Pink Peppercorn Crispbread

We’ve teamed up with our Patron Peter’s Yard to pair their crispbreads with cheeses studied in our Level One Associate course. For the second installment we take a closer look at their Pink Peppercorn Sourdough Crispbread and some suggestions for perfect pairings.

Sweet, spicy and fragrant; pink peppercorns are a very different proposition to the everyday black variety found in most mills. They have a fruity perfume and delicate heat that is lighter and more complex than the harsh kick of black pepper. Allied to the earthy flavour of Peter’s Yard’s crispbreads, which are made with spelt flour and a 45-year-old sourdough that ferments for 16 hours, they make an exciting match for soft cheeses.

Perfect with Goats Cheese

The peppery notes found in aged wrinkly rinded goat’s cheeses, such as Crottin de Chavignol, echo the gentle piquancy of Peter’s Yard’s Pink Peppercorn Sourdough Crispbreads. Serve a slice of the fromage on top of a crispbread with a dollop of bitter-sweet marmalade and you reach an ideal of cheese, cracker and condiment matching.

Similarly, the crispbreads are great for dipping or spreading with goat’s curd whipped with a squeeze of lemon, extra virgin olive oil and sprinkle of chilli flakes. The silky, tart combination contrasts with the spice and crunch.

Bloomy Rinded Cheeses

Ripe, bloomy rinded cheeses, such as Brie-de-Meaux and Camembert de Normandie, also work well. The heat of the crispbreads peps up the gooey interior beneath the rind, acting like seasoning for the brassica notes often found in these styles of cheese. Think of it as a twist of pepper on a pile of buttery cabbage. Try a few sharp, crunchy pickled vegetables and a glass of Champagne or English sparkling wine on the side – the acidity and bubbles contrasting with the velvety cheese.

The heat of the crispbreads peps up the gooey interior beneath the rind.

A wedge of Brie on a Pink Peppercorn Sourdough Crispbread with a few slivers of pickled red cabbage and a glass of fizz is a four-piece that hits all the right notes. 

More information on the cheeses referenced can be found in our cheese library. The library is available to all subscribers but for those not yet subscribed you can take a look at an entry by clicking on Brie de Meaux above. The Library contains the cheeses Make Post-Make categories, a little history, information on its maker, plus its flavour profile and pairing suggestions. This is a resource enjoyed by consumers, retailers, distributors, chefs and sommeliers alike – whether you’re studying, swotting up or simply planning a trip to your local cheesemonger!

More from Peter’s Yard coming soon!

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