Greg Parsons of Sharphams Cheese & Wine: Tuesday Night is Cheese Night with Charlie Turnbull #24

TNCN Charlie meets Greg Parsons, new owner of Devon’s Sharpham Wine & Cheese. We talk Sharpham Brie, Ticklemore and making a living out of English cheese and wine on the to-die-for Sharpham estate. We want his job.

Streamed live on Nov 3, 2020


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Sharphams Cheese & Wine Episode Video Transcript          

We are live, we are live, welcome everybody let’s get rid of this material and it’s Tuesday night cheese night. Welcome everybody, it’s lovely to see you all there i can’t see you but you can see me that’s all that matters. Tonight we have some fantastic cheese from Sharpham cheese one of the most beautiful cheese making uh i was about to say vineyards but i’m crossing my waters there because they have wine as well.

Okay, we’ve got Greg with us tonight are you there Greg knock knock on the door oh oh come on in come on in um welcome i don’t know where i’m welcoming you to internet nowhere you must be awesome down on there down in devon how’s the weather been strange strange every five minutes it’s changes so we’ve had beautiful sunshine today we’ve had lashing rain i i uh yeah so we’ve had a bit of everything today and a thunderstorm last night so mentor yeah now we’ve had well that speaks it all you know with trump and everything else and covington it’s that sort of got a metaphorical weather storm for the whole what’s going on the planet you probably had quite a big year you have been you’re the owner or part owner of sharpness and have been since 2019-19 yeah yep wow so you took over a fantastic jesus day and took it into the teeth of kovid thanks for reminding me yeah um what what a time waited all our lives to buying a business me and nikki and uh and we chose 2019 but uh i think um you know we wouldn’t change a thing to be honest charlie i mean it’s been an interesting year a challenging year um me uh i’m a foodie um i uh passed a big milestone birthday last christmas um which starts with a five oh yeah thank you thank you thank you yeah yeah yeah so uh so that was interesting and i’d like to i think i’m officially qualified for myself a foodie veteran now always worked in the industry good job you can’t see below the table here because you know that that shows him in my belly but um yeah love it love food love cheese and i i’m very privileged i’m from devon born and bred i’ve managed to sort of have a hold up a career sort of all over the country and work my way back to a county that i’ve borne in and love love very much so uh yeah very fortunate so when you you’ve done some big cheese places i’ve got you down for dairy crest i’ve got you down from ashley chase i’ve got you down for cricketer um you’ve done big please what you even did unilever i think to kick off yeah yeah my real youth yeah thank you uh yeah i mean that’s uh not not much uh not much cheese kicking around at uni but great experiences work with some brilliant people i loved my time at dairy crest i spent sort of five years working with marks and spencer for dc and and we and that that actually opened up and introduced me to many artisan cheese makers because we were trying to at that point make m s look at more amazing cheeses great time great people uh and then had the opportunity mike gave me the opportunity to join ashley chase and sme down in dorset a beautiful set up making great products with an excellent export business and that coach me away from the blue chip world really and um and had a great time with mike for for four four years plus um and uh then the barber finally got involved in ashley chase and angus offered me the opportunity to go and take the helm at cricketer which um was you know quite a big stride for me uh the sort of uh the the md down there but you know the crook of the team established over many years many generations a real local cheese maker you know everybody from another story worked at some point i’m sure great and then you know and and we had a genuinely great time but you know ultimately on a very sort of significant piece of real estate not making quite enough cheese to to sort of uh be able to survive all the turmoil that comes with the dairy market the decision was made to to stop making um that was quite sad time but actually in some sites it happens it happens um cheese is one of those you know this is like so many other industries it’s a sort of what they call a dumbbell model where you’ve got a large number of small producers at one end and a small number of large producers at the other end and not many people in the middle and and that’s sort of because it was wasn’t it could be yeah that was us yeah yeah or or leave the table kind of thing yeah yeah and very nailed to the retail market which you know is thicker as we know yeah yeah yeah don’t you know it don’t know so so how tell me how did you get involved in sharpen