Creating a Practical Cheeseboard : Tuesday Night is Cheese Night #14 with Charlie Turnbull

#TNCN 14 with Charlie Turnbull. Charlie looks at the cheese board and thinks again. What really makes the perfect cheeseboard? We talk about they way you really like.

BROADCAST ON 7th July 2020 – 8.00PM


Learn about the four stages of tasting cheese and how to take tasting notes with this definitive guide to tasting cheese.

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Creating a Practical Cheeseboard Episode Video Transcript 

Yes, tonight is cheese night. Look we get carried away with the whole coolness of the cheese the detail the cheese that nourished mysteries the history of cheese the contents of cheese that variety of cheese that very cheesiness of cheese.

But I thought tonight we’re just talking about cheese I’ve got ten cheese’s in front of me tangents some great some testing some interesting quite a lot of once you’re going to know ones you’re gonna know some from the Academy of cheese level one I don’t know if you’re poor you have the memo that they’re my most interesting cheese’s from over but I just want to talk tonight that’s what I’m talking about put it on cheese board um matching is a wonderful thing I really enjoyed that perfect match and in fact snot I’ve got a cheese the the formed on bear in front of me that was one of the best matches I’ve ever had when I had it with a never eat shredded wheat or wool Eastern law why might I speak so I really believe in matching well I really believe that we should really try hard – no cheese shining but we also have to remember bluntly oh just making sure you hear me can we just say they can hear me can everyone hear me just someone on the screen just say they can hear me please they can hear me oh that’s interesting right for those watching can you hear me yes yes we can oh that makes me feel better sorry no self-doubt don’t do that Charlie just keep pressing on okay right so ever cheese so how do we actually eat cheese how many edges yes we smack a net those there we just talking shower about up there the cheese fairy that would be there at 6 o’clock you know see them be bit of cheese out where you go back from work and within 20 minutes it’s just gone the cheese is gone and then there’s a lunch cheese’s we love that and then there are wonderful ways to bring cheese into meal but the one that we all kind of talk about is the cheese board the end of the meal that moment when you can relax and actually you can take as much time over the cheese board as you can over the rest of the meal you know you sit down at 8 or something and you have to start your main cost new glass of wine or and you’re kicking that cheese board maybe after that but then 9:30 and you’re still there at midnight it’s it’s it’s an extremely lengthy wonderful affair when the best of conversation comes out and the fourth bottle of wine but it’s not about matching it’s not about what’s the right phrase here it’s about pleasure the pleasure of cheese the pleasure of wine the pleasure of company the pleasure of not having anything else away and focus just briefly on only what’s going on in the room so I decided tonight talk about how to make a cheese board for that moment the moment when perfection is not really local part it’s it’s it’s it’s true complex awesome comfort where you relax so I would like you to ask me lots of questions about cheese board and I if I don’t have the answer I hope someone else will kick on but let’s go so I’ve got five top tips for how to have a good cheese board set the scene it’s dark maybe it’s winter and you’ve got some wine leftover from the main course you could have a nice bottle of port or something opponent open but most the time we don’t do we you know we bring our through so the cheese board pretty much as much we always send on every cheese close to the red one at that moment it’s gotta be red wine compatible in most occasions so what do we want to see when they’re with a landlord of their own lady or the cook or whoever’s going on brings that cheese to the table we want the wow factor we want proper proper extraordinary cheese we want different colors we don’t want different shapes we want gooeyness we want big MS Glen chunks cheese like that and we want delicate fiery awesome kind of your that you get from little subtle for chappies like that or something like that we want a little bit of oh my god has it gone too far you know we like that kind of stuff and we also want to see a little bit of home compass we don’t wanna be over surprised if you’ve got a group of four six eight ten people at Christmas maybe something like that there’s gonna be a person who doesn’t really know that’s what they complex stuff you know father-in-law’s like that you’re listening less hi there by the way you know once a little bit of stability in the corner something he knows he’s gonna like so spread your MPM to use an academy cheese word we want to see lots of different types of make we want to see a juster different types of post make we want visual creativity Scotty would smell all the better so first impressions alright let them buy with her eyes be impactful number one that’s Chinese top tip okay so I think my cheese in front of me has got some impact look this job this is the member that has pretty discussed but a cheese rind made with cheese might cheese might those ton of spiders and eat cheese and I’m sure you know they eat mold but they God and cheeses this thing whole but click cannibal lot of nicknames the ball of Delisle the blue the