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The Fine Cheese Co. selects and matures traditionally-made cheeses, made by independent producers who prioritise quality over profit. Once matured, these cheeses are sold through wholesale, retail and export channels, along with a range of own brand Partners for Cheese, and other fine foods.

The Fine Cheese Co. was founded in 1990 by Ann-Marie Dyas, a renowned judge at both the British and World Cheese Awards and winner of the Guild of Fine Food Lifetime Achievement Award.

Cheesemakers are visited frequently to taste and select their cheeses with them, and to confirm that their cheeses meet the desired age and flavour profile. A dedicated cheese care team ensures that each cheese is cared for according to its needs, so that it may attain its flavour potential. Temperature, humidity and air-flow are controlled in maturation rooms, and each cheese is brushed and turned as needed on custom-made shelving. Based in the heart of the English West Country, the company’s roots lie in the original cheese shop, in historic Bath. Other shops are in Belgravia and in Wiltshire.

The Fine Cheese Co.’s reputation is extensive, as their cheese and partners are supplied to hundreds of UK retailers and exported world-wide.

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