because let’s let’s give it a bit of a background i’ve got a beautiful picture here let’s let’s see if we can make this people see this come on here we come here we come come here now look at that people now we looked at this greg that white dot in the middle to the right of the big house that’s your office yeah it is that that’s why i look out of there um i’d like to have the big house but unfortunately two things stopped me from doing that yeah um but yeah what a beautiful place you know and incidentally uh you know you can follow this river right their way back by foot or on your bike back to top nest and and i came to sharp and me and nikki came to sharpen many years ago with the dog walked along uh walked around the side saw the cheese there and thought wouldn’t it be lovely to involved in this one day and you know careful what you wish for and you know now we are it is a beautiful part of the world i got into the food wilderness away from cheese for a couple of years doing some projects set up a consultancy company enjoyed that and still do some projects in that um but i was introduced to mark sharma and debbie mumford down at sharpum who said to me that you know they wanted to do a bit less and wanted to to place the business into safe hands um worked with them for a little while before taking the plunge in as you say in 2019 july the 16th to be precise um we uh we we handled some money from lloyds across to them and became owners apparently yeah you talk about this early got some actually some nice things to say about a bank that’s quite unusual general well actually um lloyd’s were absolutely superb throughout the process of the first business i’ve bought i’ve started many but first business i’ve bought and they were fantastic so so let’s be clear um you don’t do the wine except in a personal capacity let’s put it that way absolutely yes so so you’re in charge of and it’s a jersey herd down there isn’t it yeah i mean the cows haven’t grazed it sharpened for a little while they raised down the road at dartington and actually just recently um we’ve relocated them just down around the coast the other way into east palm in south devon um the dairy unit at dartington was sort of falling into a state disrepair so they moved off a few years ago yeah with jersey cows i was down with them but i took nicki and my daughter annie down to see them um in their new location last tuesday so this time last week so this time last week i stank of being on the farm milking the cows not very competently but milking the cows with johnny [Music] exactly yeah so um so yes that was great fun but yeah lovely heard of jerseys and then we we as we’ll come on to you know we make um the goat’s milk and cheeks milk um devon goat’s milk produces three of those um and then the sheep’s milk we go and collect from tom garland up in somerset so so let’s let’s get to the nub of it you make how many cheeses and introduce us to them and let’s let’s eat some okay so we make not well eight cheeses one’s got a couple of variants and that’s not included in different shapes um so yeah that’s what we make okay that’s quite it’s quite a selection but you you stay away from the blues you don’t do those you leave that too not deliberately not deliberately yeah yeah yeah so so um because there is a close association with you and and devin blue and album and um that’s right you you are you’re a white mold specialist where i could reasonably argue yeah and the tickle more this one that we’re going to taste was originally made by robin um in his theory well this is what gets confusing and i’m an easily confused he’s called tickle more dairy and he is more cheese we do we do let me give you some clarity hopefully if i explain it right so so originally tickle more and chicken more dairy is by the way is named after tickle more street which is in tottenhams okay which is where robin opened on twitter a bit didn’t we just like what does he have yeah yeah and and sigma chickamau cheese shop is still there in turkey more street which is where it came from and still run it’s run by the country cheetahs guys gary i’m in the leisure i’m sure you know do a brilliant job there so sycamore was made by robin amongst his blue cheeses and at a point in time because debbie mumford also robbing up his cheese making um dairy uh debbie came down to sharpen um and at a point in time uh robin mark and debbie agreed that it’d be better and safer for a lovely white cheese like this to be made some distance from a blue cheese and so um tickle more came down to sharpen uh to be made initially for them and then there came a point where mark and robin agreed it makes sense just for it to become a part of the sharpening family so that that’s what happened um and uh yeah i mean it’s uh flagship cheese um well i think as the breeze listening that’ll be a bit harsh but uh i think you know it’s a it’s our second biggest selling cheese behind debris