deal no one’s gonna know that good first impression I whipped out my straw we saw this with Rupert from Brindisi talked about strong stuff like that really matters I’ve already picked up my overly ripe rusty camembert that’s the kind of thing we want to see make sure your cheese has visual appeal remember it’s highly likely many of your guests so right top tip number two partners in complexity then what on earth has partners in complexity if you will stop tasting say if you put two cheeses on there where one is substantially more complex than another the one that is not complex is going to feel like that Wallflower the one that no one wants to dance with you know it’s you know he’s maybe his breath smells or he’s got his dress on backwards or something like that he’s just not gonna haven’t got one here right so I’ve got a spiked ass on a valve on Mullins agree estas alpinestars very nice not as old as some of his other stuff so we’re talking about twelve months here it’s got that kind of rubbery kind of feel to it like good Greer got a few holes it’s creamy it’s got its balance of sweet salt and savory mmm and you let it come up and it got a sweet start rising savory but you get into there and you’re getting tones of this is not negative almost like the rubber tones would smoke tones multi tones maybe even a little of dried straw tones and some things in the in the animal fermented sections there’s a firm tation element really interesting complex cheese but beautifully laid out on a on a sweet cream kind of bed a solid simple flavor bed with it’s too complex although well pop over here have a look at this chair no I want to name it um but it’s out of a packet it’s not cathedral city just consider it sort of a it’s a it’s a wait it’s a it’s a supermarket around um and compared to that all we’re gonna get all I am getting its fact assault now if I had this on its own at lunchtime or something like that I would get more nuance from it but when you have a cheese’s complex new stirs want to sit next to this this one just doesn’t stand up I am NOT a cheese knob I love this cheese it’s in my fridge for a reason it’s very useful for me I do a lot of things with it but it’s not a good cheese poor choice just kind of thing just got some on our wall of cheese well Montclair it is an extraordinary pin a top tip on this one right this is not one of my big point you want to slip this in this cheese is slow to the palate okay so if you want to make this work for you slither is gonna be better than a chunk so put it over your mouth I’ve almost cut that to tip allowing the moisture that you need to bring to them and the warmth to come out of it at that point the flavors going to release so this cheese can and it’s just not true can appear not so tasty because it’s just slow to develop in the mouth so as a good cheese moment when you are bringing people cheese board it might be good to put it cheese grater I know she’s grater you know a shaver or I’m here or cut some slices or maybe even serve it cut don’t be afraid to that of course it’s got the issues with what happens if it’s some left over it’s a big cheese you come on but little slices like this waiting to breeze or whiskers looks like this we gonna access the pallet more East thing so don’t be afraid to cut your cheese’s to maximize their impact in the mouth favorite breath hmm it’s really cute right where were we were partners in complexity top tip number two top tip number three crowd pleasers now calm be shameless call me practical I’ve done a lot of hours behind the counter talking to customers and there’s just that moment where they’ve got people come to demand there might be something doesn’t really know their cheese don’t embarrass them what’s the point that there is your guest you know be nice so make sure on your cheese board there is something that someone who is not a cheese lover is gonna enjoy it’s not complex it’s pearlite so make sure that’s easy now I used to have some go-to cheeses for that and some of them are quite complex they just don’t come across as what’s the word they don’t overly and come to in a second but it’s just though they’re not they would put someone down there’s a cheese called Montaigne right it’s the older brother of Cambozola it’s been produced by some big Factory in Germany but it’s just the most accessible blue cheese I know okay so if you want people to enjoy it but then it’s just so easy it also won the world cheese awards coming first and second in 2013 so before we think that cameras older brothers are not so good it beats on the best judge in the world this cheese formed on there it’s also a beautiful crowd-pleaser I have to say from a perspective of it looking on the cheese board the roundness really works for me all these little cabins and holes with them mold developing in them so there’s a nerve vern cheese I mean that is a thing of beauty in fact that central eye looks like it’s actually looking at you down the lens hello so this is one that it’s big people will just love so I’m going to have something now I probably should have let this warm up a fresh wedge one a pace to really go to right across your tongue no relaxin no also at the wrong temperature and this is a good example it’s not just the flavors are more accessible but they can be out of balance and this one is coming across a little salty wearing those three 4° right that’s obviously top tip it’s not on my cheese board she’s named but in presentation wise hopefully essential to send it out for room temperature don’t let it sit out on the