Gorgonzola PDO

Gorgonzola PDO

The story goes that Gorgonzola was discovered more than a thousand years ago when a cheesemaker in Lombardy abandoned his curd overnight in pursuit of a beautiful woman. He returned the next morning and tried to cover up his mistake by adding fresh curds to the previous day’s production. Little did he know that the higher acidity of the overnight curd would prevent it from knitting together with the new batch, leaving cracks for blue mould to develop.

Gorgonzola PDO

Eating Gorgonzola PDO

Try a soft and sweet gorgonzola spread on ginger oatcakes for both delicious flavour and texture contrasts. Serve with really fruity reds or dessert wines to compliment the creamy cheese.


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This Cheese is part of the Master of Cheese Level One associate certificate