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What is the Academy doing for the Cheese Industry?

Academy of Cheese is an industry developed body that exists to promote cheese knowledge and provide professional development for its members.  “It’s about creating real status and acknowledgement of skills within the industry and beyond.” Mary Quicke MBE.

Recognising Cheese Talent

We all know cheese is a complex, fascinating subject. One full of traditions yet constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation and creativity. In short, there’s A LOT to learn!

When Academy of Cheese burst onto the cheese scene, with its industry recognition certifications, the wealth of talent working within our industry were finally given a platform to show off their skills and earn their kudos!

With 4 levels of certification, from Level 1 designed for fierce foodies as well as industry professionals up to Level 4 Master of Cheese for the more serious curd nerds amongst us, the Academy is not only providing professional development for individuals but building greater respect for the industry as a whole, showcasing the skill, knowledge and talent of its members. In doing so, more career opportunities naturally develop, and the next generation of cheese professionals are inspired to get involved.

–        Recognise talent within the cheese industry

–        Provide professional development opportunities

–        Inspire the next generation of cheese professionals

Cheese Education for All

Cheese education is beneficial to all aspects of the industry, not just those in customer facing roles. We believe that through instilling product knowledge in all your staff, from warehouse operatives to marketing teams, they’ll develop a greater respect for cheese, bring more pleasure to the role and pride for the job in hand.

A Global Cheese Network

Academy of Cheese is here for the cheese! We are an impartial, not for profit organisation here to promote cheese knowledge, cheese education and careers in cheese. In doing so we have built a vast network of cheese lovers, successfully uniting mongers, makers, writers, wholesalers, and consumers across the globe all joined in appreciation for genuinely great cheese.

We champion cheese experts from 6 countries around the world, supporting them to become Academy of Cheese Training Partners. Through this opportunity they are expanding their businesses by creating new revenue streams, boosting their profile in the cheese community, and cementing their reputation as cheese experts. Through the Academy of Cheese, cheese education is now available in 5 languages!

–        Uniting the cheese world

–        Creating a professional cheese network

–        Taking cheese education global

Standardising the language of Cheese

We are quickly becoming known as the leading authority on cheese. As an industry supported organisation, we collaborate with the brightest cheese minds to ensure all our content is accurate, reliable and educational.  

The Academy designed and introduced the unique Make Post-Make model for categorising cheese. It’s one of a kind and forms a key part of all our educational materials. It’s used by retailers to design their counters, wholesalers to review their ranges and consumers to design their cheese boards!

The Make Post-Make Model forms the basis of our fabulous Cheese Library which currently contains over 150 cheeses! Along with the MPM, all entries have stories of the cheesemakers, a little history, character descriptions and perfect pairing suggestions. What’s more, we’re lucky to have one of the UK’s best cheese writers as our chief cheese librarian. He interviews cheesemakers and triple checks all content to ensure 100% accuracy. 

Another first for the world of Cheese, the Academy’s Structured Approach to Tasting Cheese, a new standardised method of tasting which enables the greatest appreciation for a cheese and its character.

–       An industry supported organisation

–       Creating a standardised, formal method of categorising cheese

–       Introducing a tasting method which enhances appreciation of cheese

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Cementing its history and protecting its future

Through our Heritage Project funded in part by the Frank Parkinson Agricultural Trust, Academy of Cheese are working to capture the unique traditions of British Cheese and recording them for posterity. Through this work we aim to preserve the role of cheese in British cultural and societal history, ensure greater respect and recognition for the valuable contribution that cheese makes to our lives – culturally, socially and economically.

Cheesemakers – What are we doing for you?

Academy of Cheese was set up to support Cheesemakers, with the aim of securing a thriving industry to operate in, with a captive audience of engaged consumers. A large part of the initial vision for the Academy was to create a world where cheesemaking can remain an aspirational way of life for many.

The value of cheese and its people

Academy courses educate both consumers and professionals on the foundations of cheesemaking, the role of affinage, its history, tradition and the differences between large scale and artisanal production. This knowledge in turn breeds a greater appreciation for cheese and importantly, its value.

With 4 levels of study, culminating in the esteemed title of Master of Cheese, the Academy offers the industry and employers operating within it, a formal method of training and upskilling your staff. Studying cheese can even inspire those already working in the industry, connecting them with other methods, techniques and ideas from cheesemakers around the world.

The Cheese Library – A powerful resource

Our Cheese Library showcases cheese from a whole host of cheesemakers – we’re hoping to include them all eventually! It clearly and accurately catalogues cheese in a user friendly way, making it a valuable research tool for studying at home, for inspiration ahead of a trip to the cheesemonger, or for retailers swotting up on their range or looking to add something new.

Written by one of the UK’s leading cheese writers, cheese library entries are an analysis and formal categorisation of a cheese, along with its history, tasting notes and perfect pairing suggestions. Naturally, this is a useful tool for you, the cheesemaker, to help promote and sell your products leaving you to do what you do best – making cheese!

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Keeping the Cheese Community Engaged 

The Academy of Cheese has built an extensive network of cheese loving consumers who continue to engage with the Academy long after taking a course. This captive audience is a testimony to the work we do and one that cheesemakers we work with are promoted to. 