sideboard in your dining room for those big dinner nights or a hot kitchen because once they pack over 23 degrees or something like that the cheese’s will do fine so as much as it looks beautiful heard people to walk in and have dinner with you and cheese board on the side if you think your room is going to come too warm too much good times being has lots of bodies getting warm keep the cheese board somewhere cooler during the yeah ginger so so put a crowd-pleaser on the board make sure there’s something for everyone right next thing match into wine this is the big one you are not going to if you have like she’s not she’s body diving five points it’s just not gonna happen I mean it’s extremely fun to do and on occasions when we put five wines on the table maybe four wins a bit whatever goes right with it with your cheese’s we’ve matched perfectly a lot of raucous nests but bottom line is you’re almost certainly going to your cheese board with just one drink now we have this theory of friends lovers and enemies we’re friends is where the cheese is neutral against what you’re drinking you get a bit of both now I’ve got a mere linger here Malo my government my pronunciation them now it’s tasting this earlier goat’s milk traditionally not a red wine drink it looks really cool er has its little strong very nice why don’t you put it on the cheese board why because that’s disgusting it’s it’s wrong right I’m getting acid I’m thinking your tippex thinner you know those kind of things are heading into the heading into the back of the throat and that’s just wrong it’s not it’s letting the cheese down what will happen is your guests and your dinner party will just think as a disgusting cheese it’s not useful it’s also it’s absolutely fantastic it’s just not there for it so make sure you’ve got no howlers around your cheese borders anything so cheese you think is better with white wine but you’re drinking red don’t do it put it down it’s a really good cheese I ruin that so don’t check for how this that’s very important now last up is this tricky business of Torah Torah is not what people think is right it’s not the south face of the hill with the wind from the west and the kind of thing that is part of terroir but that’s like this BitTorrent terror is much bigger than that terroir is the history it’s the culture is the sociology it’s 20 generations of housewives choosing foods and drinks that go together and encouraging the right things to be made in the right way impaired in the road that’s tower it’s a big cultural as well as Geographic and agricultural issue now which means that cheesed is from the same area on cannot work together because otherwise someone would have changed the recipe or nudge it in a different direction stand-alone excellence that has no context rarely if ever occurs so it’s written something like that when you’re thinking of putting together a cheese board if you can stay within the region that’s gonna work and I would argue that staying within country so if you’re thinking to yourself three cheese’s soft blue heart right go british or go french you’re more likely to get a coherence onto your board even though the terroir of the whole of Britain is very different you’re still going to get a cheddar a Stilton and say a ton worth or something like that being a better mix than drawing in I can tell or agree air into that space because there’s a clash and that’ll confuse the taste buds of your team and they won’t have that homogeneous gelling on the cheese board that you’re going to get around and take what everyone’s enjoy themselves so that is my five top tips for a practical cheese board and essentially she’s gonna choose for them is part of the journey not um not excessive focus on the cheese itself but fits into your community you know and you’ll do so one spread the look spread the life make it a beautiful variety on your board to partners in complexity try and have cheeses equally complex across what we don’t want something excessively complex it’ll be lost we don’t want to excessively dull simple I don’t mean done on the roof over some simple because it’ll feel like the poor relation so partners in complexity number three always have a crowd-pleaser you need to please everyone in the room make sure in there there’s going to be an awesome tasting cheese’s just under here number four look for howlers with your drink make sure there aren’t any make sure that you’re not powering the wine of your choice your red wine up with a goat’s cheese by accident and it tastes awful look in our house and number five tribe follow a little bit teller you don’t have to it’s not essential but it’s more likely to give a Cajun into your cheese board in flavor terms than if you go wild or over Thanks cool right I’ve got some top tips here but I’ve actually see that Nigel’s popped in now Joe Biden is going to talk to us a little bit about the virtual cheese Awards which is coming up but also I know that and I’ve got some stories about judging and how cheese’s interact and judging so I’m going to come on to that thing but I think he’s just sorting himself out are you there Nigel can you gonna not always checking his hair in the mirror okay let’s see that much less embarrass him early come on bring one has he got any hair left hear me yes I can very well okay I’m assuming everyone else can know that’s good hmm right yeah we got the questions coming in but it’s good see Nigel and we’re going to talk a bit about the virtual cheese award Sami hmm yeah yeah it’s gonna take place a week on Saturday so yeah