Tutored British Cheese Tasting with James Grant

Join cheesemonger James Grant at Chiswick Cheese Market to taste and savour some awesome British Cheeses by legendary cheesemakers

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1 – 2 Hours


Sunday 17th October



Join James Grant, amusing and passionate British Cheese appreciator, owner of No 2 Pound Street, member of Academy of Cheese and columnist to eat your way through his selection of British cheeses all made with raw milk. Understand how this natural ingredient actually enhances the depth of flavour, has health benefits and helps the environment.

There are now over 700 British cheeses, the pandemic has been both a blessing and a curse to cheesemakers but it has made everyone much more aware of all the huge variety and quality that our brilliant cheese makers produce for our blessed cheese mongers to share with all the hungry cheese eaters.

James will talk you through a tasting of each of the below cheese that he has personally matched with wine, port, cake and apple syrup. James will share insights into the production of these fine cheese along with some folklore.

Teifi Heritage Gouda is made in Wales by a second generation Dutch family since 1983 who started making this cheese make this cheese with cows milk and is aged for 2 years delivering strong, nutty umami flavours with a Parmesan like texture, that has an added crunch due to the Tyrosine salt crystals. To be tasted with apple syrup.

Stichelton made with cows milk by cheese master and maker extraordinaire Joe Schneider since 2006 on the Welbeck Estate in Nottingham. This blue cheese made using traditional Stilton techniques but with the use of raw milk it cannot be called a Stilton so Stichelton is the original twelfth century name for the village of Stilton. This creamy white, fine blue veined cheese has nutty apple flavours with underlying toasty notes with a delicious flavour just below the rind of spicy, savoury flavours with a long lasting caramel like sweetness. To be tasted with Port.

Blackmount Pyramid a new and brilliant cheese addition to Errington cheesemakers; in 2019 they brought a small herd of dairy goats to milk and produce this superb soft and creamy ashed goats cheese. It has a fully developed rind with a small amount of breakdown under the ash, with meaty flavours and a hint of heat. Perfect for those who like a flavourful goats cheese to be tasted with Sauvingnon Blanc.

Old Roan Wensleydale from the heart of the Yorkshire Dales this cheese has been made since 2019 by Ben and Sam Spence using their own cows milk. This cloth bound cheeses has a supple creamy texture that is rich and buttery but balanced with a fresh acidity flavour. It is cloth bound cheese that is matured for up to four months that seem to encourage more mineral flavours to gather towards the cloth allowing the cheese to reach its glorious potential. To be tasted with a slice of fruit cake.


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Date: Sun, 17 October 2021
Time: 12:00 – 13:00 BST
Location – The Crown, 210 Chiswick High Road, London, W4 1PD


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