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Cheese Conversations | British Cheese Weekender 2020

Learn more about the British Cheese industry, the crisis it’s facing today and its future post pandemic. The talks by key figures in the world of cheese allow us to appreciate the difference between large scale and artisan production, the important role of the retailers and consumers plus Britain’s reputation as a world class producer of cheese.

Gain an insight into the British Cheese Industry by the people who know it best and learn what you as a consumer can do to ensure its success.   

Poetry with Graham Padfield: Farmer, Cheese Maker and Poet

Cheese tasting through the art of poetry! Immerse yourself in the lush Somerset countryside as Graham Padfield, maker of World Cheese Award Supreme Champion cheese Bath Blue, tells tales of farming and cheesemaking through his own poetry, all set to a background of the dairy and surrounding farmland. Ensure you taste along with any cheese from Bath Soft Cheese Company for a full interactive experience.

Taste along with: Wyfe of Bath, Bath Blue, Bath Soft Cheese

Contains content from the following modules of Academy of Cheese Level 1 course:


Founders of the British Cheese Weekender cheese writer Patrick McGuigan, Academy of Cheese’s own Tracey Colley, Guild of Fine Food’s John Farrand and Catherine Mead of Specialist Cheesemakers Association join to reflect on the weekends events, the cheese industry following the pandemic and how the future of British Cheese could look. Whilst discussing the impact the closure of the hospitality industry had on cheesemakers, they share heartening stories of optimism as the industry mobilised to keep itself afloat, from cheesemakers selling loo rolls to the drive through farm shop!

Taste along with any British artisanal cheese

Contains content from the following modules of Academy of Cheese Level 1 course:


Join cheese expert Liz Gibbon of Edinburgh Cheese and cheesemaker Selina Cairns of Errington Cheese as they taste their way through the Scottish Cheese Box discussing the quality, taste and subtle seasonal nuances of the cheese. Selina discusses the impact the sudden closure of the hospitality market has had and recounts her time spent making cheese with fascinating stories of diversification both planned and spontaneous following the coronavirus pandemic.

Taste along with: Lanark Blue, Biggar Blue, Hebridean Blue or ANY Scottish Cheese!

Contains content from the following modules of Academy of Cheese Level 1 course: