Cheese pairing & matching | British Cheese Weekender 2020


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Ever wanted to experiment with cheese pairings but aren’t sure where to start? To motivate and inspire you to do just that we bring you a selection of videos filmed over the British Cheese Weekender by some of the country’s leading cheese experts. You will discover how cheese pairs with beers, ciders, salad leaves and even chocolate buttons!

Taste along and bring the Academy of Cheese theory to life with these interactive study resources, what better way to learn!

Cellarman Sam: Cheese and Cider Pairing

Discover the perfect pairings of British cheese and cider, brought to you by Academy of Cheese Training Partner Cellarman Sam and Felix Nash Founder of Fine Cider Company. Learn the history of the relationship between cheese and cider making and how this makes them ideal tasting companions. This is a perfect demonstration of the Academy’s own guide to the classic ‘Friends, Enemies and Lovers’ categories of food and drink pairing, plus a glimpse of the fun to be had whilst experimenting!

Taste along with:

Cheeses – Driftwood, Quicke’s 12-Month Mature Cheddar, Baronet, Devon Blue

Ciders – Oliver’s Perry, Find & Foster Cider, Wilding Stoke Red Cider, Brännland Ice Cider

Contains content from the following modules from Academy of Cheese Level 1 course:

  • Module 5: Communicating
  • Module 6: Cheese Industry Knowledge
  • Module 8: Tasting

Cellarman Sam: Cheese & Wine. For Kids!

The ever inventive Cellarman Sam brings you one of our more unique tasting experiences and one that clearly demonstrates how much fun cheese pairing can be! Starting with 4 fine examples of British cheese, Sam tastes along with some delicious soft drinks including Real Cherry Cola and a classic lemonade. Sam explains how to consider both taste and texture when pairing cheese before throwing in some curve balls – cheese and pom bear sandwiches anyone? Contains both family fun and educational content to boot.

Taste along with:

Cheese – Driftwood, English Pecorino, Quicke’s 12-month Mature Cheddar, Sparkenhoe Blue

Soft Drink – Lemonade, Organic Real Cherry Cola, Townsend Farm Apple Juice, Clive’s Fruit Farm Pear Juice, Ginger & Cinnamon Tea

Contains content from the following modules from Academy of Cheese Level 1 course:

  • Module 5: Communicating
  • Module 8: Tasting

Ned Palmer: Beer & Cheese Matching

Cheese writer and freelance cheesemonger Ned Palmer joins forces with the team at Craft Beer Channel for a deep dive into the how to pair cheese with beer. Demonstrating the Academy’s own Structured Approach to Tasting Cheese model, Ned introduces a wonderful selection of cheese whilst the boys at Craft Beer Channel pair each with a fabulous beer. As well as discovering new pairings to try at home, Ned shares some pearls of wisdom of the history of British cheese, how it is made and the struggle the industry is facing today.

Taste along with:

Cheese – Cote Hill White, Doddington, St Jude, Biggar Blue

Beer – Cwtch, Siren SoundWave, Modus Operandi, Dark Arts

Contains content from the following modules from Academy of Cheese Level 1 course:

  • Module 4: Presentation
  • Module 8: Tasting

Mary Quicke: Garden Leaves and Cheese

Icon of the cheese world and founding director of Academy of Cheese Mary Quicke, joined by her husband Tom, talk us through a tasting of their wonderful cheeses paired with a delicious variety of salad leaves home grown by Mary herself. From Mary’s favourite Chiltern Seed’s butterhead Gustav’s lettuce, to tree spinach, rose petals and chicory, this is a whirlwind of a tasting and will be sure to spark your culinary imagination!

Taste along with: Quicke’s 12 Month Mature Cheddar, Quicke’s Vintage 24 Month Mature Cheddar, Quicke’s Goats cheese, Quicke’s Smoked Cheddar

Contains content from the following modules from Academy of Cheese Level 1 course:

  • Module 1: Milk Production & Cheesemaking
  • Module 2: Maturing, Affinage & Grading
  • Module 8: Tasting

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