it’s gonna be just you again championing the permission and all the people in it yeah you running about 5 seconds behind your mouth and your ears are happy but let’s just roll with that so the virtual cheese awards are having because basically all the competitions have stopped because of this thing called covert I don’t know if you’ve heard of it it’s been interrupting some people business a little bit it’s yeah it is it’s been very tough time we know about that we have a great British cheese weekend there not long ago and because of that it’s ongoing we’re gonna bark we are eating more cheese hallelujah and Britain but we’ve got to keep on with that and we’ve got a champion some of our smaller producers by the way I’ve got a really good example about Mario Eliana’s in Leeds in Advil this is his Leeds blue yo-yo pecorino so this is made from the sheep on just about 3 or 4 miles away from his business in adil and he’s been making this all the time he didn’t have to dry sheep off it’s been great we could canoed misses his blue he does a normal pecorino he does a very fresh ricotta so here you go again and from the way he doesn’t non beautiful yeah yeah that’s the non blue there who’s who’s making sheeps cheese in the middle of Leeds I think it’s done garage is that right yep yeah he’s a Sardinian he’s dad’s a Sardinian fisherman he was born in Austria his mum’s Austrian grew up in Sardinia came over here 20 years ago to learn a bit of English ended up in Leeds on a language course fell in love with this is my Yorkshire last who’s actually mom and dad happened to be from Poland right they and they make these brilliant cheese’s and again a lot of it’s been sold through Andy Swinscoe a courtyard dairy managed to keep going and it’s just a great story so people like that that’s what we’re going to be doing with the virtual cheese Awards it’s going to be from 11:00 in the morning till 4:30 in the afternoon there’s gonna be over different classes soft blue are teas an but in amongst that I’m speaking to the judges there’s gonna be a little bit of footage there’s gonna be a panel you’re gonna be involved so we’re gonna be yeah yeah and the idea is to make it as entertaining and as fun as possible so it’s not just gonna be what watching people taste cheese cuz you’re gonna start wouldn’t really sustain you for five nine hours so maybe a lot of maybe three you’re asking people to log in on you and there’s a competition which we will put on Twitter and Instagram and Facebook which means if you log in you get a bunch of cheese’s sent to you which are hopefully some of the best and Award winners I’m not quite sure what what they’re gonna be but it’s a big box of free cheese what’s not to like yeah yeah and people behind it Sarah DeWitt who has her own business now but she was with vuelven Asda for a long time and she was you know she was the cheese person there the grand fromage in every sense and she’s got together with Nigel Puli and and one yeah and you know Abed two very seasoned people in the business and they’ve done this and I thought well I heard of it I thought what a great idea but let’s make it a fun interesting day let’s do some what Awards online and but again highlight the scenario of how consumers can eat more but speak to some of the cheesemongers the cheese producers people like Sam will converse al the Salomon Sam and I’ve already interviewed him because I’ve been back this is day two I’ll create a stored and in their offices in Borough Market yesterday I was tasting cider today I’d be tasting beer you can tell it my probably by my visited it’s been a good day but yesterday Sam will can whose brother usually my producer of a Simon Maher show at Radio 2 how about that for a small world and also they’re both very good cricketers but yeah I know there you go but best things starting tomorrow the cricket West Indies cheese program ok so basically you’re here to tell us that we need to log in and follow the virtual cheese Awards which as far as where where is the only place where the best cheese’s of 2020 getting any love absalom so next we’re going to follow that we’re gonna put the links out and let everyone yeah yeah whatever me but Jeremy Bowen is involved as well old Jessa good Jeremy you’re there papa now I wanted to oh geez and Christmas because we talked we talked a bit about matching cheese and of course the ultimate cheese board is a competition where you’ve in some case I mean I think they’re going to have about 300 cheese’s British Jesus for the virtual cheese Awards but a big competition like man twitch or the world cheese Awards we’re talking about three thousand so I don’t pop you some questions I want to see if you can come back me how do you keep one cheese from interfering with your judgment of the next cheese to use the phrase clear palate I think the key is to make sure that the order but you taste I mean ideally you should know of a rough idea which of the stronger ones leave those towards the end go to the malva taste your way through sometimes just knows them as well if you’re not sure this is the most sensitive organ in the modern body 10,000 nasal receptors you lose your sense of smell you’ve got nothing so go with that try and get in order but then it’s always really important to cleanse your palate after each cheese that you’ve tasted it and as you and I well know you smell the cheese but when you might put your cheese iron in and take a sample out you bore a piece out depending what the cheese is if it’s a big round truckle you tend to do that you put a plug