it’s not happy um second bit of biggest sayings it’s extremely popular you know and i think i think you know probably outside of devon is our biggest seller oh okay yeah um you know it’s very popular um in some of the london markets you know it’s been up there for for numerous years and you know people like neil’s yard have recently really got behind it which is fantastic they’ve featured him as part of their cheese boards um the cheese bar you know we know the cheese bar they they’ve done brilliant things with it there you know i know they’re going to be sort of suspended for a few weeks but they’ll get back to it as well well they you know knock one down no they’re they’re irrepressible they’re brilliant i think they’re driving driving the sort of future road for cheese to get the people in i think there’s more innovation going on there that almost well certainly some of their food matters man look back to the cheese better cheese yes sir so they they said the tip or more right there yep yep that took them all um now this is i’m gonna guess oh i don’t know 600 grams maybe one whole 500 grams oh so these these ones range between they’re about 500 grams sometimes a bit heavier but yeah not far out so so but it’s the ones people are more familiar with what i think of the ufos the little spaces just about to say ufos exactly that so they’re generally about 1.7 kilos yeah yeah yeah now it’s my experience of this cheese that it changes quite a lot and i mean i’ve judged uh taste the west and the thing about judging a regional you know cheese competition is you know what all the cheeses are just by looking at them you know there’s no i wonder who made this that doesn’t happen um but your ease goes from very light and slightly open and i don’t want to say fresh but kind of yeah fluffy yeah and then as you get older the cheese becomes more homogenous the curd becomes more consistent but the flavors in my opinion um uh become more savory and dense and i like it near that front end the front end yeah yeah yeah no i i that’s that’s perfect description you should do this for a living charlie so yeah that’s a perfect description of um of tickle more and what happens with these little ones is you know generally the flavor moves on a little bit quicker as you would expect you know that’s much of an area for it to run through yeah that’s perfect you know and it’s i think at its freshest so this this would be about five weeks this is quite young um this this is you know beautiful to eat as we are now especially with a nice crisp um uh wine as as the holy reserves and then um also nice crumbled in salads if you know if you want looking for other ways to use it really nice it’s slightly begging for a fruit like a fig or um maybe even an apricot or something like that yeah yeah now i’d agree i would agree there’s some recipes kicking around people like to to mix it with peas there’s that in salads with with garden peas seem to bring out the flavor there’s more than more than a couple of recipes out there so uh yeah yeah and and it’s you know as it gets old it does get a bit more herbaceous i think it works well with herbs melts really nicely um you know and it why the whole non cows thing because a lot of people are trying to that’s not something i would go for but a lot of people would chew cheeps and goat’s milk um before cow’s milk and this is one of the nicest example of fresh but robust easy to sell works well in the cheese counter you know it’s not going to go weird on you all of a sudden you know that’s with some fresh cheeses can do that no thanks i think that’s that’s it you know it’s one of those you say oh we don’t eat goat cheese just try this one you know you you know there are notes in here that you will you will like it’s not going to be like the market you must do a fair amount of markets and all that kind of stuff and you have someone comes up i mean every now and again they really really can’t there are some people who really really can’t and i forget yeah but most people looks like they just never had a good one you know yeah no you’re right i think you know we’ve all been to the markets in france you know and you can smell the goat’s cheese maker before you got to his stand and you’re thinking i’m gonna have some of that with some quite robust wine a bit later on yeah and that’s what i think people have been not take let’s say tainted by you know that yeah that is the question greg why does some goat’s milk cheeses really go big goat what’s what’s your theory my theory is that i think i know that you know collecting goat’s milk is not as easy as collecting cow’s milk and sometimes you’ll get a situation where it stays on the farm a bit longer you’ll get a situation where the billy’s probably far too in and amongst um you know you can use it you can if you pull up to a farm where the where the billies are you can smell them before you see them um so if they’re in and amongst the nannies