Hereford Heroes: Monkland Cheesemakers’ Exclusive Tasting

Don’t miss out on this exclusive masterclass and tasting session where Dean Storey from Monkland Cheesemakers will introduce his range of raw milk cheeses – all traditional, handmade recipes passed on by Karen and Mark Hindle.

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23rd April 2024


7pm (BST)





Blue Monk, Other Monk, Monkland & Little Hereford on a cheeseboard with an apple and a pear

In March 2023, Dean Storey was given the step-up he needed to help him launch his cheesemaking business, when he won a Chiswick Cheese Market Cheesemaker’s Grant with the Academy of Cheese. Now it’s your chance to try the beautiful Herefordshire raw milk cheeses that he helped save from extinction.

Who are Monkland Cheesemakers?

Dean, a chef by trade, along with his business partner, Richard Hastings, took over the cheesemaking at Monkland Cheese Dairy, to become Monkland Cheesemakers. By doing so, they saved these precious local cheeses from entering the annals of British cheesemaking history.

The dairy, in Leominster, in the county of Herefordshire, has been a working dairy producing local artisan cheeses for some 27 years. But when the original owners, Karen and Mark Hindle, decided to take a step back from cheesemaking in 2023, Dean and Richard came to the rescue in a bid to preserve these traditional, local recipes. All of their cheeses are still made in small batches, by hand, with raw cows milk and vegetarian rennet and matured with care and attention in the on-site maturing rooms.

The world of cheese making is absorbing, fascinating and never dull. We cannot wait to develop this craft and to grow this fantastic business and legacy.

As complete novices to cheesemaking, the Chiswick Cheese Market Cheesemaker’s Grant was a massive turning point for Dean and Richard. The grant, worth £1,000 in support and education, allowed Dean to attend an Academy of Cheese Level Two Cheesemaking Course, as well as networking opportunities and exposure to industry events.

Exclusive Cheese Tasting Masterclass

Now, twelve months down the road, Dean and Richard have a successful business, making and selling cheese full time. Predominantly sold to local cheesemongers, specialist retailers and Herefordshire restaurants, this is your opportunity to try their delicious, traditional Herefordshire raw milk cheeses and learn, first hand, how they managed their first year in business.

Dean Storey and Richard Hastings outside Monkland Dairy
Dean and Richard outside the Dairy

Don’t miss out on this exclusive masterclass and tasting session where Dean and Richard will introduce their range of cheeses – all traditional recipes passed on by Karen and Mark Hindle of Monkland Cheese Dairy.

There are many aspects of cheese making that excite us – from the nuances of time and climate impacting flavour – to exploring how small adjustments in starter culture create different tastes and textures.

To support Dean and Richard and their local Herefordshire cheeses, make sure to sign up for this masterclass and order a tasting box containing four of their cheeses, available for UK residents, for just £30 (includes delivery) to accompany the webinar.

Please ensure you order your cheeses by 17th April, in order to arrive in time for the masterclass.

Included in the Tasting Box

  • 250g Little Hereford
  • 200g Monkland
  • 1/2 Blue Monk
  • 1/2 Other Monk

Please note, it is not possible to register for the masterclass at the same time as purchasing your tasting box. You will need to do this separately.

* Monkland Cheesemakers Tasting Box only available for delivery to UK addresses. Last order date 18th April to ensure delivery in time for masterclass.

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Dean Storey
Monkland Cheesemakers

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