back in so it won’t dry it out but have a look at it see how it looks what’s its texture like what does it crumble what does it smell like and then you can take some and run between your fingers and then you very cool yeah you know what it what how much moisture is in there but before each time I never drink water when I’m tasting cheese it’s always either apple juice or something with a bit of acidity or I eat pieces of Apple as well that’s really gonna keep your palate in trim and you need the acidity to cut through the cheese you know which is a dairy product and you know it can easily get clogged up as we say where I’m from in the north yeah isn’t it because I mean take take the minaret here or in fact the Salonika yeah get lodged in your teeth which sounds like a small issue but actually that could completely undermine the next cheese that you’re tasting yeah yes you’ve got something you’ve got a really bear in mind and just look out yourself but apple juice and apples are really good just to keep you know it keep you fresh and and because you know you can get quite jaded quite quickly I mean a lot of people that put a great deal of love into these getting to you to make sure they’re good at all 15 minutes of fame to get their Johnson right now the apples and apple juice as much as I agree with you they’re very good I particularly like Apple apples themselves because the fiber in the apple can physically clean around your ventra man yeah I miss my sound weird I find white bread is quite good for that because you get it in your chewing it and it it’s like a it’s like a tasteless toothbrush if I can damn it that way yeah yeah yep and I used that the great taste of Ward’s as well to print but what I’ve got here which is you’ll be very familiar with this embryo nice so so I’ve got nice little pieces of the classic membrillo membrane means quints in Spain but this is more than just where instances of preserved quints whether it’s a high pectin log or brick I think and I find this quite good because got the acidity you’re talking about but it’s suitable for a cheese board it’s it’s not it’s not a professional tool isn’t enjoyable tool yeah yeah yeah I don’t you meaning otherwise I’ve got a day on it already doom bar zero it’s an Embraer I know that goes against all your principles but I have been trying some below alcohol beers during lockdown and Sidis was actually some really good 1% cider switch around and again just talking about that acidity so for me if I’m having a day off it if I get a decent beer and the best one so far I’ve been nanny state from BrewDog really hopping and another you shaking your head another one is from Adams it’s very sure I’m gonna be honest Nigel it does look like we’ve scraped you off the street a little bit too but the but the principle that you’re talking about there is is getting the mouth cleaned out between two without interrupting the pleasure of either the cheese is gone before or the cheese that’s about to come after I mean do you ever do things like muscatel grapes or that kind of thing yeah celery I finds really good Sarris a great palate cleanser but you put again you know just don’t like it I don’t think so there is an entirely personal I load it just give it get it on the table me and celery do not get on I think it’s I apparently negative calories I don’t know whether that’s a real thing but I’m it’s more digestible and that goes against my principles well so I found that people do love celery so so so what we’re saying is you need tools you cannot just be a really good judge I know he’s – cheese – cheese – cheese you need to you need that sort of list iment moment you know mouthwash and you need use whether it’s Bo membrillo or slices of Apple and I think that when people are looking at a Widow’s cheese board they should really be focusing on filling their cheese boards make it look really cool with all these palate cleansing tools so that either she is segregated and allows its own allowed its own space yeah yeah I must say I love drapes with cheese as well because it that they work in harmony with the cheese they don’t counteract it and then some cheese biscuit it’s a great but sometimes but they can slightly get in the way of the cheese for me as a kid we used to cook at home we ate kinda lot of cheese at home which is always good and we were things like mrs. Kirk comes you know crumbly Lancashire’s york sure’s no you go keep an eye out for you Charlie and it’s my Cyclops yeah but it’s very good but then Pierce Brosnan was in that film the remake of The Queen was in yeah yeah okay yeah Jesus really loved that movie too but but be but this is I have said Thomas Crown Affair these are the Peter’s Yard biscuits which I mean these are um and the other element of coming onto a cheese board wherever is that that that crunch that break and that allows you to but your point is exactly right don’t mess the cheese this should be separate but different thing about those those biscuits they’re not too strong either they they actually do dictate or dominate hmm but I love the way they consistent conscious my favorite dip into gorgonzola Dolce is this but it’s working extremely well with a baron by god I have to say as well Charlie but some I quite often don’t eat cheese at the end of a meal because I’ve heard all the other flavors have gone there so kaftan the afternoon again it’s a real Yorkshire thing is that we would have cheese with cake you know with fruitcake it was just one of those things oh you’d always have the harmony with it all with apple pie