you know that’s going to influence it but i think that historically i think it’s going to be that you know your french let’s let’s that’s not the the french farmer would has collected his milk over the week that’s got gradually more tasty over the week maybe his cheese with it and he’s probably keeping his cheese in a very sort of goaty area so it’s going to be a combination of the environment and i think age of milk and quality of milk yeah allison says uh uh how viewers exactly said because they’re billies they’re in with the girlies you say that sounds pretty robust but you can’t blame them you can’t blame them can you charlie no and rebecca says love sharpens cheese loving that so no i do get that but there is a school of thought that actually um goats milk is quite fragile and the flavors can come about from uh over manipulation if they if it’s shaken or pushed or um and i have i have i have heard that and i’m i’m slightly lean in that direction but i think it’s one of the mysteries it’s one of the mysteries because goat’s milk just kicks off sometimes doesn’t it yeah i mean i taste every morning so i might sharpen four days of the week um and i’m there cheese making time and one of the pleasures i have is tasting the milk so i taste every drop of milk that comes in um and uh yeah sometimes uh your your taste to go smoking you think yeah you know there’s a little bit more going on there sometimes you’re tasting you can’t tell the difference between that and cow’s milk no i’ve had milk straight from the teeth and all that kind of stuff there’s no goat there at all it’s amazingly fresh and uh aromatic i i i’m a bit of a shy boy i’m a farmer’s son but it’s it’s nonetheless the idea of taking you know putting a cup under and doing a bit of that and i i do double take it’s like the first you know when you think about do i want it actually flavor of goat’s milk straight from the is there’s nothing alien or nasty or or concerned you’re almost like shocked about how fresh it is it’s amazing yeah yeah yeah right we’ve done that one what have you got for us next uh shall we have a little taste let’s go from goat to sheep shall we okay now that’s down here this this is about six and a half weeks so the great thing so so the washboard is a washed curd cheese so you get that bit more pliable texture to it um and that develops quite quickly as well um i’m sure that all our very educated listeners know exactly what a wash curd cheese is but you literally wash the curd don’t you put in a little fresh water take take out some whey put some fresh water correct it’s a waste yeah where’s the lactose and you tend to get a sweeter outcome because of it sweeter and texture-wise what it does because we put it in a sort of 80 degrees plus then it’s actually sort of break it’s helping to break down the texture a bit quicker and you get smoother texture generally um with with the wash okay so we washed we did two cheeses that we washed the curds on and washboard so again sheep’s cheese seems to be um growing in popularity yeah young creamy risk of using sort of slightly um unusual words it’s got a hint of caramac about it do you know what i mean by character yeah yeah yeah you know that’s that that clean but cooked milk um thing with no slight notes of toffee towards the end i’ll take that i think you know we were just talking about goat’s milk and the fact that i mean some people have an aversion to drinking milk from sheep because they think it’s going to taste lamy you know and if that happens that’s not very nice is it but this is so clean and creamy yeah and the what i love about washbourn is it just as it ages it almost becomes it becomes a different cheese you know and and it becomes nuttier more flavoursome yeah and i actually want to age it more i think you should drop me yeah but i think that the trouble is you know sheep’s milk availability in our part of the world is not fantastic it’s pretty scarce across the country it’s not an easy milk to get yeah and and and therefore we tend to make it and it sells and you know last year um yeah this this cheese uh one supreme champion at froome which which at the global cheese awards which totally we were astonished by honestly didn’t expect it so a lovely surprise but you know that that then sort of put it on the map a bit and it’s now been really tricky to sort of keep up with um demand on it really but yeah we want to age i mean as i say you know gary down at country cheeses i’m sure you know he’s a legend in our parts and he does brilliant things with cheese a lovely customer to have but he i’ve been out for a meal last christmas time and uh gary and they served the cheese board up and uh i cheese are vaguely recognized on it it was delicious and gary had taken our washboard off put it in his cave nurtured it massaged it and done whatever he does it turned into a fantastic cheese very different from this so um so yeah one of one of my favorites