We host events, both in classrooms and now virtually, to keep our alumni engaged with the cheese world. These could be masterclasses in cheese and drinks pairings, an indepth look into a particular style of cheese or a conversation with a key industry figure. In short, there are many ways the Academy can bring cheesemakers to their consumers.  

A new addition for us, which proved to be an overnight success, is our online Where to Buy Cheese Directory. Its a list of cheesemongers, delicatessens, websites and cheesemakers that offer direct to consumer delivery. Now that we have a captive audience, naturally we encourage them to buy more cheese!

–       Promotion to an engaged audience of cheese enthusiasts

–       Creating appreciation for the value of cheese

–       Your cheese in our Cheese Library

Cheesemongers & Retailers – What are we doing for you?

A key driver behind the Academy’s work is to educate people on the value of cheese, so they really understand what it is they are paying for. Modules on cheesemaking, affinage, the chill chain and the difference between artisan and large scale cheesemaking are the foundations of how we do this. This knowledge gives consumers the power to make educated choices and could ultimately change their shopping habits for the better.

Recognising Skilled Cheese Professionals

The launch of Academy of Cheese was met with cheers from the industry far and wide! Its members now have a platform to earn their kudos, demonstrate their knowledge and be recognised as the skilled cheese professionals that they are. The 4 levels of study, from Level One Associate to Level Four Master of Cheese offer industry professionals with progression opportunities, and employers with a formalised method of upskilling staff. Being Academy of Cheese trained is an accolade retailers proudly display in cheese shops around the world.

Where to Buy Cheese Directory

Our Where to Buy Cheese Directory was originally launched to support cheesemongers and makers when the Covid-19 pandemic hit and shoppers were mostly confined to their homes. We needed a way to ensure consumers could continue to buy artisan cheese and our cheesemakers and mongers were supported. The success has made it a permanent fixture on our site and one we continue to build on, adding new entries all the time. We have a captive and engaged audience of global cheese enthusiasts looking to enjoy more cheese, a listing in our Where to Buy Cheese Directory is an incredibly inexpensive advert for cheesemakers and mongers alike. 

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The Cheese Library

A key asset for the Academy and one which we’re really proud of, is our Cheese Library of over 150 cheeses offering an in-depth analysis and formal categorisation of each. Every cheese is photographed whole and as a wedge, is categorised into the Academy’s unique Make Post-Make system, includes the history of the cheese, its maker and offers character descriptions and perfect pairing suggestions. Each entry is written by one of the UK’s leading cheese writers and triple checked for accuracy, including interviewing cheesemakers themselves. Originally designed as a study resource for delegates, we quickly realised the value of this for retailers as a tool to train staff, swot up on ranges or research potential new additions. The Cheese Library is available to subscribers and alumni long after they have finished their studies.

–       A formalised method of upskilling staff

–       Entry to the Where to Buy Cheese Directory

–       Educating consumers in the value of cheese

Cheese distributors – What are we doing for you?

Enhancing Cheese Knowledge

When Academy of Cheese first launched its 4 levels of certifications in cheese, employers in the cheese world were finally given a formal method of upskilling and training staff. The team at Academy of Cheese believe that anyone who works in cheese whether they are selling it, delivering it or writing about it, should study the subject to improve their knowledge and enhance their appreciation for the product and the wider industry. Having an industry recognised certification thats available to everyone will help you spot talent within prospective employees and guarantee a minimum level of cheese knowledge and skill from their first employ.

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A professional structure for categorising cheese

The Academy’s unique Make Post-Make model, a way of categorising cheese by its key characteristics, has proven a useful tool for mapping out cheese counters, planning ranges and identifying opportunities, providing structure for buyers and sales teams alike.

The Structured Approach to Tasting Cheese is a method designed by the Academy to created maximum appreciation of a cheese whilst standardising the language used to record its taste and appearance. Having your team, along with much of the wider industry, Academy of Cheese trained ensures a certain level of consistency amongst a team, with regards to how cheese is described, promoted and sold. 

–       A formalised method of upskilling staff

–       Supporting hiring great talent with industry recognised certification

–       Team consistency of how cheese is described, promoted and sold

Cheese creatives – What are we doing for you?

The cheese world is broad and complex and involves many more than its makers and mongers. For those lucky enough to work in this industry, selling, promoting and marketing cheese, studying cheese equips you with the knowledge to better engage your audience and stand out from the crowd.

Deeper understanding and knowledge of the cheese industry

It will increase your appreciation for cheese, from its make process, its history, its provenance and allow you to write with authority on a subject you are now well equipped to discuss. Our Cheese Library, based on interviews with cheesemakers, offers a wealth of tales and anecdotes from the world of cheese and its people, adding a further more personal dimension to your content. The Make Post-Make model, the formal categorisation and analysis of cheese, standardising the language around cheese, offering a consistent and relatable tool for describing and comparing cheeses. Properly understanding the Make Post-Make model and where a cheese sits within it, enables you to associate parts of the make process to the characteristics of the final cheese, elevating your writing to a more professional level. 

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A global cheese community

Studying with Academy of Cheese welcomes you to our global cheese community, bringing you together people from all corners of the cheese world from mongers, makers, writers, wholesalers and of course consumers. Our community is at the forefront of many exciting innovations in cheese so you’ll be sure to hear about all the exciting news as it happens!

–       Discover extra knowledge to better engage your audience

–       Develop relatable tools for describing and comparing cheeses

–       Be on the pulse of the the global cheese community

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