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Master of Cheese

The cheese industry gold Standard

A Master of Cheese is someone who is passionate about cheese and has completed all the stages of learning with the Academy of Cheese. This cheese aficionado has demonstrated a thorough understanding of all aspects of the Cheese Industry from cheese making to cheese tasting and they can recognise and recall information about cheeses from around the world.

A Master of Cheese is always looking to expand their knowledge as well as evangelise beyond the dairy industry with communities, to encourage more people to share knowledge and spread the appreciation of truly great cheese.

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“The Master of Cheese is the aspirational peak of people in cheese “

Mary Quicke, Quicke’s Cheese

“It’s an aspiration. It’s the ultimate demonstration that you have grappled with the very essence of cheese and it’s industry. ”

Sam Day

“A cheese master should be an expert in the cheese making technologies to then understand how to conduct the affinage”

Jean Berthaut, Epoisses Berthaut creamery

“There is a thirst for knowledge within our industry and this development programme really delivers a holistic approach to growing this knowledge.”

Hero Hirsh – Paxton & Whitfield

“The Master of Cheese should be the go-to expert for anything regarding cheese, the cheese industry, cheese history and should have the tools and know-how to help shape the direction of the industry ”

Sam Wilkin – Cellarman Sam

“The more Cheese Masters there is, the best it will be to promote “Cheese” throughout the world. We are at a time where new consumer types are appearing looking for more information about the food they are having.”

Vincent Laloyaux – Director of the Cheese Monger institute in France

“The desire to share one’s passion is also very important and the reason why cheeses has been recognised for thousands of years around the world.”

Noemie Richard – Product development and Cheese Education Group Manager, Savencia

“A master of Cheese must have huge knowledge on the organoleptic aspect of dairy products. By dominating this, an expert is able to understand the cheese from the production to the possible uses of it.”

Roland Barthélemy – President of the Guilde Internationale des Fromagers

“The best thing I ever did for my career”

You, Master of Cheese

Our Master of Cheese study programme has been specifically designed to support your growth in the cheese industry, providing the knowledge and experience needed to achieve this prestigious accolade.

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