Cheese distributors – What are we doing for you?

Enhancing Cheese Knowledge

When Academy of Cheese first launched its 4 levels of certifications in cheese, employers in the cheese world were finally given a formal method of upskilling and training staff. The team at Academy of Cheese believe that anyone who works in cheese whether they are selling it, delivering it or writing about it, should study the subject to improve their knowledge and enhance their appreciation for the product and the wider industry. Having an industry recognised certification thats available to everyone will help you spot talent within prospective employees and guarantee a minimum level of cheese knowledge and skill from their first employ.

A professional structure for categorising cheese

The Academy’s unique Make Post-Make model, a way of categorising cheese by its key characteristics, has proven a useful tool for mapping out cheese counters, planning ranges and identifying opportunities, providing structure for buyers and sales teams alike.

The Structured Approach to Tasting Cheese is a method designed by the Academy to created maximum appreciation of a cheese whilst standardising the language used to record its taste and appearance. Having your team, along with much of the wider industry, Academy of Cheese trained ensures a certain level of consistency amongst a team, with regards to how cheese is described, promoted and sold. 

–       A formalised method of upskilling staff

–       Supporting hiring great talent with industry recognised certification

–       Team consistency of how cheese is described, promoted and sold