is is the wasp well i’ve got an idea for you on this one but i want to come back to that at the end thank you good mother cheese that you haven’t got here that i want to talk about what you’ve got next let’s do let’s do the rustic yeah okay and then we’ll come back to um my fave yeah let’s do it so um rustic uh lovely cheese made for 30 years um and there’s a charming garlic version which is very popular beautiful on its own but it works as a really nice canvas to add other things too and lovely company down the road from us met the guy whilst drinking wine surprise surprise at a local museum very strange evening but anyway we’ve met and we spoke about the idea of adding his seaweed um to a cheese because he added it to butter and that worked well added into gin that worked well um so one thing led to another we developed the cheese before lockdown but um we were more focused on other things surprisingly enough so we brought it back to life in september um and this has got september this year yeah this year um it did pretty well we did we did send some of the stuff we made off for the virtual cheese awards we got silver and um got a silver at the taste of the west award um but um so this particular one we decided on the best variation was with sea lettuce which is the green stuff and then we’ve got this beautiful i don’t think you can see it on the camera but um this dolph which is a beautiful sort of gem gem red color don’t know if you can get it but it looks dark on there yeah but it really it sort of glimmers like little gems in the cheese and what we found is you know this because of the delicate base flavor really you get that omaniness of the little bit of saltiness we don’t add as much we don’t have we have very little salt to it um but you get the sort of umami flavor from the seaweed and then you get i think you get a little bit of cheeky bitters sort of see about it um looks beautiful um we um you know the local papers love it we had a double page feature in the western morning news at the weekend with um tony the the seaweed harvester on it and um and talking about how we’ve made it which is brilliant and you know and we’ve we’ve launched it uh exclusively with hawk ridge um just for a little while because they are you know they’re a fantastic customer of ours and the west country do a great job with cheeses um and they’ve taken it on board and i think they’re loving it as well you know it was originally designed for the summer but uh then we didn’t it was a strange summer wasn’t it so uh yes here we are and uh so this this is great and i’ve just taken some of this today we’ve got a lovely restaurant down here down the road where we live called the sanitation tom the chef wants to add this to some of his freshly caught seafood um and i think that’s going to work out really well so be a recipe up online at some point soon i’ve got a hint of um crispy fish skin it’s got a kind of a sweet um you know what i mean you know maybe we should target the vegetarian market with like you know you can taste fish without certainly turning back to do you get jesus that have a fish note to them and you yeah and often don’t recognize them too so that’s fishing oh my god that’s exactly what it’s got a fish note too um not like this this has got this is a very specific type i’m fascinated not that one that one’s right that’s amazing so let me put a bit clarity on this because the sharpens rustic historically has been a chive cheese right look so sharp rustic is a plain cheese with a channel on a milk very golden and then there is a there is a separate variant that’s been that is a sharpem chive and garlic right which is there’s a little there’s a legend in these parts that’s when the carl’s cows ate some wild garlic but you know it wasn’t filmed it wasn’t filmed so you know well to um uh i can’t remember one of the keen brothers who had it happened to his cows um yeah yeah yeah it did and let’s face it you know that garlic what is it march time when they get in there oh yeah huge yeah but it’s probably a good time to bring in your brand new branding which is not brand new or it’s sort of but this is yeah this year i think i love it actually i think it’s great it’s really really nice it took a while it took a while it took some heartache um and um i better think about what we’re trying to do is capture devon really you know so we’ve captured hopefully you know the land the water and the sunshine which is pretty much what i get if i look at the window well you do have a special view we’ve covered that okay i must be i’m just going to take that as capturing dev and i’m just going to say it looks nice okay thank you thank you because it does come on sharpens 3 to this chap there we are should we just take it um i’m i’m honored that you’re a fan i am a fan it’s not my favorite from your selection um but i am a huge fan this was my go-to for my cheese shop of a british breed and of course the