Cloth-Bound Cheshire


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Cheshire cheese made in the UK

Cheshire cheese is made by big factories all over the UK and tastes very similar to other mass-produced sharp, crumbly ‘territorials’, such as Wensleydale and Lancashire. But the original farmhouse cheese has a venerable history stretching back to at least the 16th century and its own unique flavour, which is linked to the mineral rich soil of the Cheshire Plain, where it originates from. Cheshire was once the pre-eminent cheese of the UK, but its popularity declined massively and today there is only one farmhouse producer making a traditional cloth-bound cheese with unpasteurised milk.

Cloth-Bound Cheshire

Eating Cheshire cheese

This iconic crumbly cheese, with its zesty and mineral notes should be enjoyed alongside equally traditional hoppy pale ales. For the wine lovers, try a Cote du Rhone or Rioja.

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