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Enjoy your life through cheese! At Culture & Culture we believe that gaining more knowledge about cheese, a “culturally-rich” yet familiar food, will enhance and stimulate your daily life. We organise, run and create seminars and events where people (mainly Japanese living in the UK) can learn something new about cheese. Based on the profound knowledge gained through Japan’s cheese qualification system and solid experience of running cheese-focused seminars and events in the UK over the last few years,  we are now proud to be one of the registered Training Partners of the Academy of Cheese and to offer the UK’s first accredited cheese training programme in a non-English language; Japanese.

Now offering online virtual classroom courses, with UK delegates receiving cheese tasting pack, delegate pack and Japanese handbook in the post.

What our Delegates are Saying


I took a cheese course before returning to Japan. I enjoyed taking the course while eating and comparing various cheeses that I tried for the first time. I am very grateful to have discovered delicious cheese in the UK and learned more about cheese. Thank you very much

Natsuko, London


After taking the course, it was interesting to look at the cheese shelves at the supermarket. I bought the cheese I studied and ate it while reviewing what I was taught. The cheese tasted different than before, and it became more fun to choose and eat cheese. Thank you for the fun class.

Aya, London


I’ve been in the UK for two years, but I spent my time just looking at cheeses I didn’t know at the supermarket. After taking the course, it has become a pleasure to buy and eat different cheeses at various places. I now enjoy a lot of cheese while living in England. I’m really thankful to you!

Aya Asato, London

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