word brie is complicated if that makes sense because um imitations of french breeds from britain tend not to be great you need to interpret them with your terroir and your milk because you have jersey house cows right we do and in my opinion the west country particularly all the way down with you in devon produces quite buttery milk even if you’ve got olson frisians on your ground yeah yeah yeah yeah you tried on your ground on your ground you get like double butter you’re getting really eventually milking butter yeah and this is the nearest this is this is this is butter i don’t know posh butter it’s like butter on steroids it’s it’s fantastic it’s good it’s good it’s not it’s not butter in the sense of it like you’re eating butter but it’s got a really proper battery notes plus the complexity you’re getting from the breakdown of the mold and the mushroom and the little bit of um in context bitterness that gives you that kind of like oh it’s nice and complex kind of thing yeah that’s amazing chickens well thanks i mean you know we’re very proud of it i mean and i would love to claim any responsibility but this is one of the first cheaters made down there um morris ash who who bought the sharper mistake way back in the 70s you know he had a jersey heard that he shipped from essex down to to devon and you know he wanted to make his favorite cheese a brie and people said to him you’ll never make a brie out of channel island milk forget it um but he was determined to have it done he sent his cheese maker across to france to learn a bit about it um and came back and you know by the process that she’d seen and um by having really good quality milk managed to do it it’s it’s interesting i mean actually quite a lot of people have managed to breeze with channel island milks jerseys or guernseys and they have a very particular take but one of the things that i sort of want to draw attention to is that it’s very difficult to get your cheese to mature much more than this you can but it then you run the risk of it being a completely uncontrollable number it then rolls all over the place i mean this one already is beginning to show its fragility round the edge if you can see so you’re getting quite a lot of squidge there and so first um so i think that this jesus if you don’t mind me saying you you accept that you take that you take that yeah yeah perfect profile and that’s the way it should be yeah i think you know my i would i would even take this another week so this is this is uh probably this is six weeks this year’s um i would take it another week because that’s a personal preference but one of the interesting things is that people like bree at different stages of its life and i don’t think we sell that enough no i agree i think i think it’s something we should probably do more to say to people you know like you know you have yours now and keep the rest for later yeah you know so guys exercise a choice right um now i want to talk about cheese that you don’t always make which is the kremet now i have in my research review my favorite your favorite it’s my favorite too i am a huge fan of mixed milk cheeses i think that it’s a completely ignored in the british british cheese making community completely known opportunity you’ve got fantastic opportunities for mixing up plus as you’ve alluded to pure sheep’s milk pure goat’s milk expensive difficult to handle sometimes um you know i think the opportunity to take a cow’s milk and blend it and bring out a little bit which is you know you it’s kermit it’s goat and sheep i believe is that is that right no no cremate is is goat’s milk with cow’s cream double creams we have double cream no wonder yeah well i really played with fire with that one i’m sorry i didn’t send you any i feel guilty now i i looked on your website you are you making it at the moment yeah yeah we make it we’re making it regular i mean it’s becoming more popular you know i mean but it’s it’s a bugger to make if you’re sorry i swallowed sorry probably for that but you know it is you know it’s a bloody i’m not allowed to make it because you know my i’m i’m not gentle enough you know so there are certain people that can and certain people that can’t you know and it but it is a beautiful and it’s my favorite yeah i mean again so the bree can’t hear it but it’s my favorite um uh so when you’re not gentle enough explain that why why why do you need to be gentle what’s the well when when you’re cutting the curds on a soft cheese you’re cutting them less you know once maybe twice um and they’re big curds and um you know that on the cremet because it’s you’ve added the double green they are extremely fragile you know and so therefore you know to to uh nurture them and turn them in particular they’re very young you know when they’re in the very first make make stage is is a is an art form um yeah and uh yeah it’s uh so therefore yeah not not i’m said to do what i’d be said to do the washing