so quite often we would have it in the afternoon like a high tea and that’s we’d have it or sometimes if I was working at the end of the morning like certainly in lockdown you know at about eleven twelve o’clock instead I had breakfast earlier I would have a piece of cheese and that’s whenever I do any tasting and I’ve been doing some podcasts from Bretagne championing our teas and food and drink producers which has just been lucky me to do that for them the Britannia Robbins but I often tasted like eleven o’clock because that’s where my palate is it and it’s the most appreciative most sensitive it’s getting ready for Allah why because I just love it but that’s when my my palate is its most appreciative and ready to taste if I got say five or six items rather than sixty like we might do if we’re doing a great taste awards were in the world cheese Awards that’s when I can really do them justice that’s interesting so you think your palate has a sensitivity change during the day so you’re peaking without that wine list as a young wine merchant we also sold cigars and I loved it in Havana cigar and if I was going to do picture me and they’ll big country house we work from in Yorkshire he said I’ve been writing at the wine lists and I would have a glass and I was only in early 20s but you know I was an old man in the making because I would have another also sherry and a nice big Romeo Giulietta cigar at eleven o’clock because that’s when I really appreciated all the flavours it was a brilliantly happy memory yeah attention this one James apple pie with Atlantis cheese is like a kiss without a squeeze by I do agree I do agree those are my particular favorite is come Christmas is minced meat with Stilton or Dorset blue bidding really good we’ve drifted into matching again right and it’s a lot it’s a lot of fun and and and I’d say Eve I really recommend fruitcake or even a fruit loaf you can slice it really really good rip particularly with blue cheese but pretty much any of the crumblies go extremely well and that’s the kind of thing you can heavily experiment with on your cheese boards a little bit of fruit loaf particularly if it combines that because a fruit like has a certain dessert elements highly sweet it’s got a nice texture and its cover it so it really combines that dessert and and and cheese moment I think it’s excellent ya know all of those lovely combinations but but fruit with cheese but fruitcake yeah Christmas cake anything like apple pie you know I mean everybody puts but again you know you need that fruity element you need again the sight acidity of it just to cut through the richness of a cheese and let you and I we know probably eating a lot of cheese’s we’ve been doing a lot of Zumba cheese tastings and it is just doing it so you can it’s it’s a bit like a really good chocolate sometimes you don’t need that much of a cheese just to be satiated to really enjoy it because if otherwise you have to mercury I agree I mean I mean we I mean talking about Jesus I mean I’ve got Graham Kerr comes lancashire here which I picked up today and he is tasting delicious right now but he’s a fact that there isn’t a cheese on this board that is anything like it it is an in flavor terms and texture flavor the whole combination it’s an outline it’s now that and I had this sort of top tip that if you have an outlier on your board give it company so in this K a little bit of fruitcake otherwise it’s going to feel a bit isolated than the people on the table are going to focus on this all the cool kids and the poor guy and the corn so support keep warm a something something that’s a bit different compared to those cheese’s yes a nice image keeping your mouth Charlie as well you know but great story about going about Kerr comes as well because with language cheese is so labor intensive but during the war the last two wars they banned it being made in lank because it took up too much energy and resources to make it such an intense process they go through and what’s great is grams mutton mrs. Kirkman is still very much with us and we got her up the great taste Awards a couple of years ago when I made it my my you know Heritage Award yeah you sure his mom is still with us I don’t really want to have this kind of enough yeah roofs well she was 18 months ago anyway so dinner with a mate okay well thank you for joining us we killed your roots I’m really sorry [Laughter] respectful the so everybody Thank You Nigel for for coming on thank you for bringing your your expertise thing to the table and we will all well I will certainly be following you on the virtual cheese Awards we will post it so follow us on social media follow us on Twitter follow us on all that kind of stuff I’ll put some links underneath this this whatever it’s called it’s YouTube experience so people can get involved in the virtual cheese Awards and hopefully we will see the best cheese of 2021 showcase moment we will see that next week can you hear me yeah okay well thank you sir 8:11 till 4:30 let me tell poor thing right I’m gonna wave goodbye I’m gonna end the broadcast there thank you very much everybody I hope you’ve enjoyed talking about cheese see you next week we will be talking judging and how it works and getting some judge along look so they can be packs at you I should say this if you pack – cheese you can get hold of we’re gonna do a judging we’re hoping a tiny girl he hasn’t confirmed yet but sit and we’re gonna do judge with some judges and learn a little bit about how it works all right love to you all see you next week