand and appreciate affinage
  • Identify artisan and large-scale production


Fancy yourself as a Master of Cheese? We would certainly call that a career goal!

Academy of Cheese certifications are industry recognised achievements, helping you on your way to greater career opportunities and keeping you one step ahead of the competition. The Academy of Cheese alumni is a growing international community of cheese lovers, cheese makers, cheesemongers and more, offering endless networking opportunities and simply a chance to chat about great cheese!

  • Join a growing list of “Cheese Celebrities”
  • Industry recognised certification
  • Join an international cheese community
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The Level One Associate course offers an in depth study of 25 iconic cheeses, chosen to represent the Make Post-Make categories and bring the theory to life. Using the Structured Approach to Tasting Cheese you will learn to describe their flavour with confidence and complexity, identify the various stages of ripeness, their age and condition. You will be introduced to their history and provenance and using the MPM model as a tool, be able to relate attributes of the cheese to the methods by which it was produced. 

Members of the Academy of Cheese also receive access to our cheese library of over 150+ cheeses, offering interesting tales and anecdotes about a cheese or its maker. Use the cheese library as your own point of reference, giving you quick access to key information as you work or to simply continue your studies and immerse yourself in the big wide world of cheese!

  • Access our cheese library for quick cheese research 
  • Learn 25 iconic cheeses
  • Continued cheese education