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Supporting the Cheese Industry

Developed to promote cheese knowledge and provide professional development for its members, the Academy of Cheese is supporting the industry all over the world.

Recognising Cheese Talent

We all know cheese is a complex, fascinating subject. One full of traditions yet constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation and creativity. In short, there’s A LOT to learn!

When Academy of Cheese burst onto the cheese scene, with its industry recognition certifications, the wealth of talent working within our industry were finally given a platform to show off their skills and earn their kudos!

With 4 levels of certification, from Level 1 designed for fierce foodies as well as industry professionals up to Level 4 Master of Cheese for the more serious curd nerds amongst us, the Academy is not only providing professional development for individuals but building greater respect for the industry as a whole, showcasing the skill, knowledge and talent of its members. In doing so, more career opportunities naturally develop, and the next generation of cheese professionals are inspired to get involved.

  • Recognise talent within the cheese industry
  • Provide professional development opportunities
  • Inspire the next generation of cheese professionals

Providing Cheese Education for All

Cheese education is beneficial to all aspects of the industry, not just those in customer-facing roles. We believe that through instilling product knowledge in all your staff, from warehouse operatives to marketing teams, they’ll develop a greater respect for cheese, bring more pleasure to the role and pride for the job at hand.

It’s about creating real status and acknowledgement of skills within the industry and beyond.” Mary Quicke MBE.



Building a Global Cheese Community

Academy of Cheese is here for the cheese! We are an impartial, not for profit organisation here to promote cheese knowledge, cheese education and careers in cheese. In doing so we have built a vast network of cheese lovers, successfully uniting mongers, makers, writers, wholesalers, and consumers across the globe all joined in appreciation for genuinely great cheese.

We champion cheese experts from 6 countries around the world, supporting them to become Academy of Cheese Training Partners. Through this opportunity they are expanding their businesses by creating new revenue streams, boosting their profile in the cheese community, and cementing their reputation as cheese experts. Through the Academy of Cheese, cheese education is now available in 5 languages!

  • Uniting the cheese world
  • Creating a professional cheese network
  • Taking cheese education global

Standardising the language of Cheese

We are quickly becoming known as the leading authority on cheese. As an industry supported organisation, we collaborate with the brightest cheese minds to ensure all our content is accurate, reliable and educational.  

Make Post-Make model for categorising cheese.

The Academy designed and introduced the unique Make Post-Make model for categorising cheese. It’s one of a kind and forms a key part of all our educational materials. It’s used by retailers to design their counters, wholesalers to review their ranges and consumers to design their cheese boards!

The Make Post-Make Model forms the basis of our fabulous Cheese Library which currently contains over 150 cheeses! Along with the MPM, all entries have stories of the cheesemakers, a little history, character descriptions and perfect pairing suggestions. What’s more, we’re lucky to have one of the UK’s best cheese writers as our chief cheese librarian. He interviews cheesemakers and triple checks all content to ensure 100% accuracy. 

Structured Approach to Tasting Cheese

Another first for the world of Cheese, the Academy’s Structured Approach to Tasting Cheese, a new standardised method of tasting which enables the greatest appreciation for a cheese and its character.

  • An industry supported organisation
  • Creating a standardised, formal method of categorising cheese
  • Introducing a tasting method which enhances appreciation of cheese

Cementing cheese history and protecting its future.

Through our Heritage Project funded in part by the Frank Parkinson Agricultural Trust, Academy of Cheese are working to capture the unique traditions of British Cheese and recording them for posterity. Through this work we aim to preserve the role of cheese in British cultural and societal history, ensure greater respect and recognition for the valuable contribution that cheese makes to our lives – culturally, socially and economically.

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