up okay yes thank you greg but you can move on now kind of thing yes exactly that exactly well this brings us to what i think you should i think the washboard right i think you should blend this with cow’s milk and then mature because there’s a whole bunch of jesus that i’m dying people to try and replicate which you sort of down towards southern gascon in northern pyrenees where they’re mixing bombs sort of three to four kilo flatter cheeses that kind of thing um maybe sort of five kilos and they’re blending cow’s milk with goat’s milk or goat’s milk with sheep’s milk or sometimes cows goats cheese milk and it has the advantage of bringing out reducing the cost from you guys bluntly because of the cosmic but also gives you a little bit of structure with the cow’s milk and then you bring in this flavor but then they do watch the rind but they allow them to mature it on for seven eight months and get some interesting uh flavor that i nobody in the uk is doing it i really would prefer to see a british version of it so if you’re up for it i’d love it yeah yeah but you know what’s really by coincidence by coincidence so tom garland i don’t know if you know tom who you know is a brilliant producer of well shepard of sheep’s milk is actually going to be moving down to devon and i think that’s what i think that’s widely known now but uh if it’s not it is now um and um where’s cheese made and uh and also he’s been working with another uh family down here that wants to produce a bit of cheese milk that are not far from us at all um so we uh have a great opportunity to perhaps produce a devon version of exactly what you just said it tried there’s there’s all sorts of viewers there that would set you apart from any other cheese maker because no one else is doing this um and i i think that it could give you the the cost profile to age on as you said yeah yeah i mean sheets you get a fantastic yield from so yeah it is it is expensive you’re absolutely right but blimey you get a great yield of cheese from it you know but you yeah i mean i mean yeah yeah but compared to the fat words she milks three three liters and your cows are 30 plus you need to be really good yield to make up for that you know but it’s not that easy you know it’s uh you’ve got the technique though yeah right we’ve got a question here from rebecca here we go up we go uh how do you get the shape am i right i think it’s a colonist style mold now i think this is when we were talking about the sharpens um at the tickle mall pardon me is that is that how you do it it is it is um it’s it is um to find those colanders is a nightmare um but uh but yeah i mean it is a a perfectly usable uh version of a colander um which uh is is well spotted um because i think the um burke’s world uses colanders as well doesn’t it um yeah i think with a bath i think i think baths offer laughter you use them as well so yeah yeah white rather nice cheese as well i’ve got james here as well he said he took took credit to hicks food rocks and it was the star of the show it’s an amazing cheese it is amazing cheese right well um i have to say uh it’s been a pleasure talking to you greg thank you so much um i also have thank you people out there who are watching us on youtube or facebook or i don’t know i don’t know whatever else you know reflected on the moon um please like us subscribe to us we have this target trying to get a thousand what are they called subscribers do you do this craig do you do youtube i i don’t but there is a very competent lady that does um i just chip up and go where i’m supposed to go and say well yeah that’s it yeah me too i’m i’m people tracy pushes me around like they have one of those things dwelling balls you know so everyone like subscribe do all that nice stuff be very nice to us that’s really wonderful um otherwise it’s tuned tonight it’s cheese night good night greg thank you very much can i just say big thumbs up to academy and cheese fantastic work keep it going thanks to you all it’s been it’s been a pleasure it’s been an absolute pleasure ryo um uh what do i need to say and do now i need to do that and i need to say we’ve got learning so the few spaces on the academy of cheese level two next week uh with me we’re doing it online uh it’s six uh um uh academy cheese next week the first level two online so you can do with me we’re doing six sessions of three hours uh it’s going to be fantastic and then we’ve got level two level one with me as well starting the day after sometime so train with us love us but there are lots of other really good avril and ireland is doing it patrick mcguigan is doing it we’ve got lots of people training online just because it is kobe doesn’t mean we shouldn’t eat more cheese on that awesome and authoritative note i’m going to say good night this was tuesday night’s cheese night where’s my button here we go i must look like an idiot at that point right yeah marvelous okay end broadcast now